small business ideas

I’m about to show you an infinite source of small business ideas.

Small business ideas which work, which will make you money, which will allow your business to define itself and claim it’s place on the success map.

small business ideasIf you’re looking for the next killer business idea which will make a dent in the universe or merely an idea which will give you a viable foundation for generating the income to pay for the lifestyle you really want to lead. This will do it.

Most people spend too long looking in all the wrong places for an idea. They think they need to invent the next salt shaker or facebook, when the reality is actually far simpler and staring you in the face very day.

Take a look at any successful business and ask yourself, what do they have in common?

They fall into two simple camps.

They either solve a problem or they fulfill a desire. And you could argue that if someone didn’t know how to fulfill their desire that’s a problem in itself.

Why? Because human beings or even other businesses are driven by the need to avoid pain and gain pleasure.

So a problem means pain. Getting out of that problem, getting out of the pain, finding the solution creates the ideas.

So, to give your business the greatest start and a solid foundation, your small business ideas need to solve a problem.

Which problem though? Where do you find these problems to solve?

Take a look at YOU!

What are the problems you face? What is it you want to achieve, that you’re not achieving, or not achieving fast enough?

And even more powerfully, what are the problems you have had in the past, which you found a solution for. You found a way to overcome, by pass, get around, over or under. Your solution is the idea.

All of us think our problems are unique. They’re not. If you have faced a problem, I guarantee others have also faced and are right now trying to deal with it. They are actively searching for a solution.

And if you can provide that solution, you have a business. Which means you can stop looking for small business ideas and get busy on launching your small business.

Some problems will have a bigger market place than others. But you can easily check that out with some basic on-line research.

So stop looking for small business ideas in all the wrong places. And start looking for small business ideas in the right place. Your history!

small business ideas

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