Initiate Level Membership

The FREE PPS ‘Initiate Level Membership’ provides you with tons of complimentary Internet wealth generating information and guidance to help you get started on your journey towards online profits.

Those most likely to join this membership are individuals who are new to Internet marketing or generating Internet related income …and are NOT SURE if it is for them or  not. However, after just a short while as a member I am sure you will have enjoyed this positive experience SO MUCH that you will want to move forward.

What makes this ‘Initiate Level’ a GREAT ‘low level commitment’ starting point is that many individuals (perhaps you) are simply not yet ready for the sheer volume of ONGOING profit generating information that the two higher levels of  PPS membership which are available provide. However, when you ARE ready, they will be there and ready and waiting to TURBO CHARGE your online education and advancement.

My objectives are SIMPLE and transparent;

FIRST: To provide you with assistance and highly useable ongoing VALUE and quality information which will drive you forward on your IM journey. My MAIN goal is to build a trusting long term and value driven relationship with you from which we will both benefit.

SECOND: I will be COMPLETELY open with you by telling you that my other objective is to encourage you to upgrade to either the PPS ‘Apprentice or Fast Track Level Memberships’ as this is where really RAPID ADVANCEMENT starts. But for now I am happy to have the opportunity to supply you with up front value.

However, if you are happy staying as a PPS ‘Initiate Member’ you will be welcome to stay for just as long as you wish.

PRIVATE PPS membership articles…

We are constantly producing new QUALITY ARTICLES and posts related to important aspects of generating Internet profits. These exclusive articles are NOT open or readable to other than PPS members.

BONUS Material Section…

Here you will find a GOLD MINE of profit related information such our list building video series. We often package and sell such information for £99 – £249 or even higher. Other courses are planned and ALREADY in production.

Monthly ACCOUNTABILITY action plan…

If you want to participate, we will hold you accountable to yourself and us by every month providing you with new skill building tasks which will move you forward and closer to generating an online profit.

Special Membership DISCOUNTS

Throughout the year we hold a MINIMUM of 4 live seminars on SPECIFIC Internet wealth generation subjects where we go into FINE detail and you come away with a step-by-step action plan to make it work for you.

Although FREE of charge to higher PPS level members, we often throw these events open to the general public and charge £249 or £499 per ticket. However, as an ‘Initiate Member’ we will offer you a HUGE discount or even for hard cost ONLY (what it cost us to stage) access to such events.

PPS monthly NEWSLETTER (Launch pad)

As a PPS member you will automatically qualify for a your copy of the valuable monthly magazine newsletter…

How to join

Simple, the whole process is automated so just click on the below link and you can gain access to your membership portal almost immediately. First you will be taken to our shopping cart which will set up your membership access automatically for you!


As you can see from the below illustration you will NOT be asked for payment or credit card details at ANY TIME. Just click on the checkout screen which will take you to the final check-out page.

All you need to here is fill in your details which are required to set up your membership and then click the complete button. Please notice the price is still ZERO!

Once you have complete  your details correctly upon clicking the submit button the shopping cart will take you directly to the PPS membership website for you to choose your own user name and password.

As you can see your name and email will already be filled in for you so all have to do is click on the ‘Submit Registration’ button and your membership is complete.

If you are ready to start benfiting from this free membership level click on the below grant me access button right now…

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