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June 21, 2010 · 1 comment

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It’s called ooVoo, and as far as video communications are concerned, this amazing piece of software is the best thing since sliced bread.

Let me tell you how I discovered ooVoo. We will shortly be launching our new’ apprentice level‘ Internet wealth mentoring program. One of the benefits which I want to give to members of this mentoring level is video feedback on the Internet wealth generation questions which they are encouraged to ask.

ooVoo will be ABSOLUTELY ideal for this…

I had considered recording these video answers live with my friend Paul Elliott in my small video studio. However, when we get together we are REALLY great at wasting time, and this would need to be done once or twice EVERY month. For this reason, and although we live in the same small West Country town, now we generally do most get-togethers such as planning and discussing via Skype, and keep the face to face interaction to just once a week or when we are presenting together.

However Skype has its LIMITATIONS

One of these limitations is video recording the screen and successfully capturing both videos at the same time. Sometimes it works, and then the audio was not captured, or on other occasions, one of us would be videos and the other one have their voice recorded. I have tried a variety of different software packages, but none of them worked EASILY or very successfully.

Then I discovered ooVoo!

Like most new software packages that promise to deliver amazing results, I was initially a little bit skeptical of ooVoo. However, you can’t be critical of something that you haven’t tried, so I downloaded ooVoo and installed it on my PC.

It downloaded and installed in just a couple of minutes and I found it very simple to use and understand. Far easier than the Logitech software I have been using and it allowed me to make recordings and do so much more without fuss.

OoVoo allows you to send video e-mail, and it’s really simple. One button to push on and to start and stop the recording, then just enter the e-mail or addresses of your choice and click send, and your done!

So I sent an ooVoo e-mail back to myself and WOW, it was great! A small file which loaded quickly and a REALLY high quality recording. I could immediately see many possibilities for this new ooVoo software. So I quickly recorded another e-mail and send it to Paul to install ooVoo on his machine. 10 minutes later and my new ooVoo video consul was ringing with Paul at the other end.

I answered it and found Paul sitting in a video frame next myself, and what was more interesting was the fact that right above my video was a red ‘record video’ button. Exactly what we needed for my new project, so I clicked upon it and when we had finished speaking I watched the video which was of very good quality and could be saved in a number of different video formats.

You can EVEN share your screen…

While we were playing with ooVoo we discovered that we could also show and share each other’s computer screens which is another really BIG bonus as far as I’m concerned. It allows me to directly share screen with my one-to-one mentoring members, or allow them to share their screen with me, so I can demonstrate something, or let them show me what they are doing .

A great and VALUABLE tool!

So don’t wait another minute to download ooVoo for yourself, but be warned it is highly addictive.


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Karen Goddard June 21, 2010 at 7:01 pm

Kevin – I don’t know where you find these little gems ..but keep them coming ..off to download now!

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