Helping you HIT your target EVERYTIME!

The three individual PPS Internet wealth mentoring membership programs have been tailored with just ONE simple OBJECTIVE in mind!

They have been created to help INDIVIDUALS just like you achieve your FULL ONLINE profit potential in the shortest possible time. The membership levels are just TOOLS and RESOURCES which are here to help you become a BIG success.

Birds of a FEATHER flock TOGETHER …well the smart ones do!

We recognise and FULLY understand the problems and challenges which face entrepreneurial minded individuals trying to start out and ESTABLISH their own Internet related streams, and MULTIPLE STREAMS of income. From past experience we know it can be REALLY HARD and lonely out there doing it alone …but you don’t have to! This is why we are here to help and provide a community for you to PARTICIPATE in whenever you need it.


We firmly BELIEVE that the moment you asked for our help your problem is solved! We have VAST experience and knowledge in generating online Internet related profits and that is ALWAYS a solution to EVERY problem. In fact, there are often MANY solutions and we will generally furnish you with a choice.


By keeping you updated with what we are doing on our own Internet journey, and through our SUCCESS INTERVIEWS with others we aim to provide ongoing inspiration. The best ideas are often generated from a cross pollinated spark gained from listening or learning from others. That’s spark when acted upon can quickly grow into a flame, and quite quickly a financially FOREST FIRE.


You can never get ENOUGH motivation in your life, the more you have, the MORE CONFIDENT and successful you become! Just knowing that there is someone there who is ready to listen and there for you if needed is a great comforting and motivating factor in your success. The opportunity to watch and participate with others as they grow, who are on a parallel journey to you is priceless asset.

Ongoing support:

There is nothing worse than hitting a hurdle you cannot overcome, it HAPPENS REGULARLY and having the ability to ask questions and gain rapid feedback is often the way forward.


We place an EXCEPTIONALLY high priority on making you accountable for your actions and progress! By joining us in one of our membership levels we will provide you with access to ONGOING tasks which (if you participate in) WILL drive you forward and help you make ONGOING advancement. We will also provide you with the opportunity to share this SOCIAL PROOF with your peers who will share in your success and act as a catalyst for getting the very best out of yourself.


You are not alone! Remember this is a community of LIKE-MINDED individuals who have SIMILAR objectives and aspirations to you. As well as providing a FORUM and WEEKLY LIVE mentoring sessions. We also provide 4 live and interactive seminars per year. This will furnish you with the opportunity for NETWORKING and the possibility of creating JOINT VENTURES with other forward-looking members who share the same drive and determination as yourself.

We’re all ears!

As you will soon discover, we REALLY ENCOURAGE participation and feedback in PPS community. We will be guided by you in providing the resources and SOLUTIONS that you tell us you need. So please remember, ANYTIME you have a suggestion or idea which you feel will benefit other members we will very gladly listen and often act upon that suggestion.

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