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Just a few kind words from happy delegates of past Internet Wealth Seminars and Mentoring Programs:



Matt Traverso


"Kevin Martyn is a marketing genius and an incredibly savvy entrepreneur. Unlike many marketers with ideas of what 'might' work, Kevin KNOWS what will and won't work, because he has the experience to back it up

He tells you critical marketing facts that would take years to learn in the real world.

Kevin is the real deal! I recommend him anytime to anyone who want to discover the secret of Internet wealth."

Matt Traverso:Author of ‘The Bible of Quantum Coaching’ & ‘Results Coaching’ www.matttraverso.com


Carol Bentley


"Do you want to know what really works in marketing, as against what might? And do you want it in plain, straightforward language without the distracting fluff?

Then you can't go wrong by attending any seminar where Kevin Martyn is speaking.  He draws on years of proven experience and distils it into focused activity you can immediately take action on and reap the benefits of his expertise.  


What's more he does it in a way that makes it extremely easy to absorb and understand. Take my advice - if you get the chance, make sure you take advantage of his knowledge."

Carol Bentley, Author of 'I Want To Buy Your Product...

Have You Sent Me A Letter Yet" www.copywriting4b2b.com


By deciding to attend one of Kevin Martyn's internet seminars, believe me, you've done the right thing!! I've attended a number of VERY expensive seminars on the same subject but they have all focussed on making you spend a lot more money with each of the speakers - and none have come close to the 'nitty gritty', easy to follow, practical advice that WORKS which Kevin gives out by the bucket load!

If you want to make a success of internet marketing - this is the man who knows the business inside out, gives you all the information you need and the motivation to get started!

Jeremy Fraser - author of 'Magnetic PR'





Graham Rowan


A belated Thank You for an excellent event on developing profit from the Internet.

Since the seminar I have concentrated on two things, copy writing and Google AdWords.

Since applying the techniques taught at the event I have improved every campaign I am running - the most significant going from 0.8% CTR to just over 6%, which I make a 750% improvement!


I'd be very interested in attending your next Product Development seminar - can you let me know dates and details? 


Graham Rowan, Practice Director, Richmond Diet & Nutrition Clinic www.richmonddietclinic.com



Mark Anastasia


Kevin’s Workshop was one of the most extraordinary wealth creation event I have ever been on.

Amazing value for money. Kevin’s commitment to our following through, taking action, and producing results is commendable.

I highly recommend this workshop.

Mark Anastasia - www.markanastasia.com




The workshop was outstanding & exceeded all my expectations.
I came away learning so much I am ready to produce my first product!
The step by step demonstrations along with interactive exercises were extremely useful and made the process very easy.

Thank you Kevin, I look forward to your next workshop!

Elise Crozier



I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough. I though I lacked imagination and was not able to “dream up” products to make to earn money with. After only the first two hours I had list after list of products I could create.

By the end of the second day I knew exactly how to make them!

Dr. Debby Swallow, www.deborahswallow.com



Kevin is an obvious master of his subject which is reflected in his inspirational information product development workshops.

Right form the start it is PACKED with high relevant information that will allow even a beginner to get started almost immediately. My attendance at this workshop has provided a HUGE step forward in the area of Internet marketing, product development and financial independence.

A memorable weekend under the guidance of a fun and engaging teacher.

John Peacock - London



Wow! After struggling with Dreamweaver and FrontPage this course came as a welcome relief. By far the best education I’ve had in building effective and profitable websites. The excellent support materials and resources mean I’m still learning long after the seminar - highly recommended.”


Hugh Dixon, Inner Mind Mastery



The information I learned at this workshop opened my eyes to taking my emarketing ideas forward to develop them. Kevin was inspiring, interesting and clear to understand.

Suzy Dior, Malaga - Spain

From beginning to end the content of the workshop was absorbing, well paced, logically and extremely well presented, and pitched at just the right level of understanding. Kevin Martyn is really up there with the VERY BEST of presenters.

The new knowledge I took away from the workshop will prove to be financially invaluable, a truly enjoyable day.

Bernard Davies, York


“Kevin’s workshop gave me invaluable insight into what makes a website work.  We have completely reviewed our website and written our own copy - two things that would have cost us a fortune.  The course has more than paid for itself in just these savings alone.”

Amanda Malloy


Excellent value! Straight to the point, easy to understand no matter what your level of internet experience. This workshop really does give you the confidence to get started on building your own successful web based business immediately!

Christian Grancourt - LONDON


10 years of walking the talk condensed into 8 hours of practical easy to use advice. I will be able to apply the ideas immediately and am positive that they will generate significant increased performance from my internet marketing activities.

Dr. Warren Day


Thank you so much for your time yesterday. Having a sales and marketing background I was somewhat sceptical about what you would be able to bring to the table that I had not already considered or implemented.

How wrong I was. Your genuine interest in our business and your ability to seemingly turn on a tap of fresh and innovative ideas has to be seen to be believed!

I now feel that I have a firm understanding of the foundations I need to put in place in order to develop our business through utilising our website to it's full capacity. Prior to our meeting I recognised that we were not utilising our website effectively. Now I have a clear idea of the steps to follow and the huge number of options available for us to test.

Thank you for a most informative session. It was a timely and worthwhile investment of my and I look forward to our follow up sessions over the coming months.

Julian Sayer, Responsive Marketing Ltd, www.responsivemarketing.co.uk 


I would like to thank you for a thoroughly stimulating meeting yesterday. Never have I tried to grasp so many excellent marketing ideas in such a short time! I must admit that the full import of many of your suggestions did not really sink in until I had time, in the evening, to sit quietly, go over my notes and really think through what you had given me.

Today I am well on the way to building a totally new, different and exciting marketing plan and am confident that I can grow the number of my Business for Breakfast groups from three to twelve, by the end of 2006 - a considerable increase over my original plan. One of the things that really impressed me was that you showed me how my marketing activities can pay for themselves and even make additional profit.

Thank you for opening my mind.

Rodger Scott, Business for Breakfast