Why does the ‘Fast Track’ membership open in modules?

To save you becoming OVERWHELMED!

Although NOT DIFFICULT there is a lot to understand to get the BIG picture of what is possible; many new technical terms and a whole innovative way of thinking. I know from experience that becoming overwhelmed is probably the biggest enemy anyone new to establishing Internet related profit streams will face.

No one wants to have an avalanche fall upon them!

For this reason I have divided the ‘Fast Track’ membership up into four MAIN SESSIONS which are:

  • The no BS facts for success (This is ESSENTIAL advise which is UNIQUE to this membership)
  • The 24 (Pick and Mix) Profit modules
  • Creating your website
  • Developing core skills

When you join two of these modules will be ALREADY OPEN for you and you will be able to get started on the basics of establishing your first profit stream just as soon as you wish. Then after the first 28 days another module will open and then again 28 days later. In this way you will be able to develop a STRONG FOCUS without distraction and make TANGIBLE PROGRESS.

You only pay for the modules which are open meaning you get to make your investment into this UNIQUE wealth generating program over a three month period!

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