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Social Media Bookmarking and Marketing

Much of the traffic which arrives at our profit generating websites arrives as a result of the social media websites. Like it or hate it, social bookmarking is here to stay and is VERY EASY to use and MANIPULATE when you know how. Every month I will be generating new articles on the more commercial aspects of social bookmarking such as Face book, twitter and many others.

Step-by-Step Blogging

If there is anything that you have a PARTICULAR PASSION for its possible that you can generate an ENVIABLE living from it by blogging on the subject.

In this ONGOING series I will be showing you how you can make a FULL TIME living from blogging. We will be starting with the nuts and bolts of building and maintaining a good-looking blog and progress to the specifics of monetising it and making it financially viable for you. As the Internet is so progressive, there is ALWAYS something new to be learned and benefited from when it comes to blogging.

Traffic Driving

The traffic which arrives at your website or blog is the LIFE BLOOD of your business. NO TRAFFIC equals NO INCOME, and no income means you will have to revert to getting a job to generate a living, SCARY STUFF!

For this reason I will be giving a lot of attention to the many different methods and techniques for driving an ONGOING flow of QUALIFIED PROSPECTS to your website and then converting them to customers, up selling them, and getting ongoing repeat sales.

Gaining Momentum

The BIGGEST challenges which most would-be entrepreneurs seem to suffer from is IMPETUS, and getting their MONEY MAKING ball rolling. Once they have their Internet project moving everything becomes SO MUCH easier for them and far simpler to take on to the next level, or the one beyond that which is usually profitability.

So, every month I will be covering many different ways to easily and enjoyably achieve this and move you from a state of procrastination. Please remember: “You can always change direction, but NOT when you are standing still!” Momentum is EXCEPTIONALLY important, and that’s why we place so much emphasis upon it.

Organising Your Life

If you ever feel that your life is running you rather than you running your life then you will get the VERY most from these SELF IMPROVEMENT articles which help you get MUCH more done in your day. I am often complimented on just how efficient I am and the level of my productivity. However, without many of the tips and techniques I will be sharing with you I think it would be a VERY different story.

Action Plans and Flow Charts

We are BIG believers in modelling and the regular action plans which we will provide you with will be like HIGH DETAIL route maps for you to follow. They will make it REALLY difficult for you to get lost, and by contrast help you to make your advancement as easy as painting by numbers.

Success Interviews (usually AUDIO) occasionally video

Every month Paul will be interviewing someone new in this audio success series. These are individuals, (usually SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs) who have excelled in certain areas of their life.

As an expert interviewer Paul will reveal the strategies and beliefs which made them successful for you to model and recreate in your own life if you wish. We ALREADY have an impressive line-up of success stories and AMAZING individuals already recorded which we will be regularly releasing to the ‘Apprentice Level Membership’

Mind success patterning (AUDIO)

This one BENEFIT alone is worth the full price of the membership!

Just imagine relaxing whilst listening to a short subliminal recording which immediately starts to help you achieve measurable improvement in specific areas of your life. You will awake refreshed and ready to take on the world. Call them hypnosis, emotional floods, or whatever you wish, Paul has a gift for creating this type of POWERFUL audio program which you will be able to download and benefit from as often as you desire.

The subject he will be covering will range from increasing your levels of daily energy, to concentration, beliefs and self-esteem and a whole range of other subjects. In fact, we encourage you to suggest topics ideas for his next recording.

Magazine Mix

I was not quite sure what to call the articles and material which come under the next heading because they cover quite an eclectic mixture of subjects. They will range from the VERY LATEST affiliate opportunities which we may be promoting ourselves, to new products or business opportunity reviews, and of course production tools and software to help you ACHIEVE MORE.

We are constantly trying out new products and software to keep us at the cutting edge and we will be sharing with you ALL of the data we use to make our own businesses profitable.

Ask a question

Or for that matter ask LOTS of questions! …just as many as you wish. Although this level of mentorship doesn’t offer direct mentoring or feedback we encourage you to send your questions to us. Paul and I regularly video record sessions where your questions (if they haven’t already been asked and answered before) are likely to get discussed and answered by us, and then posted in our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section and ‘Question Time’ video articles.

Members Forum

You will also be granted access to the PPS forum where you can read and benefit from the feedback we provide directly to our ‘Fast Track Members’ They ask the same question as everyone else as well as having the same problems and challenges, and some of the answers and replies I promise you will be EXCEPTIONALLY useful and enlightening.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have FULL ACCESS to the FAQ area which is constantly being added to and links to a wealth of different article of specific Internet wealth subjects. Every time you need to know something new this is the place to start because there is a good chance other members have had the same challenge and an article or answer has been written upon the subject.

Resource Centre

You also have access to our resource centre which includes a list of the tools and software which we use to generate our own Internet related incomes. Personally I hate spending money unnecessarily and often you don’t have too as many of the software tools that we use are available COMPLETELY FREE of charge, and are JUST as effective as there expensive alternatives.

Book of the month Review

The more that you learn the more you will earn, so TRUE!

For this reason I read at least one new book each and EVERY WEEK and I share much of what I learn with PPS members. However, I also encourage you to get into the reading habit because I promise that you won’t regret it. Every month I will be sharing my favourite books with you in the hope you will be encouraged to start your own library of essential knowledge.

Bonus Material

Right now we have 7 videos which were specially developed for PPS on ‘List Building’ and they are in the bonus area, but more are being created all of the time and you will have full access to them as they become available.

1 LIVE Seminar of your choice…

Every year we hold AT LEAST 4 seminars on Internet related profit generating subject and as a ‘Apprentice Level Member’ you are free to attend one of them at hard cost only. You can find out more about these planned seminars by clicking here

However, NEXT I am going to show you how you can attend them all!

Apprentice PLUS+ Level Membership

From thorough research we designed and tested the PPS membership levels and then adapted them again because it seems that some individuals want a little bit more from their membership and that’s how this plus+ level evolved.

You get EVERYTHING listed above – PLUS:

3 additional hard cost seminars

This means you can attend all 4 of the seminars we will be holding across the year for hard cost only. When you consider that we sell access to these seminars at between £249 and £499 per ticket per day you will immediately realise that you are gaining a bargain and a half!

1 FREE WEBSITE or Blog hosted and set up for you…

Yes you read it correctly, it seems some individuals are REALLY confused by how to get their website or blog up and running, so we not only supply you with step-by-step videos of how you can do it really quickly.

Better still… as our objective is to get you online and generating your income as fast as possible the ‘Apprentice PLUS Membership’ provides you with one UNLIMITED band-width hosting package filled to capacity with additional software tools, and we will even set it up for you.

All you have to do is decide what you want to call your web site, for example: – and usually within 24 hours your new website will be up and installed and ready for you to use.

It really doesn’t get much easier than this…

Plus we include a VERY GENEROUS discount

Not only do you receive these valuable ADDITIONAL benefits but you also get a generous discount into the bargain! Yes, this PLUS level membership is actually CHEAPER!

So WHY is this?

Unlike the standard Apprentice Membership, which is paid monthly, the ongoing ‘PLUS Level Membership’ is charged yearly in single payments, and for that reason we reward you will the above additional benefits and a discount which offers 12 months membership for the price of 10! …but anytime during the year you can cancel your membership if you so desire.

So what does it all cost?

‘Standard Apprentice Level Membership’

You can start experiencing all the benefits that the PPS ‘Apprentice Level Membership’ has to offer immediately for just £1!

…this provides you with a generous 28 day unrestricted access to the ‘Apprentice Level’ private members area and ALL of the above benefits. We ALREADY know that you, like 96.7% of other individuals who have experience the QUALITY and VALUE that we offer will be TOTALLY DELIGHTED with the value for money you will be receiving.

However, if for whatever reason it is NOT for you then you are FREE to cancel or upgrade your membership at any time. After 28 days your membership is charged at £27 per month!

Yes please, I would like to take advantage of your £1 trial offer…

‘Apprentice PLUS+ Level Membership’

Again you can start experiencing this discounted ‘Apprentice PLUS+ Level Membership’ within just a couple of minutes from now. The ongoing yearly DISCOUNTED cost including the ALL of the above additional benefits is just £270!

Please note: This membership offers you the BEST VALUE for your investment as it saves you £54 and give you in excess of £917 of additional benefits. Once again you are free to cancel or upgrade your membership at any time you wish WITHOUT question.

Yes please, I would like to take advantage of this DISCOUNTED offer…

Shortcut your journey by YEARS!

As I have already mentioned if you are sincere and serious about generating your own stream of residual Internet related income you CAN’T afford to be without the ONGOING information and motivation that this ELITE membership provides you with. It will help you reach your goals, objectives and profitability just SO MUCH faster that you could EVER do it alone.


GREAT, because I would love the opportunity to answer it for you! Please use the support page and let me have it. If it is complicated, then please provide your telephone number (preferably land line) and someone (usually me) will come back to you as soon as we are free. Support Page…

Other than that I would like to thank you for your VALUABLE time and consideration and I look forward to speaking with you again VERY shortly, probably inside the members area.

Kind regards

Kevin Martyn

PS. We pride ourselves that you will not find ANYTHING available that offers the QUALITY of ongoing training and mentoring which you will find here at PPS, and certainly NOTHING which will come close to matching the price and value we offer you. If I am wrong I would like to be told about it.

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