Commenting for CASH!

Say the word GRAVATAR and most people do not have an idea what you’re talking about!

However,  if you’re looking for a productive way of attracting new targeted visitors to your website a Gravatar is about to become one of your best friends. By taking the time to write SERIOUS, thoughtful and VALUABLE comments on the blogs and articles of others on related topics to your own, you can attract some VERY serious amounts of ONGOING qualified traffic and potential prospects. ESPECIALLY if you are consistent in your efforts.

So what is a Gravatar?

A Gravatar is the name given to an image or a photograph which you have ASSOCIATED with a particular e-mail address and then use when commenting on blogs and other social media websites, as well as forums.

Once setup, your Gravatar image follows you from site to site appearing beside your name EVERY TIME that you comment a new article on a blog.

Is the use of a Gravatar THAT important?

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than seeing one of these by the side of the comment. In fact, NO PICTURE at all would be better than seeing one of these. These anonymous images are the substitute pictures of those individuals who either do not know how to, or are simply too lazy to set up their own Gravatar.

Here is my Gravatar image, the one I am presently using. Handsome I MAY NOT be, but I do know that it attracts new visitors to my web sites and blogs far faster than one of the substitute images. How do I know? Because I have TESTED them and personalised Gravatars WIN and out pull anonymous Gravatar images EVERYTIME without exception!

4 POWERFUL reason for ALWAYS using a Gravatar!

First immersions REALLY DO count and your comment  image is often the first thing in a comment that is looked at and you are judging by. Not how good looking your are but FAR more importantly, HOW FRIENDLY you look!

Comment readers will take you FAR MORE seriously by having a picture of your own as it gives the perception of you being a more professional type of person than someone who can’t be bothered to set one up at all, so it ALSO acts as a sort of SOCIAL PROOF.

Your Gravatar picture helps comment readers to IDENTIFY with you and put a face to the voice they are reading, and to some individuals (me being one of them) this point is really significant.


Let’s face it, generally, people would prefer to BUY FROM and DEAL WITH the people who they like. And having an INVITING Gravatar picture helps them to get to know you and hopefully begin to like you.

Tips for creating a good Gravatar picture

Always keep looking for a BETTER picture of yourself to use as your Gravatar photograph. Do not stop trying until you find one which portrays you in a PROFESSIONAL LIGHT which you are happy with.

MAKE CERTAIN that your picture is smiling and making you look friendly and inviting. After all, who would you prefer to deal with, someone who looks miserable? Or, someone who looks happy and friendly? NO CONTEST!

Never, never, NEVER! Use a silly picture or company logo as a Gravatar.

There is nothing more off-putting than seeing somebody using a picture of a kitten to represent themselves. There is NOTHING professional about it, in fact, and by contrast, it is quite DISTASTFUL in a business environment, or from someone who wish to position themselves as an EXPERT or AUTHORITY in that particular field, there are VERY few exceptions to this rule.

If you are SERIOUS about generating an Internet related income, you need to be serious about letting people see you and getting to know you. Believe me, WHATEVER yourself impression, or how you feel about yourself, others will feel differently and I promise you your picture will be ABSOLUTELY fine!

How to set up your own Gravatar!

Nothing could be simpler, and it will probably take you less than five minutes to set up. start by going to: where you can sign up for your own Gravatar account.

The process of setting up your account is really very simple and does not need any help from me. You will need to have a picture of yourself available, or, if you have a web cam you can take one while you are online.

I look forward to seeing your Gravatar next to your comment on this blog.

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Any ideas?

About Kevin Martyn

Kevin Martyn has often been described as the true LIFESTYLE entrepreneur as very few people are as happy and enjoy their daily work as much as Kevin! Over his 30 year career he has successfully built and run a variety of different businesses. When it comes to the Internet he has VAST knowledge, and believes that for every problem or challenge he can find a NUMBER of solutions, and that there is always a way forward! He is a founder director of 'Practical Profit Solutions', he is a mentor, speaker, and author. Kevin has MASSIVE passion for what he does and helping others to succeed.

6 Responses to “Commenting for CASH!”

  1. Karen Goddard July 7, 2010 at 6:35 am

    Totally agree about the gravatar, I like seeing what people look like only takes a few minutes and is worth it (hoping now that mine is set up on this account!!)

  2. A very good idea. Will get mine set up ASAP!! It is always nice to see what people look like…

  3. Hi Kevin,
    After attending your guys seminar you reminded that we need to set up our Gravatar.
    I could not agree more with the article and have set mine up. Once again a helpful tool.

    Thanks Kevin

  4. Then I look forward to seeing your new slim picture at the side of your comments in the future then…

  5. Great stuff! I know Amanda did say something about this question, but does it matter if you change the picture every now and then, or is it better to stick with the same picture, like “branding”…?

  6. Hi Josh, you can change your Gravitar picture just as much as you wish without restriction. I am always looking for a younger, slimmer and more handsome picture of me but am having trouble finding one…

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