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Quality website PHOTOS and ILLUSTRATIONS

Now you don’t need a designer to create your web site for you, ESPECIALLY in the initial stages because we will show you many different methods of getting your website up and running quickly and WITHOUT cost.

We already know that a professional good looking web site or blog is an important and POTENTIALLY costly aspect of your project, and for that reason we have provided you with a FANTASTIC graphics suite of attractive illustrations and photographs that allow you to build just as many professional looking web sites as you will ever need.

Attractive Website TEMPLATES

A great and simple alternative; as part of your MEMBERSHIP we provide you with more than 550 attractive, professionally built web site templates from which you can choose, and to help you get started FAST. Download them and edit them on your own computer and then you are ready to publish to the internet and start accepting visitors.

16 Flash Website TEMPLATES

If you like having all the bells and whistles on your web site we have also included 16 ANIMATED templates because for some projects, they work really well.

22,500 ROYALTY FREE Photographs

Royalty free professional quality photographs to use on your site CAN cost a SMALL FORTUNE, so here is a small inclusive library of photographs for you to have at your disposal when you need them.

CLIP ART Graphics

There are times when just like a photo, a good piece of clip art can say a 1,000 words you just don’t have room for, so we have also included a large royalty-free selection for you to dip into when you wish.

200 STATIC and Animated Banners

If you plan on running your own affiliate program you will PROBALLY need to create banners for your affiliates and these banner templates are a great starting place. They catch and draw the attention of your potential visitor before redirecting them to YOUR web site. If they are not over done they can be a really good sales tool so here are 200 you can easily adapt!

100 Adaptable Logos

Personally I am not mad on logos, but you may be, so here is a selection of 100 for you to either adapt or get your creative juices flowing!

WOW! All of this in one all INCLUSIVE PACKAGE

So there you have it! This ELITE ‘Fast Track Membership’ provides you with virtually EVERYTHING you need to become profitable REALLY QUICKLY without having to spend another penny if you don’t want to.

After considering all of the above INCLUSIVE benefits members of the ‘Fast Track’ mentoring program receive you are probably now considering that you can’t afford NOT to be a member, so without delay let me tell you the investment into yourself cost for you to get started.

Please Note: There is NOTHING to pay at this point in time! Membership to this ELITE mentorship group is made via request. If after considering your application we feel that you are a good match for this membership level we will send you a time limited payment link. Once your investment is completed your membership area would normally be set up within 1 day! Please ONLY make application if you are SERIOUS about generating an online income and you are ready to get started IMMEDIATELY!

For your convenience we have TWO different investment plans

Fast Track Membership

If you would prefer to spread your payments across the year this is the plan for you. Once your application has been approved you can get started on generating your own stream or MULTIPLE streams of residual Internet related income IMMEDIATELY for an initial investment of just:

£500 plus x12 monthly payments of £250 – total investment £3,500

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Please note: this payment plan give access to one new profit module per month and 1 all inclusive website hosting package.

Fast Track Membership PLUS+

The PLUS+ membership offers the best value for your investment, below are the additional bonuses you will receive…

FULL and IMMEDIATE access…

If you are highly ENTHOUSIASTIC just to get started, or a fast learner and want to progress at you own speed without restriction the PLUS+ level membership will be for you as it grants you IMMEDIATE access to EVERYTHING.

5 ALL INCLUSIVE web site hosting packages

Only in the PLUS+ level membership do you get all 5 web site hosting packages and not only that, to get you running REALLY FAST we will set the first one up for you!

A PERSONAL 1 to 1 consultation

If you book our services on a one-to-one basis you can expect to pay £500 per hour, but to help you get the very most out of this membership we are including a private consultation.

Plus a GENEROUS discount

Not only do you receive these valuable ADDITIONAL benefits but you also get a generous discount into the bargain! Yes, this PLUS level membership is actually CHEAPER!

As you paying everything in one payment we will give you 12 months membership for LESS than the price of 10 spread payments!

Total investment cost £2,800

Click Here to Apply Now…

The Fast Track Internet Wealth Mentoring Program comes with a FULL 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee …we take your risk for you!

So it’s time to make a decision…

If you are SERIOUS about turbo charging your income generating potential, and having read this far, and I totally believe you are! You have nothing to lose …but EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

You are just a couple of clicks away from positively improving MANY aspects of your life and ONGOING lifestyle!

Please consider this old and VERY WISE truth:

“If You Keep on Doing the Same Old Thing, You Will Keep on Getting the Same Old Result!”

If you are ready to start generating that different and better result in your life click on the below APPLICATION button.

If you have reached this point and still have questions or concerns that needs answering I would welcome the opportunity to answer it or them for you so please use the SUPPORT PAGE to send me an email to me. If your question is involved please include your telephone number (land line is best) as this is usually the best way of answering questions, and someone (usually me) will get back to you very shortly.

Kind regards

Kevin Martyn

PS. If you have reached this point and are having DIFFICULTY deciding what to do next, I would suggest that you read the WHOLE page again VERY slowly and carefully and make notes as you progress.

PAY close ATTENTION to the headline of this page which states the obvious but simple truth that every day you are WITHOUT an income generating web site of your own you are losing potential profits and future family security. In fact, EVERYDAY it takes you to make a positive decision, you are losing MORE of that money and it REALLY has gone FOREVER.

Only you can reverse this SAD lose and we would be happy give you the step-by-step formula to doing so and help you EVERY step of the way to reaching UNLIMITED online success!

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