Do you provide support?

Yes, however, I have ALWAYS listened to my members and their needs and from experience I discovered that less than 40% of the individuals who join the ‘Fast Track’ to Internet wealth membership wanted or used the mentorship or support which was provided and rarely used either the forum or attended the interactive Q&A (question and answer) mentoring sessions. This is a really GREAT RECOMMENDATION for how well and simple to follow the ‘Fast Track’ material really is.

The majority of my members just got on with it and often the first I learned of their progress was when I received an email which linked me to a freshly established website profit stream which was ALREADY GENERATING or ready to generate a healthy income.

Why should you pay for something you ARE NOT going to use?

For this reason, and to keep the cost just as LOW as possible for you I decided to make mentoring and support an inexpensive add on module which members can switch on and off as they require it, and everyone seems to feel this is an EXCELLENT and VERY suitable arrangement

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