Really Rapid Development

However, the Fast Track membership will help you quickly reverse this situation!

PLEASE NOTE: Unless you are really SERIOUS and COMMITED to generating ONGOING Internet related wealth don’t even start reading this page because it will simply waste your time and my bandwidth!

The PPS ‘Fast Track’ Internet Wealth Mentoring program is about as close as you can get to employing an Internet expert to generate your income for you. We provide you with EVERYTHING you need to IMMEDIATELY get started generating your own stream, or MULITPLE STREAMS of profits from the Internet.

Tools, knowledge, ONGOING support and motivation etc. Everything you need to get started in one convenient package which SHORTCUTS your journey to success and ONGOING profits by years!

You get ALL the benefits available in the ‘APPRENTICE Levels Membership’.


Personal mentoring and ONGOING support from Paul Elliott and Kevin Martyn.

Below are just a QUICK TASTER of the ADDITIONAL ‘Fast Track Membership’ benefits that you will be mentored in. We pride ourselves that your success is our success also.

  • You will VERY quickly come to fully UNDERSTAND the BIG Internet picture and the most PROFITABLE ways of generating your own ongoing income from it.
  • You will have UNLIMITED LIVE and direct and INTERACTIVE help with your projects and the related challenges which you are likely to encounter as you progress.
  • You will discover EXACTLY how to UNEARTH and decide upon your own UNIQUE niche or niches with HIGH income generating potential which will fit you and the lifestyle you want to lead as well as a made-to-measure suit.
  • You will discover advanced RESEARCH techniques! When you know HOW and WHERE to search, you will have an EXCEPTIONALLY valuable skill and MASSIVE advantage at your disposal which will go on paying you for ALL of your life.
  • You will master the ESSENTIAL knowledge and know-how to MONETISE your project or niche and make it PROFITABLE and PRODUCTIVE ASAP (as soon as possible).
  • We’ll share with you all of the CHEATS and SHORTCUTS that we use which enable us to publish attractive and professional online websites or blogs that produce positive financial results REALLY FAST.
  • You will discover the art of CONVERTING prospects into CUSTOMERS, and then customers into LOYAL CUSTOMERS and REPEAT buyers.
  • You will discover and master many of the TRAFFIC GENERATION methods we use on a DAILY BASIS to attract unique and QUALIFIED prospects to our websites, products and services.
  • You will discover the FULL list building process which we use, and how having your own HIGHLY RESPONSIVE list gives you the ability to generate income almost AT WILL.
  • We’ll show how to QUADRUPLE your profits through the use of STATISTICS and powerful ANALYTICS which will HIGHLIGHT exactly where you should be investing the majority of your effort to generate the greatest profit!
  • You will learn how to LEVERAGE and take FULL advantage of automating your website or project, so you will continue to generate ONGOING profits while you’re sleeping, relaxing or taking a vacation on a sunny exotic beach.

Plus a WHOLE LOAD more…

Here is one of the BIGGEST benefits…

Once you have made your project profitable and productive you will QUICKLY realise that it MAY only require a MINIMUM of input from you (a few hour per week or month) to keep it running and growing.

At which point you are free to REPEAT the process just as MANY times as you wish to develop multiple streams of RESIDUAL income, and of course, typically your second project only takes a FRACTION of the time and effort to establish when compared to your first.

You are free to learn and assimilate this valuable knowledge at your own pace.

Unlike live seminars and events where you are exposed to HUGE and OVERWHELMING volumes of information in just a few hours; your ‘Fast Track’ training covers a FULL 12 months and gives you the opportunity to progress at a speed which SUITS YOU and your preferred learning style.

Even if you’re a COMPLETE BEGINNER…

ANYONE with the desire to succeed can become a BIG achiever in the PPS ‘Fast Track’ membership level! We have kept the content and way in which you learn REALLY simple and easy to assimilate by breaking EVERYTHING down into easily digestible BITE-SIZED chunks. Most of our profit modules are in video format so you can watch them over them again and again for easy reference.

Then if there is ANYTHING which you don’t understand you can ask for assistance at any time.

On the next page is a list of the BENEFITS you can LOOK FORWARD to when you become a ‘Fast Track’ member.

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