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Did you know that ongoing split testing could double, treble or eve QUADRUPLE your present level of net profits? As you begin to establish yourself online split testing is one of the most important aspects and actions of building your business, because you could easily be leaving HUGE unclaimed profits on the table for your opposition to claim and that wouldn’t be a SMART thing to do.

Best of all it is really easy to achieve and in this article I will show you how to make it child’s play…

So let me define what I mean by split testing?

Let imagine that you have a squeeze page which is converting one or two visitors out of every hundred to opt in to your mail list and your auto-responder sequence where the real education and sale conversion process can begin. Now that would be a 1% or 2% positive result and some people may be satisfied with this result and just leave it working without further improvement which is MADNESS!

By split testing, and in a very short period of time you may take your percentage of opt ins from just 2% or 3% to 30% or 40% or EVEN HIGHER, and of course this improvement will be reflected in your bottom line profits.

Now before you say that this number is excessive I recently have done just this.

I split test one of my squeeze pages with 7 different improvements one after another over a two week period which took my initial opt in from 3% to 37% and I am still testing so I expect that number to still rise significantly higher still! Now this is what SMART marketing actions are really about because opt in improvements of this size should be taken very seriously.

I hope that split testing has captured your attention?

I use split testing for virtually every page where I have a most wanted outcome which I want my visitor to select so I test EVERY ELEMENT over and over again to discover what specifically works best.

Now there is nothing complicated about this process as I use software to do all of the hard work for me and analyse the results down to 0.1% of a percentage.

This is how it works…

I generally start by testing the headline, and until recently I would prepare two identical pages except for the headline which is the element I am split testing. I would then set up my software to send the first visitor to page A and the second to page B and then page A again and so on. After a hundred or so prospects had visited these pages I would look at the results and may see that one headline was getting better results than the other. If this was the case I had just enjoyed a successful split test and the more successful of the two pages would now become my control page.

However, this is just the beginning…

At this point I would set up another split test and I may test another headline or a different element on the page to identify and discover other improvements.

Other element I may test would be:

  • The offer
  • Price
  • Video against text
  • Picture and illustrations
  • Text in boxed
  • Time limited discounts
  • The PS
  • Testimonials
  • Etc

I am sure that you get the idea because EVERYTHING is testable and sometimes a change or improvement of the most unexpected element of the page can make a significant different to your MWO (Most Wanted Outcome) so test EVERYTHING.

Please remember this and don’t restrict yourself…

You can always improve everything!

As you probably already know I use Word Press for MOST of my website because it is so quick and easy to use and because of the traffic focused plugins which are developed for it and make my life so much easier and more productive.

This split test plugin will be the best investment you ever make!

More recently I came across a new WP and HTML plugin which takes split testing to the next level and the test EVEN EASIER to conduct. Rather that make a second rate job of telling you about it I urge you to invest a moment of your time to watch this short and explicit video on how this amazing WP plugin will benefit you… Click here!

Split testing…

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