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The RSS 'Internet Wealth' Creation Mentoring Program

One of the techniques we share with you generated a ‘Red Hot’ mailing list of 28,400 subscribers in just 4 days!

Do You Have a Wealth Generating Web Site or Internet Project Yet?

If not, everyday you are without one you are losing profits and income which are LOST FOREVER!

 But we can help you quickly reverse this situation!

If you are serious about making the Internet  work well for you financially, the RSS 'Internet Wealth' Creation Mentoring is about as close as you can get to us doing it for you. We provide you with EVERYTHING you need to get started on generating an income from the Internet.

We won’t give you any B*** S*** or hype, just the facts

...then you can decide for yourself!



Please take your time considering the AMAZING PACKAGE that we have put together for you which will allow you to become an INTERNET SUCCESS STORY! If after going through it you have any questions, just contact us - we would be glad to answer them for you.

So confident are we that you will be totally delighted with the 'QUALITY' and 'CONTENT' of the RSS (Really Simple Solution) Wealth Creation Mentoring program that we offer a 'Full Money Back Guarantee!'

But before you read a sentence further, let me answer the two questions we are most often asked:


  Yes! EVEN YOU can do this and make it work for you! ...ANYONE can if they follow our simple 5 stage formula, and as a result soon you will be generating a regular and ongoing income or profit, and then you'll be able to repeat the process just as much as you wish!
  We have kept the content and way you learn REALLY simple by breaking EVERYTHING down into easily digestible bite-sized chunks, much of which you can go over again and again for reference ...we also give you follow up support and provide many ongoing facilities and mentoring.

And NO! the cost of the course is NOT expensive, especially when you consider the income it will generate for you, and the fact that you will regain your investment into your future REALLY fast! 


 The timing is perfect...

For some years now the Internet has been creating amazing unrivalled opportunities for those who are prepared to invest into their future and become proficient with a fun and lucrative new skill. It has levelled the playing field for individuals who place a HIGH PRIORITY on their TIME, FREEDOM and QUALITY of lifestyle to develop EXCEPTIONAL levels of residual wealth and future security!

Let's begin by taking a close look at the BIGGEST benefits of the Internet as a means of generating an ongoing income, and what it offers you, but we'll save the BEST one of all until last!

Capital Investment...

For many years both Paul and I have been heavily involved with property and financial investing on the stock markets. And they are great vehicles for diversifying your investments and making your long term savings grow. However, with both of these investments there is ONE BIG challenge. Unless you happen to be an EXTREMELY adroit and savvy entrepreneur, you need money to make money and get started.

Money, or the lack of it, is the limiting factor...

It's exactly the same with the more traditional brick and mortar type businesses; they take LOTS of money and investment to get started, even franchises and the ENDLESS list of 'Business Opportunities' you see advertised; they all require lots of your HARD EARNED savings just to get started.

So unless you want to risk your home, life savings or give away your freedom and control by involving investors and partners who you then become answerable and accountable to, you are out of luck. 

But LUCK is not a strategy...

However, armed with the right tried, tested and proven formula, starting an INTERNET related business is ...and nothing short of, a SMART action! ...in fact, I sometimes think anyone who is not capitalising on this simple wealth generating opportunity has been living on another planet or is mentally deficient in some way.

...but just by visiting this web site I know you are neither!


Lets compare:


  The start up costs for developing an 'Internet Business' are REALLY low. 

  Overheads and running costs are virtually nil 

  The cost of initial learning and constantly updating your knowledge is MINIMAL


...and by contrast, the ONGOING income generating potential of the Internet is IMMENSE!


How about this for a speedy ROI (Return on Investment)! 


One strategy we share in the 'RSS Internet Wealth Creation Mentoring Program' is so easy and effective you can be generating money with it the very day afterwards, and could easily repay your investment into your future within a couple of days of that, SERIOUSLY!


Amazingly Convenient

Generating your income from the Internet has just got to be the ULTIMATE when it comes to convenience and versatility. The Internet is open 24/7 and 365 days a year; you can work at times that suit you and your present lifestyle. You can work from anywhere you wish, even abroad, and just as I do, for a few hours each day. I do that even while I am on my holidays - simply because I enjoy my work so much.

Most of the time I work from locations around my West Country home, as I live only yards from the beach and it's quiet and very pleasant. However, I also often work in a variety of other places just for a change of scenery. Because if I ever feel a little mentally stale this turbo-charges my creativity and recharges my levels of inspiration. Most of my work is done from my desktop computer, but I also use a mini notebook, and as is the case today, I also often work the old fashion way with a pen and writing pad. It works fine for draft strategies, idea generation and even writing sales letters and written communications etc.


 As I am writing this page I am sitting in the cafe at Sainsbury's because my wife likes me to drive her shopping, so we can chat together, but then keep well out of her way while she shops. This arrangement suits me just fine because I am STILL productive and get a brief change of surroundings and can indulge in a 'Café Latte' as I work.


You can learn and work in the same way if you wish...

More speed less haste!

Remember, developing your Internet business is NOT a race, and due to the nature of the Internet, you can progress at developing your project and new business at a pace which suits you and your style without stress or pressure. Work at it in short blasts as and when you have time, or go at it like a CHARGING RHINO to get your project up and flying quickly; both ways produce great results.

You can start very part time and at a speed that suits you until you develop your skills and understanding and then you will have many more choices available to you.


My wife would tell you that their IS a downside...

In fact, if you were to speak with either of our wives they would tell you that the ONLY problem with our line of work is that it is just TOO ABSORBING!

You see most of the Internet projects we get involved in are great fun, satisfying and captivating ...and at times prising ourselves away from what we are doing just to eat and socialise with our families and friends, can be a point of contention with the females who rule.

But BEST of all is this...

The sheer OVERWHELMING volume of financially rewarding Internet-related opportunities and projects that are just waiting for someone LIKE YOU to get behind them, take ownership and make them grow and flourish!

At this point you are ONLY LIMITED by your imagination and understanding, but by participating in the RSS 'Internet Wealth Creation Mentoring Program' you will start identifying and seeing these opportunities and discover which is the most suited to you.

The profit potential is truly amazing...

In the RSS 'Internet Wealth' Creation Mentoring Program we share a ton of different time-tested success models, formulae and techniques that you can EASILY adapt and altered to suit your own topics and areas of interest. And this is just the TIP of the iceberg, as we only SCRATCH the surface and show you a logical beginning to what is possible.

This event will be a real 'Eye Opener' for you; here is what previous delegates had to say:


Testimonial extracts...

"...it was just one 'AHA!' moment after another as I recognised the opportunities I had been missing for so long. It was as though the mist was lifted and I couldn't wait to get home to start playing with the possibilities of what had been shown to me. Then within days of the introduction seminar I had a long list of exciting POTENTIAL winning projects lined up for myself." Patrick Colcannon, Dublin

"It all made immediate sense to me, and when I got home and started researching and using your techniques, it made even MORE sense and I started to see my way forward. Now, 2 months later I am on my way and earning a small but steadily growing profit. You said that the program would be the best investment I would ever make into my future ...and I have to agree with you that it is!" Jeremy Smith, Manchester.

"I was sceptical at your claims that I could make money using the 'Income from Nothing' techniques within just a couple of days of coming to the workshop, but they seemed quite simple so I thought I would give it a go. The VERY NEXT day I had made my first profit, and by the end of the week a good bit more! I shared the techniques with my daughter in law and they are working for her also. I am now working my months notice after discovering this much easier way of making a living." Megan Jones, Cardiff.

Click here to read more testimonials...

Have I made it sound too easy?

I hope not, because the last thing I want to do is mislead you.

Generating ongoing income and profits from the Internet is not difficult WHEN YOU KNOW HOW, because there are just SO MANY different ways in which you can do so. Some of them will fit you like a glove whatever your circumstances... some individuals take to it like a duck to water for the first time.

Others take longer to get started and make their profits flow. The individuals who fall into this group generally work at a speed that suits them which is okay also, as if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well!

I recently thought that one student I personally mentored would never get it going as she was so detailed and methodical in EVERYTHING she did. I was becoming VERY frustrated with her. Then seven months after we had started, and when I had almost given up hope, BINGO! ...her project was launched, and in the following 23 days she generated more net profit than twice her gross annual income!  WOW, I was impressed, but I have to say that she is quite an impressive individual.

A few NEVER get off the starting blocks at all...

Here is the reason why!

They belong to the get 'Get Rich Quick' mindset. They are almost delusional in their search of  what we refer to as the 'Magic Button' that they believe once pushed will make them instantly wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. Okay, and "pigs might fly!"

I have to agree that it's a nice thought and that's why so many opportunity sellers try to tempt you with it as the latest FAD business opportunity. Unfortunately many of the more gullible of our society go for it! We have all been caught once or twice before wising up, but you and I, and  anyone with two ounces of common sense knows that what they are looking for is something that DOES NOT exist.


MORE specifically: 



"The FASTEST way to go BROKE is to try to get RICH QUICK!"


The recipe for Internet Wealth success is simple... 

The main thing is to TAKE ACTION with the knowledge you gain, and not be afraid to experiment and make a few mistakes in the initial stages, because they advance you far quicker than your successes!

Those who do not succeed are the ones who DO NOT, for what ever reason take ACTION!


Please remember this:



"You can always change direction, but not when you are standing STILL!"


Momentum is an ESSENTIAL ingredient in success at ANYTHING! 

Just KNOWING the knowledge we will share with you is unlikely to generate you a profit unless you intend to act as an 'Internet Marketing Consultant' as Paul and I often do for those many companies who want to get the Internet working for them.

Of course, this is ANOTHER lucrative avenue which will become open to you as you gain success and experience with your own projects.

The individuals who become the BIGGEST successes are those who:


  Put ONGOING time and effort into their project research 

  Become REALLY passionate about the projects they start 


Develop clarity and a STRONG focus


  Have the DETERMINATION to succeed 

  Are not afraid of making MISTAKES and learning from them 

  Attend the online follow up Q & A sessions we provide 


Mentoring Program Objectives...

At the risk of repeating myself I want to echo the fact that the MAIN aim of the RSS 'Internet Wealth' Creation Mentoring Program is to provide you with both the knowledge and necessary tools - 'The Complete Package' so to speak, to become PROFITABLE in the SHORTEST time possible!

We arm you with both short term profit strategies which you can use to generate profits with immediately, and more powerful long term ones which take longer to implement, but will often generate semi AUTOMATED streams of income and go on paying you for years to come. 

Another potential stumbling block you should know about is this...

From years of experience in teaching and running workshops and seminars, Paul and I already know that a common seminar challenge is that of being 'OVERWHELMED'. Many presenters see overloading their delegates with information as a way of giving them GREAT value for money. While in fact what they are doing is the very opposite of what they had intended, it just confuses and frustrates the delegates.


We have TOTALLY overcome this by:

  1. Breaking the success recipe into LOGICAL and progressive step-by-step chunks. 
  2. Giving you your own comprehensive 'Workbook' for you to record and add your ideas and notes as we progress, and then take away for future reference. 
  3. Providing you with the more important aspects of training on video for you to watch and then follow at the comfort of your own computer at home or in your office. 
  4. Running a series of follow up online Q&A webinars which give you the opportunity to feedback on your success and ask those questions that you ALWAYS forget to ask at the event. 

This system has proved to be a BIG hit with delegates as it  rapidly maximises their potential for financial success.


This is what is included in the RSS Internet Wealth Mentoring Package 





Section One Benefits

"The Skills You Discover"

Below is just part of the knowledge you will gain and benefit from for many years to come...



  You gain a PRICELESS understanding of the BIG Internet picture and its true financial potential.

  You discover MANY of the more lucrative methods you can use to generate ongoing profits and income.

  Be amazed at just how INEXPENSIVE it is to set up and build a viable Internet based business, especially when compared to the ENORMOUS and ongoing costs of most other forms of UK company start ups. 

  Find out just how quickly you can create your own MULTIPLE STREAMS of financially lucrative semi-automated and ongoing income.

  How to leverage your most valuable of commodities 'TIME', so you are no longer trading it in return for an hourly rate, but instead are trading VALUE that can be created once and sold unlimited times over.  

  How to use your time WISELY so you only work when you want to, and at  times which suit you and the lifestyle you wish to develop.

More specifically...



  3 SURE-FIRE methods of generating an income from the internet within just two days of starting to use the technique's. (One student made £2,635.12 using one of these principles in 6 days!)

  How to make money from brokering JV (Joint Venture) deals without a website or mail list to sell to. (This same technique has NIL overheads and has made a few individuals fantastically wealthy!)   

  How to get up and running REALLY QUICKLY and generating income from promoting other peoples' products.


Learn which products and services are best suited to the internet, and how to find and develop lucrative joint ventures deals.


  How to position yourself as an EXPERT and start attracting a flow of highly targeted new prospects.

  Discover how to find RED HOT markets of new prospects and specifically what they want, need and will purchase from you - even if you know nothing about their topic.

  Why it is often much easier to DOMINATE or develop your own niche or even a niche within a niche.

  The technique for writing COMPELLING sales material that converts new prospects like crazy. 

  How to sound like an expert or EVEN an authority on virtually any subject in just hours.

  How to breathe life into DEAD or dying web sites and more importantly, if it is worth doing so. 

  You will discover the methods for effective researching and finding new HOT potential project ideas like a PRO who has been doing it for years. 

  You discover an extremely powerful technique for establishing SOCIAL PROOF and gaining your markets' respect and FULL attention, as well as establishing yourself as a market leader. 

  9 tried, tested and proven models for generating ongoing income from the Internet in a variety of different areas.  


3 MAJOR methods of driving HIGH QUALITY traffic to your web site or project.



Discover EXACTLY what your target market wants, and why they will buy it from you.  


  Discover the simple HABITS that have made top IME's (Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs) wealthy and successful, and how you can adopt these habits for yourself. 


Whether to outsource aspects of your project or if you should do it yourself.



The 6 stages of development in the Internet wealth FORMULA and why you can't shortcut. 


  How to find an endless supply of ideas and inspiration for your next Internet project. 

  The ESSENTIAL on site elements for LASTING financial success.

  The EASY way of getting listed in the MAJOR search engines REALLY FAST!

  You will discover the most USEFUL research tool ever created.

  Why starting to write persuasive copy with a blank sheet is a mistake you should NEVER repeat. 

  2 methods for running a SIMPLE but highly successful monthly online membership or club, and the tools you should consider using for this lucrative bushiness model. 

  The 7 best methods for building an ALL-IMPORTAINT relationship with your visitors and opt-ins. 

  5 underutilised techniques to get your visitor to TRUST you and enter your sales funnel. 

  You will discover the SIMPLE method for quadrupling your web sites profitability. 

  The 2 fundamental REASONS why your visitors will feel compelled to buy your products or services. 

  Exactly how to keep the search engines, and your visitors returning to your web site on a regular basis. 

  How to build an EAGER personal sales army who want to sell your products and services for you. 

  How to make an EXCEPTIONAL income from advertising revenue alone. 

  The little known '3 Second Rule' and how it will make or break your web site success. 

  The SECRET INGREDIENT in turning your web site visitors into loyal customers. 

  The 3 most important aspects in keeping your Internet business or project profitable. 

  1 EXCEPTIONALLY valuable asset that guarantee's EVERY new project you start a success. 

You will be discovering the EXACT process we use to generate our own incomes on a DAILY basis and create the lifestyle we enjoy.

We include all the tools and software you need. EVERYTHING to get your first web site operational within just days of beginning the RSS 'Internet Wealth' Mentoring program. And then we provide you with detailed VIDEOS showing you how to use them which you can follow step by step. These are yours to watch as often as you wish.  


'Top of the Line' Web site Hosting

We give you 5 web site hosting packages!

As we know from experience that you will want to become financially productive just as swiftly as possible, and start getting a return on your new knowledge immediately, we are going to give you a web site. NOT just 1, but 5 FULL BLOWN (UNLIMITED) high speed web site hosting packages.

After all, why limit yourself, when you have mastered the process of generating 'Internet Profits'? You will want to repeat your success as much as possible. You can use these in any format or mixture of formats you desire, to sell your products or services; blog, forum, private membership... the list goes on as they can become ANYTHING you wish.

Immediately they are installed you gain direct access to your websites and all of the following via your own SIMPLE to use control panel


You get Unlimited:


  Bandwidth - simply explained, this is the term for the usage of your web site. Recently a friend who directed a flow of expensive and qualified traffic to his site was horrified to discover that he was automatically SWITCHED off as by watching the video which he had provided his visitors, they had used TOO MUCH bandwidth! By the time it was switched on again his visitors had been and gone - but this WON'T happen to you as your sites are unlimited!  

  Auto responders - 95% of web site requests can be handled by simple auto responders which do all of the mundane and repetitive work for you. They are useful in almost every aspect of your business and we do not restrict how many you use or set up.  

  Email addresses - have as many as you wish. Setup one for every one of your family, business or organisation member without limit. They take just moments to create via your control panel.  


e Mail list building - Simple to use and ideal for beginners...  

You may have heard it said that 'The Money is in the List!' ...and it's true, it is! If you have ever wondered how IME's (Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs) build and then keep in touch with hundreds and even thousands of prospects and customers so easily, this is their secret, and now you get the same facility. 


  FTP accounts - to explain this facility I would like you to imagine that you wanted to share certain files or materials with a friend but they are too large to send by email; shared FTP access is the simple and secure alternative. If you later plan on becoming involved in JV's (Joint Ventures) ...and I would encourage you to do so, you will find this facility extremely valuable.  

  Word Press - if you are familiar with the terms 'Blog' or 'Blogging' you will probably already have heard of Word Press as this is probably the best blog software of all. It used to be a pain and quite time consuming and complicated to set up, but now we give you the facility to install it on your new sites in just seconds by clicking a couple of buttons and thereby saving yourself tons of complicated work.   


You get all this and much more...

I have just highlighted the BIG benefits of this quality web site hosting package: you will find there are many more. 

Terms of use

Tools to 'Turbo Charge' your new website

If you purchased each of these components separately the cost could be considerable!

Now the next set of bonus web site tools that we have included are all about making your web sites effective, efficient and profitable; and most important of all; leave you free to work on more creative aspects of your project or business.


  404 page - did you know that when a potential prospect mis-types part of your address they are simply told that page does not exist, and many give up looking for you at that point! However, the 404 page redirect facility means that when this happens, and it will, they are presented with an alternative menu of your web links which directs them to the most important parts of your website. A saved opportunity!

  Sub domains - the sub domain has many great applications that are covered in detail in the training video we give you, and we allow you to set up just as many as you desire on every one of your websites. 

  Your Help Desk - when you start to get busy, volumes of email and replying to them is something that can quickly sap your time and slow you down. This is where the 'Help Desk' comes into its own as it will allow you to reply with pre-formatted replies, and delegate and share part or all of your email support, even if your helpers live at different locations around the world.   


Web site statistics - I was always told that: 'those people who keep records are the very individuals who also BREAK records' ...and it's true, especially when it comes to generating Internet income! By keeping track of your website statistics you soon discover a lot about the visitors who arrive at your web site, and how to capitalise and implement financially rewarding improvements. We provide you with two simple statistic applications for this purpose. 


Get listed in Google - to be listed quickly in the major search engines and start getting free traffic arriving at your web site, we have included a few important tools in your package that help you achieve this.

  Password protection - just by password protecting certain pages and folders of your project, you can run a highly profitable membership or club that goes on paying you a residual income each and every month; - as I write this I have 3 such sites and they are easy to operate.

  Forums - are EXCEPTIONAL tools for building a community and attracting high volumes of targeted prospects. Some web sites are nothing more than paying or private membership forums. We have provided you with the tools to set one up on your site if you so wish.  

  TAF - what a great little tool this is! TAF stands for 'Tell A Friend' and you would be surprised how many visitors will tell their family, friends and acquaintances about your website when you ask them to do so and makes it easy for them. This is one of the methods referred to as 'Viral Marketing'.  

  Forms - these are used for a variety of automated feedback, but usually for gaining response, questions and comments and are far better than emails for a variety of reasons. 

  Photo galleries- if you want or need to provide your visitors with a large variety of photos or illustrations of your products, a photo gallery may be the very solution. We provide you with two different instantly activated ones from which to choose. 

  Shopping carts- if you plan on running an online shop, or building a web site where you offer a large amount of different products or services, a shopping cart may provide the very solution for you to stay in control and help dispatch orders quickly and efficiently. We provide 5 different ones for you to consider. 

  Take Online Payments - while we are on the subject of eCommerce and selling your products and services, you need a way of accepting credit card orders and payments on your web site. For this reason we provide you with links to many of the major credit card merchants; some accounts are free to set up and will allow you to accept orders within the hour. 

Virtually all of the above, and many others, are a selection of the vitally important tools for making your Internet project or web site profitable. They are all conveniently located inside your website control panel for you to start using the moment your new site or sites are activated. If you purchased them separately they would cost you a large additional investment, but we provide them as bonuses.  




Quality website photo's and illustrations are EXPENSIVE! ...but not for you.

Now you don't need a designer to create your web site for you. We already know that a good looking professional site or blog is an important and costly aspect of your project, and for that reason we have provided you with a FANTASTIC graphics suite of packages that allow you to build just as many professional looking web sites as you will ever need.


  Serif Web Plus x2- I could write about this software for many pages, but could not do a better job than the following video in telling you of its benefits - Click here to open it, we provide you with your own copy via a downloadable link.

  Attractive website templates - here is an alternative; more than 550 attractive, professionally built web site templates from which you can choose. Download them and edit with your details and you are ready to publish to the internet and start accepting visitors.

  16 flash website templates - if you like all the bells and whistles we have also included animated templates because for some projects, they work really well.  


22,500 photographs - professional photographs to use on your site CAN cost a small fortune, so here is a small inclusive library for you to have at your disposal when you need it. 


Clip art bundle - there are times when just like a photo, a good piece of clip art can say a 1,000 words you just don't have room for, so we have also included a large royalty-free selection for you to dip into when you wish.

  200 static and animated banners - there are times when you need a banner to catch and draw the attention of your visitor. If they are not over done they can be a really good sales tool so here are 200 you can easily adapt!

  100 adaptable logos - I am not mad on logos but you may be, so here are a selection of 100 for you to either adapt or get your creative juices flowing! 

All of this, and much more is either included in the RSS membership site, to which we will give you access, or in your web site control panel for easy entry when you are working on your web site.  




Video tutorials

...these video are almost like looking over our shoulder as we work at one of our projects!

...our objective is to make things easy for you.

From experience we know that, assimilating new material becomes quite easy when you have a step-by-step process to follow and our online videos are perfect for that. We have video recorded many of the methods I have just out-lined in the above seminar description and bonuses for you, so you have immediate access to these video tutorials at a time that suits you, and follow along at your own pace.






Follow up Support Q&A Mentoring Webinars

...very often the follow up Q&A sessions are JUST as important as the RSS program material!

To help you fully integrate what you learn in the RSS (Really Simple Solution) Internet wealth creation modules we provide a series of follow up webinars and Q&A sessions. These are great motivational events as this is where we discover how well fellow delegates are doing with their projects as well as many great ideas which we can share. It also gives you the chance to ask any questions that may have arisen that you need help with. 

You get all of this INCLUDED in the cost of the 'RSS Internet Wealth Creation Mentoring Program'! We like to GIVE you BIG value, and NOTHING just for the sake of it either. These are all useful tools you will use to help generate your ongoing Internet profits.


Take Your FIRST Step toward generating your own ONGOING stream of additional  income 

If you are serious about generating an ONGOING income, or multiple streams of income; joining the RSS 'Really Simple Solution' Internet Wealth Mentoring program is a simple decision to make.

It is DEFINITELY for you, and any other forward looking wealth SMART indevidual!

After subscribing your private membership area will activated, usually the same day and you will receive further details for attending our weekly Q&A webinars.

Option One:

The cost of the amazing package as a one of payment is just:


Options Two:

The RSS "Really Simple Solution" Monthly payment plan:

  • 1 Payment of £2,000 followed by
  • 11 monthly instalments of £320
  • Total £5,520 

You are given 1 new learning module EVERY month for the first 6 months after which you have full access to all of the material + all of the bonus and FAST START material and regular (Usually Weekly) Q&A webinars


Please consider this:

Every MOMENT you are without this PRICELESS information you are losing potential profits and income ...and it's gone forever!

We know what the Internet could be generating for you in ongoing profits in a comparatively short time from now and that each and EVERY SINGLE MONTH you are throwing away and losing the full cost of the RSS 'Internet Wealth' Creation Mentoring Program and  MUCH, MUCH MORE! ...your Internet income generating potential is truly UNLIMITED!

When you look at the RSS 'Internet Wealth' Creation Mentoring Program as an opportunity to gain a new skill that goes on paying you for the rest of your life! ...it SUDDENLY takes on a new and VERY POSITIVE perspective, and the question then becomes:

Can you AFFORD to be WITHOUT this knowledge?



If you are SERIOUS about turbo charging your income generating potential, and having read this far, I totally believe you are!

You have nothing to lose ...but EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

You are just a couple of clicks away from positively improving MANY aspects of your life!


The rest is up to you!  

You now have a simple choice!

So please consider this old and VERY WISE truth:



“If You Keep on Doing the Same Old Thing, You Will Keep on Getting the Same Old Result!”

The very definition of insanity is to expect the outcome to change if you don't alter the action!

Do you have any questions that you would like answered?

If you have reached this point in your decision making process and you feel you still have questions or concerns that needs answering you can send me an email to me at: and please include your LAND-LINE telephone number as this is usually the best way of answering questions, and someone will get back to you very shortly.

Kind regards

Kevin Martyn

PS. Please DO NOT consider subscribing to this mentoring program until you have taken the opportunity to compare what other forms of 'Internet Wealth' education are available to you, and see if any come close to offering the quality of package or potential which we deliver!