What does the average person generate in income?

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Now the title of this page is a question I am often asked when an individual is considering starting Internet marketing and generating Internet related profit streams. Before I answer this question however I want to tell you that the average person is very ILL PREPARED to become an internet marketer and generally believe a lot of the propaganda which is generated about the Internet that it is EASY MONEY!

Let me tell you right up front that there is nothing easy about the generating Internet related profit streams unless you have the correct attitude and are prepared to put in lots of initial effort to get your ball roll and develop financial momentum.

However, for those who are prepared to embrace this and do what it takes to get up and running they can look forward to developing multiple profit streams which once they have been established often go on growing in mass and profitability without much further outside assistance. They often can be put on to virtual autopilot leaving you free to enjoy your developing lifestyle or to start establishing your next Internet related profit stream.

Join the 3% club…

Now there are an elite 3% – 5% of our population who are prepared to do what I takes to be successful in whatever they pursue. They start by getting their Mindset working correctly for them rather than against them. They recognise the value of on going learning and investment into themselves and are always mastering new skills and are not afraid of making mistakes while doing so as they also know that mistakes are good teachers. They test and adapt whatever they are doing to maximise their profit and outcome.

These are above average individuals…

They have developed quality wealth habits and as a result generate well ABOVE AVERAGE income streams and you can do exactly the same if you have the desire to do so. Many of the individuals to whom I refer develop MULTIPLE residual income streams which allow them HUGE amounts of free time and freedom to live their life on their terms. Does this sound attractive? …of course it does! So don’t be satisfied with being average, aim to be WELL above average and on this website you have the resources to help you.

What does the average Internet marketer earn, generally


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