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One of the biggest challenges for any small business startup is knowing in advance if your idea is a winner.

Obviously there are many factors in determining the success of a business not just whether the idea is right. But the idea creates the foundation for the whole business. And if this is wrong from the outset, then the chances of success are slim to none.

What seems like a great idea to you could be a complete flop. Where you see a genuine need, you could be a lone voice in an empty stadium.

The problem is when you can’t understand why everyone isn’t rushing to buy your product or service, the answer can be harsh, cutting and accurate.

No-one else cares.

You can waste a huge amount of time, money and stress turning an idea into a product no one wants to buy.

And if you do you won’t be alone.

The number of small business startups which have missed the mark, misunderstood the marketplace, become a victim of their own creativity is legendary.

In fact if you all got together one weekend for a group hug you could probably circle the globe.

And here’s the cold hard reason why…

…they’ve created a market in their head that doesn’t exist in real life.

So how do you guarantee your small business startup has a fighting chance of turning into an avalanche of unstoppable income?

If you really want to build a successful business and not just play at being an entrepreneur then you need to embrace one critical philosophy.

You never come up with an idea and then go looking for a market…

…you find the market FIRST and then come up with the idea.

The market will tell you where the real opportunities are.

Not in a text message or an email. In their frustrations. In their desires. In the problems they are screaming out for solutions to.

A successful small business startup shoves the solution into the face of their market. A successful small business startup packages the delivery of their market places desires.

If you know in advance your market places problems and desires. The results they want. Then you have the foundation for success. You will see them vote with their credit cards. And you will watch as your small business startup bank account fills up with the spendable pieces of success.

It’s like a cake recipe. If you mix the ingredients before you put them i the bowl, you have nothing. The order matters.

Find the market. Then the idea.

NOT the other way around.

Do it right because your small business startup needs the right foundation.

Small business startup…

How about you, what do you think?

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