Small Business Web Design For Maximing Profits

A small business requires small business web design. Not large corporate men in suits web design.

Too many small business owners completely misunderstand the purpose of having a web site.

They realize the internet is such a major part of everyone’s life and so they rush to get a web site up without ever considering why.

And without giving any real thought to small business web design.

The design needs to serve a specific outcome. A specific purpose.

Typically their idea of small business web design is to try to create a web site which gives the impression of being a large company. The challenge with that is you don’t have large corporate marketing budgets. Or large corporate staff to handle keeping the site fresh.

And you’re not focusing on your ideal client, you’re just assuming being big must be a good thing.

Having complex graphics which make the owner feel good but do nothing for your visitors might win you a design award. In your head! But it isn’t going to win you any credibility. Or gain you any new clients.

So let me clear away the table and share with you…

…exactly what your small business web design really needs to be focused on.

Are you ready for this?

Here it comes….

The sole purpose of any small business web site is SALES.

Your web site is a sales tool.

It is a piece of your whole sales process. A piece of your whole sales system.

So small business web design is focused on one thing only.

Maximizing sales conversion.

Get this and you are now in the business of making profit, not in the business of winning design awards.

So think about all the elements which are needed to maximize sales.

From building rapport to establishing credibility.

Your small business web design needs to include these pieces.

From building a relationship with your potential clients, to giving them a powerful reason to buy now.

Your small business web design needs to focus on these critical elements too.

Yes, design plays a powerful role in credibility. Stanford university highlighted that in a research project.

But it’s design with a purpose, not just fancy graphics for fancy graphics sake.

So what’s your sales system?

Because this is where your small business web design begins.

How will your web site give your visitors a reason to trust you?

How will it deliver a unique compelling benefit to them?

How will it compel them to buy your offer?

And to buy it now?

Making sure your small business web design delivers the results you need

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