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Possibility One:

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If you run your own business or service, but don’t yet have a RESPONSIVE list, you are literally leaving 90% of your profit potential on the table for someone else to claim!

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For a LIMITED TIME only, discovering the essential tips and techniques to building a highly PROFITABLE list is easy. As a no obligation introduction to the RSS (Really Simple Solution) wealth generation program, I’m providing you with the complete video course free of charge. Follow this simple process, and in as little as a month from today you could be generating enviable and ONGOING profits…

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To highlight how quickly this process can start to work and become profitable, please note today as I write this e-mail it is: Wednesday, 17 February 2010.

Early in the New Year I found and identified a small niche market place which I thought would be profitable, and that would buy one of my business friends services. I quickly arranged a 50% – 50% JV (joint venture) deal with her meaning I would get 50% of the net profit from any resulting sales.

You will find no shortage of individuals with QUALITY products and services who will be very glad to make such deals with you, simply because 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing! …not only will they make sales, but they have also acquired new customers who they may sell other products to many times over.

With my new deal in place I set to work and spent the rest of the day writing a VERY short and simple report and setting up a squeeze page to capture interested prospects names and e-mail addresses. (If you don’t understand the terminology I’m using, don’t worry because I explain it all in the videos.)

I also wrote 7 very short emails which highlighted and expanded upon some additional points I had made in the report. These were going to be the follow-up auto responder sequence to build trust and a relationship. An hour later and I had a simple and effective traffic generation process in place also.

From start to finish I spent no more than five or six fun and creative hours setting EVERYTHING up, and it was ready to roll.

Immediate success…

The next morning I had 7 people subscribe to my new list, and this carried on every day since that point, sometimes I would get 13 of 14 subscribers, and sometimes just 6 or 7 – but every day SOMEONE subscribed. By last Thursday, just 5 1/2 weeks from my starting point the list was 503 subscribers strong, so I decided it was time to make some money.

I spent a few hours writing the sales pitch email on Thursday, and another hour refining it and sending it to my subscribers on the Friday. In total I spent no longer than eight hours on the whole process. To look at it from a different perspective, that’s approximately an hour and thirty five minutes a week.

Here are The results 5 days later…

Today my JV partner sent me an email saying that we had made a total of 15 sales in the last 5 days. That’s a 3% conversion rate which is not fantastic, but with future mailings I am fairly sure I can double that percentage. However, the important statistics which I think will interest you most are these, my 50% profit share on each sale was £430, meaning my total profit for approximately 8 hours work is £6,450 …and more sales may yet still come in.

But it gets MUCH better…

Here is the really GREAT part, this list will carry on growing at the same speed, in fact, probably faster; because now it has been proven to work I am going to add additional list building techniques. This means I should have at least the same number of new subscribers on the list again in five or six weeks from now which should generate the VERY SAME profit from my existing deal, and continue doing so for the foreseeable future.

Not only that…

The list will remain mine, which means I am free use it just as much as I wish to offer other such JV deals in the future. Build your list ONCE and use it MANY times! …are you starting to see the possibilities?

I have MANY such lists and JV deals in place as it really is not difficult to find such simple niche markets and start to build lists in this way. This is what is meant by multiple streams of income.

Now, for a limited time, using these step-by-step videos you can discover the EXACT process I use to create my own list generated income. You already have EVERYTHING you need to start building your own list immediately, and as you can see from my above account of the past six weeks you can get it up and running REALLY quickly with just a few hours effort.

What to do next…

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The knowledge you will gain from this comprehensive video master course will give you the skills and potential to build a very profitable e-mail list in a comparatively short period of time.

Can you imagine how it will feel to send 20 minutes sending out an email and starting a flood of orders, and then being able to repeat the process the following week. If you are looking for security and a better lifestyle your own responsive email will provide it for you and so much more.

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I look forward to speaking with you again on the inside.

Kind Regards

Kevin Martyn

Practical Profit Solutions Ltd

PS. Here is a GREAT reason for you to get started immediately!

Please take a moment to consider this. When it comes to wealth generation both property investing and stock market trading require finance to get started, and when you look at the markets as they are today there is no guarantee you will even get your money back.

Then of course there is multilevel marketing if you don’t mind working REALLY hard, but the problem here is you’re working to build someone else’s business, and at any moment your income stream could be removed completely.

By contrast, Internet related wealth development, and building your own profitable e-mail list is very inexpensive to get started in. In fact, you don’t need a budget at all to get started and creating your own list immediatly …and best of all you are in TOTAL CONTROL, and it will soon become your most valuable asset.

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