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MONTHLY Profit Modules

For your convenience we have broken down the CORE learning modules of this mentorship program down into monthly PROFIT MODULES. Each module builds upon the previous one in a LOGICAL step-by-step progression, meaning after just the first month or so, your first WEBSITE PROJECT should be up online and progressing quickly!

Generally you will be exposed to one new profit module each month, although depending upon the payment plan you choose you can go through them much faster if you wish.

Regular LIVE Q&A and mentoring sessions…

We hold regular ONLINE MENTORING sessions (usually weekly) using webinar software so you can participate wherever you live in the World without additional cost!

During these FUN sessions we answer ALL of the questions from the participants of this ELITE membership level. Often we will use presentations and live training demonstrations to overcome a particular challenge that a member may be experiencing and from which we can all benefit.

Not only will this provide LIVE FEEDBACK when you need it most, but this is a great opportunity to watch and follow the success and advancements of other LIKE-MINDED members who are on the same journey as yourself to ONLINE PROFITABILITY and success!

If for whatever reason you can’t attend the session, they are GENERALLY recorded so they can be viewed and benefited from later.

Access to the FULL LIBRARY of past Q&A

You also have ONGOING ACCESS to our library of past mentoring and Q&A sessions which contain MANY quality recordings and sessions.


This is what makes this mentorship level so valuable:

In addition to our Q&A sessions where you get LIVE interaction, you can ask a QUESTION or advice at ANYTIME that you need to and our response is usually quite rapid and such answers are generally added to the Q&A library or the forum, so other ’Fast Track’ members can also benefit from them as you will benefit from their questions and feedback.

Up to 5 HIGH SPEED Web Site Hosting Packages!

We know from experience that you will want to become financially productive just as SWIFTLY as possible, and start generating a return on your new knowledge immediately. For that reason we are going to give you a web site as part of your ‘Fast Track’ membership. Actually NOT just 1, but up to 5 FULL BLOWN high speed (UNLIMITED BANWITH) web site hosting packages (dependant upon your investment plan).

After all, why limit yourself, because when you have mastered the process of generating ‘Internet Profits’? You will want to repeat your success as much as possible. You can use these hosting packages in any format or mixture of formats you desire, to sell your products, run your services; blogs, forums, private membership sites, etc …the list goes on as they can become ANYTHING you wish.

Immediately they are installed you gain direct access to your websites and all of the following via your own SIMPLE to use control panel.


Simply explained, this is the term used to measure the usage of your web site.

Recently a friend who paid to have a flow of EXCEPTIONALLY EXPENSIVE and qualified traffic directed to his site was horrified to discover that his website was automatically SWITCHED off! It could not be viewed SIMPLY because of the SHEER VOLUME of visitors that he had received had used TOO MUCH bandwidth, in fact, they had consumed his complete months’ supply in the first 3 days of the month!


By the time he had had become aware of this EXPENSIVE mistake, and paid dearly to have it switched back on again his visitors had been and gone NEVER to return – but this WON’T happen to you as your sites have UNLIMITED bandwidth!

UNLIMITED Auto Responders

95% of your web site requests can probably be handled by simple auto responders which automate all of the MUNDANE and REPETITIVE work for you. They are useful in almost every aspect of your business and we allow you to have or set up just AS MANY of these simple little assistants as you wish with restriction.

UNLIMITED Email Addresses

For each website you construct you can have as many INDIVIDUAL names and email addresses as you wish. Setup one for every one of your family, business or organisation member WITHOUT limit or additional cost. They take just moments to create via the control panel we provide you with.

eMail LIST BUILDING Software

Simple to use and ideal for beginners to Internet marketing.

You may have heard it said that ‘The Money is in the List!’ …and it’s true, it is! If you have ever wondered how IME’s (Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs) build and then keep in touch with hundreds and even thousands of prospects and customers so easily? I have just revealed one of their MAIN secret, and now you BENEFIT from this simplified technology.


To explain this facility I would like you to imagine that you wanted to share certain files or materials with a friend but they are too large to send by email; shared FTP access is the simple and secure alternative. If you later plan on becoming involved in JV’s (Joint Ventures) …and I would encourage you to do so, you will find this facility extremely valuable.

INSTANT Word Press installation

If you are familiar with the terms ‘Blog’ or ‘Blogging’ you will probably already have heard of Word Press as this is probably the best blog software of all due to the amount of time saving (and generally FREE) plugins which have been created for it.

It used to be a pain and quite time consuming and complicated to set up, but now we give you the facility to install it on your new sites in just seconds by clicking a couple of buttons and thereby saving yourself tons of complicated work.

404 REDIRECT pages

Did you know that when a potential prospect mis-types part of your URL or web address they are simply told that page does not exist, and at that point many GIVE UP looking!

However, the 404 page redirect facility means that when this happens, and IT WILL, they are presented with an alternative page on which you can place a menu of your more profitable web links which directs them to possibly your next sale.

Setting up 404 pages WILL prevent expensive lost opportunities occurring, and could be worth a small fortune in LOST PROFITS as time goes on!


The sub domain can be used to segregate certain applications upon your website. For instance, let’s imagine for a moment that your website was called: www.fashionable

Imagine that you sold three different colours of fashionable shoe, black, brown and red. The sub domain would allow you to set up a domain for each of these different product headings. So you would have

  • http://black. fashionable ,
  • http://brown. fashionable
  • http://red. fashionable

As you can see unseeing the sub domain means that you drop the www in the address!

Got the idea? The sub domain has many PROFITABLE uses.

EFFECTIVE Help-Desk Software

As your business starts to grow and you begin to get busy with volumes of email from potential prospects and customers, you will SOON discover that having to reply to them is something that can QUICKLY sap your time and energy and REALLY slow you down.

This is where the ‘Help Desk’ comes into a league of its own as it will allow you to reply to REGULARLY ASKED questions with well pre-formatted replies and FAQ’s (frequently Asked Questions) and save you an ABSOLUTE ton of time. You will also be able to delegate or share part or all of your email support, even if your helpers live in different locations around the World.

You simply provide each of your support staff and helpers with their own login details and set up their access permissions which take just a moment to do and you are operational.

POWERFUL Web Site Statistics

I was always told by my mentor that: ‘those people who kept records are the very individuals who also BREAK records’ …wise information which is VERY true, especially when it comes to generating Internet income!

By keeping track of your website statistics you soon discover a lot about the visitors who arrive at your web site, and how to capitalise and implement financially rewarding improvements. We provide you with two simple statistic applications for this purpose.

Get Listed in Google FAST

To get your website listed quickly in the major search engines and start getting free traffic arriving at your web site, we have included a few important tools in your package that help you achieve this.

UNLIMITED Password Protection

Just by password protecting certain pages and folders of your project, you can run a highly profitable membership or club that could go on paying you a residual income each and every month; – as I write this I have 3 SUCH membership web sites and they are EASY to operate.

Construct your own MEMBERSHIP forums

Forums are EXCEPTIONAL useful tools for building a community and attracting HIGH volumes of targeted prospects. Some web sites are nothing more than PAYING or private membership forums. We provide you with the tools to set up one, or as many as you wish on your sites.

TAF (Tell a Friend) software

What a great little tool this is! TAF stands for ‘Tell A Friend’ and you would be surprised how many visitors will actually tell their family, friends and acquaintances about your website when you ask them to do so, and TAF software makes it easy for them.

This is one of the methods referred to as ‘Viral Marketing’ and from statistics I can tell you that JUST ONE of my visitors was responsible for bringing a thread which over time added up to more than 2,300 people to one of my web sites. WOW! That’s some REALLY serious and qualified traffic that didn’t cost a PENNY!

It worked liked this: he told 3 of his friends who told 6 others, who in turn told 9 more etc, I am sure you have the idea. It doesn’t work like this every time, but if you use TAF software a lot and track the stats you will get some interesting threads of visitors developing like I did.


For a beginner to the Internet creating forms from scratch can be a NIGHTMARE! There are many solutions and workarounds to this problem and we provide you with this one as part of your membership package.

Forms are used for a variety of automated feedback, but usually for gaining response, questions and comments and are FAR BETTER than emails for a variety of reasons but the main one being they are more difficult to spam.

Photo and IMAGE Galleries

If you want or need to provide your visitors with a large variety of photos or illustrations of your products, a photo gallery may be the VERY solution. We provide you with two different instantly activated ones from which to choose.

eCommerce and SHOPPING CARTS

I could write a WHOLE BOOK on the subject of shopping carts alone.

If you plan on running an online shop, or building a web site where you offer a large amount of different products or services, a shopping cart may provide the very solution for you to stay in control and help dispatch orders quickly and efficiently.

We provide 5 different ones for you to consider.

Take ONLINE Payments

While we are on the subject of eCommerce and selling your products and services, you need a way of accepting credit card orders and payments on your web site. For this reason we provide you with LINKS to many of the major credit card merchants; some accounts are FREE to set up and will allow you to accept NEW orders within the hour.

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