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Founder of Practical Profit Solutions Kevin has been generating Internet related income for nearly 17 years and made his fist online sale within 20 minutes of going live. He is the original ‘LifeStyle Entrepreneur’ and works from his beach-side home in the West Country of the UK!

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June 25, 2012 · 0 comments

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Now this is more of a tool than JUST a way of generating income!

If you don’t like the technical set up side of generating Internet profits this maybe just up your street. How about 10 different themes for WordPress with all the work done for you right down to the shopping cart? …all you have to do is add you content.

If you ever fancied running your own fashion agency, real estate or auctions site? Well now you can and, in fact you could set up shop using any of the following themed websites:

1. Coupons

2. Classified ads

3. Agency

4. Instant Shop

5. Directory

6. Private Auction

7. Real estate

8. Job Resume

9. Employer Advertisement

10. Comparison of products or services

Then you should really check this out at:


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