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June 28, 2010 · 3 comments

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As you can imagine there are many benefits to being an entrepreneur, and at this point you may find it difficult to appreciate them all. For this reason, below I have listed what I feel are the PRINCIPLE entrepreneurial benefit.

If you are presently employed or are on a regular wage and employed by a company, it is VERY POSSIBLE that you won’t appreciate the full value and benefits of being an entrepreneur or even find them a little uncomfortable for your present level of mindset.

Only after you have changed your way of thinking to that of a self-employed individual and entrepreneur will you come to FULLY appreciate them. However, it they feel like a good fit you should definitely consider taking immediate entrepreneurial action to assimilate them into your life.


Can you imagine just how GOOD you would feel inside knowing that you are walking the walk and talking the talk, living your own dreams rather than being part of somebody else’s like 97% of the population?
You see is not JUST about money, of course financial considerations are REALLY important, but a MUCH BIGGER consideration has to do with how you feel inside and your levels of well-being which are IMPOSSIBLE to put a price upon. Your levels of satisfaction, the way you live your life and the freedom of choice that being an entrepreneur provide you with is an EXCEPTIONALLY valuable asset which is not spoken about or considered nearly enough.

It will ELEVATE you to the 3% club

Here in the UK ONLY about 3% of the population get to live their life on their terms. Doing what they want to do, when they want to do it …this is what being an entrepreneur is really about! As an entrepreneur you will have the freedom and choice which 97% of the population DO NOT have, and will of having.

You will gain more PURPOSE in your life…

Not long after you make the decision to become an entrepreneur you will also start working on projects of your choosing which will bring a STRONG FOCUS and purpose to your life. Sure, they will also be about making money, but at the same time they will become MUCH MORE than that and may even start taking on a life of their own. You will find yourself thinking about them much of the time, and they will be what gets you up in the morning and bring a certain FULFILLMENT to your life!

Take FULL control of your life

Being an entrepreneur is about taking full control of your life, about the way you feel inside and your levels of satisfaction. Being responsible for what you do and the ACTIONS that you take, and MORE IMPORTANTLY how successful you become and your levels of income and financial security. Remember that you do not need anyone’s permission to be a BIG SUCCESS, and you can start today by starting to think like a successful entrepreneur!

Become an ALL ROUND person

If you already know I’m an extra large individual this was not meant as a pun!

However in the same way as the athlete who trains to run a marathon gains HUGE benefits in many other areas of their life such as the mental discipline and increased levels of overall fitness, a successful entrepreneur will also develop going benefits and improvements in most aspects of their life both private and business.

Here is a little tip for you; successful entrepreneurs generally are prepared to do what it takes. To go that EXTRA YARD and do the things that most people are not prepared to do. They are prepared to make mistakes and learn from them, and use them as the foundation to their future success. Could this be you?

Build HUGE levels of self-confidence

Generally we are fenced in ONLY by our levels of self-confidence, and just by working for ourselves and thinking as an entrepreneur we are constantly experiencing and learning new skills which just go on building and adding to our levels of self-confidence.

The more you do, the more success that you experience, the higher the level of your self-confidence will become. At the same time the higher YOUR levels of your self-confidence, the GREATER you belief in your abilities which means you will carry on growing both mentally as well as in your aspirations and actual achievements!

FINANCIAL SECURITY and independence

If you have a job, you also have a ceiling to your income! If you are on an hourly income, even if you worked 24 hours a day …you can generate NO MORE income than your hourly rate times x24! However, as an entrepreneur who is not trading their time for money, there is NO CEILING, no UPPER LIMIT to the income that you can generate.

So let me ask you a question to which I hope you will WRITE DOWN a serious and well thought out answer, ready? How much monthly income do you WANT to earn? Once you have this figure scribbled down look at it an answer this: Is this the figure you WANT to earn? …or is this the figure you THINK you can earn or DESERVE?

The reason I ask this question is that most people RESTRICT themselves by starting with a figure they THINK they can earn rather than what they really WANT, and most individuals underestimating their abilities and should multiply this figure by times three or four and then you will come close to your TRUE POTENTIAL.

Experience the adrenaline RUSH of success

There is no BETTER feeling than starting with the SPARK of an idea which you gradually build into a project that becomes tangible, and eventually successful and profitable! I have never taken drugs, but imagine that even the most powerful trip would not even COME CLOSE to the SHEER BUZZ that you get from success and achievement as an entrepreneur!

So BE WARNED, becoming an entrepreneur is HIGHLY addictive!

The more OBVIOUS benefits…

No more TRAFFIC JAMS or daily commuting to your 9-to-5…

If right now you have a daily commute to and from work, and depending on what line of entrepreneurship you settle upon, you may be able to leave the commute behind you completely! …does this sound APPEALING?

Have you ever realise that if you spend an hour in the morning and another hour in the evening commuting to and from work, then every year you are TOTALLY WASTING a FULL 13 weeks of potential work time in commuting, MADNESS! Just imagine for a moment the income you could generate as an entrepreneur in 13 weeks?

No more BOSS to answer to…

Just imagine for a moment that you can sack your boss and employ a MANIAC instead, YOU! If you really don’t like being told what you should do and when you should do it, then you should CERTAINLY become your own boss. However, BE WARNED, working from home can bring its own problems and it is not for everyone. It requires firm determination and a strong discipline to progress. For those of us who’ve mastered the simple disciplines working for home is wonderful.

As I write this article I am sitting under a palm tree in my garden. In just a few minutes when I have finished it I am going for a long and leisurely walk along the beach to collect my thoughts ready for the next piece of writing I will undertake, I will make a few notes and then head off for a long and leisurely lunch with my business partner.

Take your holidays WHENEVER you want…

Obviously this is dependent upon commitments which your business may require of you. However, generally working for yourself will allow you to take your holidays whenever you want to take them. You can also take just as many weeks away as you desire, just so long as you’re business stays functioning and continues to grow while you’re away.

I tend to take my computer away on holiday with me because I enjoy working on a daily basis, just for a few hours! …and my line of business allows me to work ANYWHERE in the world where I can get access to the Internet every few days.

Work the HOURS you desire…

Again this is dependent upon your line of entrepreneurship. However, if you are the sort of person who likes to sleep in until lunchtime and then work in the evening you should pick a line of work which allows you to do this and Internet marketing is an ideal line to consider. As for me, well I am a morning person, and in the summer I usually get around 5:30am to 6am, and have finished working by midday which suits me just fine because that is the way I like to lead my life.

Does this lifestyle SOUND ATTRACTIVE?

Well you can have it as well, and be enjoying it in a far shorter time than you ever imagined! SERIOUSLY, no one is standing in your way; all you have to do is make a start and then keep on progressing.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? And for some people it really is! However, for most individuals your main enemies are going to be: overwhelm frustration and procrastination. And for this reason, if you are really serious an interested about working for yourself and becoming an entrepreneur you need a mentor.

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Amanda Louw July 12, 2010 at 8:16 pm

Must just say I can’t wait for this to start working!!! Really looking forward to making my own rules and plan my life the way I want to live it.

Kevin Martyn July 12, 2010 at 8:34 pm

Actually Amanda, the best and SMARTEST to move foward rapidly is to build your business to critical mass as quickly as you can and then fit your time arround the business, make this your priority. At which point you can slowly begin to adapt your buiness model to suit YOUR lifestyle. You CAN do it the other way arround, but I suggest for the best results that you keep your eye focused firmly on your goal and making profit in the early stages.

Annie July 13, 2010 at 2:25 pm


Great straight forward writing.

Really looking forward to moving forward and being successful.

Looking forward to reading your posts and getting focused and on the right path

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