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QUESTION: Is it possible to begin to make money at home with ZERO knowledge and from a standing start?

Yes it is, and there are MANY INDIVIDUALS who have developed the right focus and attitude who successfully accomplish establishing their own profit stream in often very short spaces of time. There are thousands of opportunities (both FULL and part time) just waiting for someone to identify them and then make them work. So the ability to make money at home is not just a dream as with the correct Mindset and attitude for many, perhaps you, it will become a reality as you begin to live your new lifestyle.

So tell me more about the CORRECT Mindset…

However good your make money at home opportunity may be, if you start with the wrong Mindset and attitude you are going to fail miserably! So before I give you the basics of the correct Mindset and a short list of the best opportunities which you may wish to consider, I want you to understand one EXCEPTIONALLY important point.

There are no such things as “Get rich quick” schemes, as these are just gimmicks to part the gullible, greedy and dim whited from their wallets, make sure you’re NOT one of them. In fact, the FASTEST way to go broke is by trying to get rich quick so please heed this warning.

You have to put in the time and effort!

Starting any business requires focus and effort to get up and off the ground. Generally the more initial effort and preparation you put into your new project the BIGGER the results you can expect to get back out of your make money at home project.

The attributes you need to make money at home are persistence, determination, focus and ongoing education. Most important of all you need the ability to fail and learn from the experience. I know that this may sound a strange thing to say but you should not look at failure and mistakes as negative, but rather the opportunity to learn and grow which are both positive experiences.

One of my favourite saying is:

“If it’s going to be then it’s up to me!”

…and of course it’s, 100% up to you, but you can do it! I believe in you and now all you have to do is start believing in yourself because if you think it through carefully you may come to the conclusion that you have very little to lose and EVERYTHING to gain which makes the decision to take action and get started an easy one to make.

So what business will be BEST for me?

Well that’s for you to decide as you know what suits your present circumstances best. However, there are dozens of ways to make money at home and from a home based business. As you advance I would certainly encourage you to learn stock market investing as part of your wealth building portfolio, although I don’t feel this is the best place to get started.

Your make money at home opportunity is not just about money but MORE IMPORTANTLY the lifestyle your plan to lead and enjoy.

Now some make money at home opportunities require lots of start-up capital and have associated HIGH inherent risks which are not such a good starting place for beginners. So let me mention these first of all and before I tell you about the opportunities with low start-up cost and high profit margins.

PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT: I mention property development because there is no better way of making your LONG TERM wealth and saving grow than property. However, you will need capital or equity to get started and in the current financial climate property growth is uncertain and for that reason is ruled out as a first time make money at home business.

STOCK MARKET: Again you need investment to play the stock market and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose, and yes people do lose because in stock market investing losing is a part of winning.

MLM OF MULTILEVEL MARKETING: As a concept to make money at home I just love multilevel marketing and am considering becoming involved personally in the not too distant future because I find the concept so fascinating and appealing. However, what I dislike about MLM is that you can spend years building your business successfully only to have the owners of your MLM company move the goalposts at a later time. They could sell the company or change the rules as and when it suits them and if this happens you will have very little control over the process.

However, the upside of multilevel marketing is that you can build a successful team or down-line who sell for you on a daily basis and generate you a small commission on every sale they make as long as they go on selling. By the way, multilevel marketing is not about selling but about building STRONG relationships and helping other people be successful.

INTERNET MARKETING: if you are looking for the ultimate in low-cost high return start-ups then Internet marketing could be for you. There are just so many different methods which you can use to generate an income. Or, you could use a variety of them as I have to generate multiple streams of ONGOING income. Many of which, once established, go on paying you for many years to come without the need to keep working upon them. If you would like to learn more about Internet marketing just click here…

How long will it take you to become financially established?

As you can imagine this is a very difficult one to answer as it has everything to do with you and how fast you are prepared to move. Please remember, success is not just a destination, it’s a journey and you should enjoy every bit of it, and neither is it a race. However, with the right Mindset and attitude you could establish your own profit stream within 12 weeks or perhaps less which is a very realistic time-span.

A mentor makes sense…

Most people try to do it alone because they believe that it’s cheaper that way. However, it may cost more, but it is far more inexpensive in the long run to have a mentor to help you. Now if this confuses you let me explain why!

A mentor is batting for your team and has practical experience of what you are going through so they will help you to become successful so much quicker than doing it alone. In fact, many people simply fail to make money at home or establish their enterprise when they try to do it alone. They fall at the very first hurdle never to try again, which is a great pity!

PLEASE REMEMBER: you can do it, really you can, I believe in you and now it’s your turn to believe in yourself and make it happen. Don’t forget that I am here to help, so please contact me if you have any questions.

Make money at home…

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