Personal Hates

Over the past few years I have become increasingly IRRITATED and even ANGRY by the growing number of – excuse my choice of words, wealth generation information ‘Crap Pedlars’ twisting the truth and not telling you EVERYTHING you need to know as they proceed to sell you their latest unworkable Internet products or systems.

Unfortunately, many such systems rely upon you either having loads of JV (Joint Venture) and Internet experience, or possessing an existing hot list of customers to sell to etc. The fact is this; if you had a list of hot prospects and are already skilful in JV negotiation you wouldn’t NEED their products or systems in the first place.

How do I know?

Simple, you can never learn too much and for that reason I am always on the lookout for products which will help my clients and mentoring group members. In the past I have purchased such systems and have first-hand experience of them! As a result of the EXCEPTIONALLY poor quality of most of the I often UPSET such speakers if we happen to be presenting or attending the same events and make NO EXCUSES for doing so. At this point I am on the HIT LIST of many such charlatans!

PLEASE BE WARNED: If you come across anyone trying to persuade you that you can become FABULOUSLY WEALTHY by selling a $39 eBook via PPC (Pay Per Click), or similar, however convincing they may sound – RUN away just as fast as you can because I will tell you right now that without a LOT of hard work you can’t!

Also consider this..

When someone is keen to show you their bank account, and just how much they have made, pay CLOSE attention, because they MAY be showing you just how much money they have generated selling the same or a similar unworkable product to other trusting individuals such as you who have believed them! Personally, I am never quite sure about someone who is trying SO HARD that they need to reveal their bank account details and earnings to you. Also, because I am proficient at creating graphics with programs such as ‘Adobe Photoshop’ and what can be done with this program, I am never certain of their authenticity either.

Let’s put things into perspective for you…

The hard part of generating an Internet related income is generally attracting QUALIFIED visitors and building your mailing list; crack this and you have got it made! This is why I SPECIALISE in sharing a wide variety of tried, tested and proven WORKING MODELS, many of which I personally use, and they are ALL hot money-makers RIGHT NOW! Most of these models can be mastered by ABSOLUTE beginners with ZERO internet knowledge and skill.


If you happen to be one of the MANY legitimate and honest presenters or entrepreneurs providing Internet related products, services and solutions for similar markets, you obviously will not be offended by this statement which pre-warns unsuspecting prospects. But please accept my apologies if it does, as no offense was intended.