The 3 Second Rule

When I mention the 3 second rule most people just look at me BLANKLY and simply SCRATCH their head. However, if you are relying upon making your INCOME from attracting prospects to your website the 3 SECOND RULE is a VITALLY IMPORTANT component which need SERIOUS consideration and possible  action.

The three second rule refers to the amount of time which you have available to capture the attention of your new visitors when they arrived at your web site. Okay, it may not be EXACTLY 3 seconds, you MAY have a little bit longer, perhaps 7 seconds, or even 10 seconds. But unless your visitor can see what they’re looking for, the benefit in stopping at your site for them, they will be GONE, and usually GONE FOREVER!

For this reason you MUST give ON-GOING attention to the parts of your website which is above the fold. By above the fold, I am referring to the portion of your website which can be seen on your visitors monitors when they FIRST ARRIVE. The message they first see, and the impression they first gain of you and your website.

Just remember that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression so spent time testing and getting it RIGHT!

It’s no good putting important information below this part of the site because if they have to scroll down to look for it, then it is HIGHLY LIKELY that they will never get to see it at all.

Let’s face it, people are VERY busy nowadays, and there are lots of other websites COMPETING with you for their attention and custom, so youl must STAND OUT from the crowd and HIT THEM squarely between the eyes with the benefit they will receive IMMEDIATELY! Get this RIGHT and you could be converting  1000%’s more of the visitors to your website than your competition.

For this reason remember to ALWAYS focus on just ONE MAIN benefit per page, the benefit which your visitors are looking for. If there are multiple benefits which they could be searching for then optimise MULTIPLE PAGES – one per benefit and follow the same rules! Keep your site or page SIMPLE and FOCUSED, use the right words, keywords and terminology to capture visitors attention IMMEDIATELY they arrive, and to keep them reading more to the point where they take ACTION.

Obviously the best way to do this is to keep TESTING your page, and above the fold elements against each other, and a tool to help you do this is GOOGLE OPTIMISER which will ROTATE your front page and test one against the other.

Make this a HABIT and you will soon have a web site or blog with HUGE financial potential.

The 3 second rule is NOT a theory

The reason I know that the 3 second rules works is from two personal experiences. FIRST; I have run many HEAT TESTS on landing pages, and from these I can tell you EXACTLY where my visitor looked, and how long they looked there for before moving on.

SECOND: and MORE IMPORTANTLY, I was once working in the same office with my close friend Paul Elliott who had a problem which needed solving. Now individuals such as Paul are going to be your most IMPORTANT PROSPECTS because when Paul had a problem he takes out his wallet put it next to the computer and started to search for a solution.

I have watched him do this on a number of occasions, and he will go from website to website looking for the solution for him, each site has JUST SECONDS to REVEAL they have a solution because if Paul can’t see it right at the top of the page he is gone off to the next site, and if it was your website he was visiting it would be another LOST OPPORTUNITY.

This is where I came up with the title for the 3 second rule, because on average that was all Paul would stay on a site for; just three seconds, if he couldn’t see a solution above the fold he was gone.

I hope this article HIGHLIGHTS a VERY important point?

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3 second rule

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