How long will it take me to set up my first profit stream?

This is a difficult one to answer simply because EVERY ONE of us is a completely different individual with different learning styles and income generating potential. This is also the MAIN REASON why the ‘Fast Track’ program is now an online membership because this allows you and other members to login at ANY TIME; as and when you have a few minutes spare, or you can work at it FULL TIME if you prefer.

Internet related financial success is generally dependent upon just how quickly you can absorb the BIGGER UNDERSTANDING of what is possible, and then get yourself focused upon what you WANT to ACHIEVE, then assimilating the information and process to begin establishing your own SPECIFIC type of profit stream.

One middle aged mum who I trained established her first profit stream which grossed her nearly £8,000 within the first seven days, and this was amazing. MOST ‘Fast Track’ students however will establish their first profit stream and begin driving target traffic and prospect to it within 3 – 6 months!

One thing you should ALWAYS bear in mind is that success is not a race!

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