Fail your way to the top…

ON-GOING Internet income is WITHIN your grasp!

SERIOUSLY, if your objective is to generate a regular Internet income it’s not so hard as you think if you follow one or two simple principles to achieve success and your stream of Internet income.

The wisest of these principles is to take LOTS of ACTIONS and be prepared to make heaps of mistakes and endure loads of failures from which you can LEARN, GROW and MOVE forward.

Although his objective was not to generate an Internet income, but rather a practical and functional electric light bulb, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of Tomas Edison who EVERY would-be entrepreneur should STUDY CLOSELY and learn from. You see, Mr Edison became VERY used to failure in his efforts to produce the electric light bulb, in fact, it took him ALMOST 6,000 attempts before he got it right and finally succeeded!

Take a moment to imagine JUST how different our life would be without electricity, or the electric light bulb!

When a young reporter interviewed him on the same subject and displayed surprise at his number of EXPERIMENTAL FAILURES, Mr Edison simply said he had not failed!  …but had found many ways of not producing the electric light bulb, and that EVERY FAILURE took him ONE experiment closer to lasting success.

What a great WINNING ATTITUDE which we should learn from!

And so how does this positive story relate to generating an Internet income?

Well, Thomas Edison had a very clear goal of what he wanted to achieve! Generating Internet income is certainly a specific goal, but in my opinion, and as there are so many DIFFERENT ways of achieving this objective, you need to be MORE CLEAR and focused on EXACTLY how you want to do this.

What image does INTERNET INCOME generated in your mind?

It is very difficult to form an image of Internet income. However, it is MUCH EASIER to generate an image of you (for instance) selling a product or service which people found and purchase via your website, and you driving TARGETED PROSPECTS to your website (again, for instance) via article marketing.

This generates a FAR STRONGER and clear image

Obviously, this is just one way of generating your Internet income, and of course there would be DOZENS of different ways and methods in which you could achieve the same objective, and the choice of how you do it is TOTALLY YOURS.

But one thing is CERTAIN!

There are ALWAYS going to be FAILUREs and HURDLES standing in your way WHATEVER you do in life…

However, armed with a STRONG VISION of your goal, and a CRYSTAL CLEAR pathway forward it is far easier to overcome failure, and get back up and try again. In fact, without challenges and problems to overcome life could become quite BORING and uninteresting.

Just think, if you have a job and find it boring, the chances are this is because you are UNCHALLENGED and MENTALLY UNSTIMULATED. Certainly money will have a great deal to do with it, but don’t dismiss challenge and mental stimulation.

So with the RIGHT ATTITUDE, failures are a good thing!

They challenge is to do better and find different ways of getting around the blockage or hurdle that stands in our way.

For me it was LIFE changing…

The day I accepted that my life was one LONG pathway of challenges and obstacles, and my only task was to overcome them my life changed DRAMATICALLY for the better. I started to look forward to them and searching for ways of overcoming them.

The achievement of your goal is NEVER as good as the journey and learning curve you have to overcome to get there.

EMBRACE FAILURES, when they happen have a post-mortem and ask yourself the difficult questions of what went wrong? And how can you improve your performance? How can you do it differently? Then get up and try again.

Throw out what doesn’t work for you, keep and improve what does, aim to constantly improve what you have already created and LASTING success will already be within your SIGHTS!

As another great man once said: never give up! Winston Churchill

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  1. Interesting read Kevin.

  2. Thank you Russell!

  3. Snap !

    Isn’t that funny I just wrote my blog about learning from your mistakes as well as other peoples ..great minds (or something like that!)

    thanks Kevin

  4. This is definitely the way to go!
    We are throwing out what doesn’t work for us, keep and improve what does, aim to constantly improve what we have already created and LASTING success will already be within your SIGHTS!

    Thanks Kevin

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