The Defining Key To Using And Leveraging An Online Marketing Company

Let me ask you, what’s the single most common bottle neck in any small or large business?

The lack of which leaves anything from a healthy 5-figure through to a tragic 7-figure additional profit lying on the table every year?

Think you’ve got it?

Of all the things you can and should outsource in your business, one thing you never never want to lose control of is your online marketing.

Yes, you will easily find an online marketing company willing to take you on as a client. And of course any online marketing company will make you promises based on what you want to hear.

And no matter how good they are, here’s the real kicker…

…no online marketing company can be your full time marketing department.

This is one area you want to immerse yourself in fully. Marketing is the life blood of your company.

Marketing is where you create a unique edge. It’s where you find your unique edge to raise you above the clutter and put your message in front of you perfect prospects.

Offline marketing is like shouting in a crowded room and hoping enough of your potential prospects happen to be there at the time.

Online marketing is sniper accurate, deliver the message you want, to the precise group of people you want, only at the time they are there to see, hear it and respond to it.

That’s the power of online marketing.

And not knowing how to do that is also the biggest profit draining choke hold in any business. The less you understand marketing online, the more you limit your profits.

Look at it this way. Do you really want the life of your business to be dependent on someone else?

On some external online marketing company?

No, because no matter how sincere they are, your business will never take a greater priority than their own.

So what’s the solution?

Should you never use an online marketing company?

Use them only if they are willing to consult as they teach. If they are willing to share their knowledge with you so they act as a mentor rather than a consultant.

Your goal should be to reach a point where you no longer need them. And ideally where you go beyond them in skill, knowledge and creatively combining the online technology with your understanding of your clients.

And one other ingredient is now essential in any online marketing company.

A deep and broad understanding of social psychology.

Social psychology is why facebook and other social networks took off.

For anyone to buy a product or service there has to be a driving motivation. Social psychology gives you the tools of understanding and structuring this drive.

Combined with the technology of the internet and you have an immensely powerful marketing tool.

The leverage and speed of the internet used in this way blends the greatest advantage points of direct marketing invented since the nineteen twenties.

If you’re seeking an online marketing company, then you’re ready to master it for yourself.

Making sure your profits benefit from a relationship with an online marketing company.

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