Robo Form

Have you ever heard of Robo form?

Well you are about to, and at the same time you’re about to discover what an AMAZING time-saving tool Robo form really is. I suppose when it comes right down to it Robo form is my VERY FAVOURITE and the most TIME EFFECTIVE software tool I have installed on my computer and it has been for the last few years. Now you’re probably thinking that when someone sings the VIRTUES and PRAISES of a software tool so loudly that Robo form will be expensive to purchase? …but far from it!

If you are a professional computer user or are SERIOUS about generating Internet related profits or income, you will find Robo form to be worth 100 times the miniscule ONE OFF PRICE which is asked for it.

So what exactly does Robo form do?

As you will soon discover it’s not so much what Robo form does, as WHAT DOESN’T Robo form do?

Robo form works with your Internet browser and innocently waits for you to use it. I am a PCs user rather than Mac’s and so I use Robo form primarily with Firefox and Explorer, although I know it also has a plug in for Google chrome and Safari and perhaps a few other browsers not mentioned here.

As soon as it is clicked upon Robo form springs into life and expands out to expose all of your bookmarks and folders. What you can see here are just a few of my folders, down below, the part of the screen which is not visible in this picture are dozens more Robo form folders and bookmarks, and every folder may contain another 20 or 30 more bookmarks.

First of all, and probably most importantly, Robo form remembers the LOGIN DETAILS of just as many websites as you wish and at the click of a mouse. It then instantly opens that site and automatically logs you in.

In fact, every time you have to log into a new website which requires a password and username Robo form will ask you if you want to remember those login details for future use future use and reference.

Just imagine how much time Robo form will save you? NO MORE hunting around for passwords and usernames and then CUTTING AND PASTING them into your application or blog, Robo form remembers EVERYTHING!

Robo form also allows you to keep SAFE NOTES!

This could be anything you wish, and as you can see in screen grab I use the Robo form safe notes editor for keeping my bank details safe etc. And I could also securely send such details via e-mail using Robo forms encryption tool as I can add a secure password. So even if these details did fall into the wrong hands they would not be able to view them.

By the way, before you start worrying for me these are just details I made up for the screenshot.

So doesn’t this become a SECURITY ISSUE? Couldn’t ANYONE using my computer access all of my PRIVATE DETAILS using Robo form?

No, this is one of the beauties of using Robo form!

You decide on one or two master passwords which you can remember and then use these for accessing EVERYTHING ELSE. Robo form asks you if you want to make every new bookmark or safe note secure, the choice is yours. Obviously, not every bookmark or safe note will need to be secure and have a password. You just program Robo form to secure the more SENSITIVE ONCES.

Are you FED UP of filling in forms?

Then let Robo form do it for you.

In fact, you can have just as many identities as you wish and Robo form will keep them all safe for you! I run a number of small businesses and use different credit card accounts on a regular basis, and every time you come across such a form which needs to be filled in I simply select from a menu of preprogramed users that Robo form provides for me and two seconds later the form is filled in and completed.

Before you ask, the picture is fine; I purposely blurred some sensitive contact information in this screen grab.

How often do you need a new password?

Again Robo form will do it all for you, it comes equipped with a password generation tool and all you have to do is select how many characters you require and Robo form serves them up, just as many as you want and then conveniently copies of them to the clipboard for you.

You will find DOZENS of really TIME-SAVING uses for Robo form!

Here is one of my FAVOURITE

If you are into building back links, and you should be if you’re serious about Internet marketing, Robo form will be TREMENDOUSLY HELPFUL to you. First, you will probably find that you constantly need to start or set up new W-2 accounts and Robo form will help you set these up in just the click of a mouse button.

Robo form makes gaining back links by commenting on blogs REALLY SIMPLE. I just set up the name, e-mail address and website URL in a new account and Robo form filters informally in just one click saving more tedious and repetitive filling in.

Robo form properly also does loads of other things for you which I have missed out.

You can see just how passionate I am about this little browser companion which simplifies my working day, it will simplify yours also and once you have got used to it, you, like me, will wonder how you ever managed without Robo form in the past.

Check out Robo form today, you will be glad that you did.

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