What’s FACEBOOK all about?

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This is a very commonly asked question with a VERY big answer as it can mean so many different things to different people, so here is the quick and enlightening answer.

For most of us it is a simple and fun solution to interact and stay connected with our family, friends and acquaintances which with the development of smart phone technology allows them to see what you are up too and what is happening in your life via what you publish upon your wall and in your photo album. In the same way you can see into the lives of those who have become your friends via the Facebook interface.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to provide feedback and encouragement by liking their photographs and post and even commenting upon them and publicly replying to other comments made upon their wall for all of their followers to interact with if they wish.

Facebook is your opportunity to grow and develop your own personal community of like-minded people with who you can share common interests and mutual acquaintances.

It’s quite simply one of the most POWERFUL communications tools to have evolved until this point in time ESPECIALLY for those who know how to use it wisely.

Facebook provide you with a powerful feed of posts from your friend’s Facebook accounts so you can see exactly what is going on in their lives via their updates in the real time ticker.

When you want to keep your correspondence private you can do so by using either the messages facility to engage your Facebook friends in live chat or sending them an email.

When relationships go SOUR!

Due to the comprehensive privacy options that Facebook provide you can decide just how public or private you wish your Facebook pages to be by either allowing the world to see your profile, or keep it a secret to all except those you have accepted as friends. You can also terminate a friendship at any time (without them even knowing it) so they can no longer see your details or interact with you.


If you have a business or service!

Then Facebook becomes a HUGE opportunity as now you can establish yourself as a leader in your field and market place to a MAMMOTH community of concurring thinkers with common aims, objectives and aspiration’s in life.

With the ever growing arsenal of useful Facebook apps you can use your Facebook fan page to keep your page LIKE audience provided with volumes of upfront benefits to start building the all-important business relationship with you without it cost a penny to do so.

It is EASILY possible for you to build ENORMOUS community of potential prospects who you can build and improve your relationship with on a daily basis by providing on-going value until trust develops and they become sale receptive and move to the next level of becoming one of your valued customers.

In fact, many individuals will tell you that there is no EASIER or INEXPENSIVE method of building your business than by becoming a master of Facebook and Facebook like pages, and I would have to agree with this.

Becoming a Facebook master and attracting a sizable audience to develop an additional income stream is not difficult if you are prepared to put in a little effort and take the time learn.

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