The 3 Step Solution!


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Or are you STILL allowing life to dictate your current lifestyle and the present level of income you generate?

Welcome to this short HARD HITTING video which has been created to help put personal success into perspective for you. My objective is to forever alter and improve the way in which you presently think about wealth and success.  We will be discussing YOUR FUTURE which is an EXCEPTIONALLY important subject especially TO YOU, so I am not going to deliver it unvarnished and the way it is without a sugar coating.

Let’s get one fact straight right from the very start.

We all have the VERY SAME opportunities and potential in life and for the most part what we make of it is TOTALLY up to you and 100% YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. So the very next time you meet someone with an ENVIABLE LIFESTYLE remember that such individuals VERY RARELY achieve their present level of success by accident!

However, achieving success doesn’t have to be complicated either!

As a species we are EASILY DISTRACTED, and quickly OVERWHELMED!

For this reason the individuals who are most likely to enjoy the very GREATEST SUCCESS are the ones with the STRONGEST FOCUS who have managed to clear the unnecessary clutter out of their pathway.

So let me introduce to you a painfully simple THREE STEP MNEMONIC which if you follow I GUARANTEE will quickly put you on the pathway to living an exceptional lifestyle of your own choosing.

You can do it; ANYONE CAN, if you have the desire to do so!

I call it DVA!

Now if you live in the UK this may sound familiar as DVA is also the abbreviation for ‘Driver Vehicle Agency’! However, I use the same abbreviation for a similar but far more powerful meaning which is:

Decide, Vehicle, Action, let me expand…

  • Start by making a FIRM DECISION that you are going to put your life in the financial ‘Fast Track’ of life and lead it in the way that you wish.
  • Find a SUITABLE VEHICLE or vehicles to begin establishing your profit streams.
  • Take MASSIVE ACTION and just keep going until you achieve your objective.

Achieving unlimited success really can be this simple.

As you have arrived at this website and now are reading this page I am fairly confident that right now you are probably somewhere between DECISION and finding your VEHICLE, am I correct?


Most GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS in history started with someone making a DECISION!


And now your journey on the pathway towards success and a QUALITY LIFESTYLE will also begin with the decision to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Now it’s TOTALLY up to you whether your decision is one which you will give up on at the first difficulty you encounter because you are comfortable with failure and accepting second best? Or by contrast you are a winner and will see it through to the conclusion. This has everything to do with your Mindset and I would like you to remember this fact because I will mention more about Mindset a little later on.

So what do you WANT FROM LIFE?

At this point most people will answer with what they THINK they can achieve or THINK THEY DESERVE rather than SPECIFICALLY WHAT they want which is a very BIG MISTAKE!

If however, you can answer this question succinctly and without hesitation I am impressed because VERY FEW individuals can! If you have your decision and goals written down in FINE DETAIL and you read them regularly I am truly BOWLED OVER as you are already well on your way to success.

You already fall into the ELITE 3% – 5% of western society who are the achievers in life, and you can save time by moving directly on to STEP TWO in this simple process for success.

As for the remaining 95% of our society:

When you ask this same question MOST PEOPLE in this group will say that they DON’T KNOW!

In truth, and DEEP DOWN in their subconscious mind they do know what they want from life, but as yet haven’t thought about it enough to recognise and verbalise their desires. Part of taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your life is about knowing EXACTLY what you want to achieve in your life; and then when you are clear on this start looking for ways to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Anyone experiencing this can generate HUGE MOMENTUM in their thought process by deciding specifically what they DON’T WANT in their life which will begin driving them toward the very things which they DO WANT; and if they keep dwelling on this subject they will quickly become consciously aware of this fact.

Making your decision is essential!

If you don’t make a FIRM DECISION and commitment to achieve your lives desires you simple won’t advance. You may give everyone around you the impression of being busy and even fool yourself that you are making advancement but one thing is certain.

365 days from now 12 months will have passed and for 99% of people will be in EXACTLY THE SAME starting position. There only difference will be that they have a few extra grey hairs and ONE YEAR less to live in their life enjoying the success that they had always dreamt about achieving. It will be like you are stuck in Groundhog Day!

So work out WHAT EXACTLY you want from life and make the FIRM DECISION to achieve it and then move on to the next step.

Finding your vehicle…

There is no better time to get started than RIGHT NOW and as soon as you have made your LIFE CHANGING decision. The good news is that if you do it correctly you can make money from VIRTUALLY ANYTHING!

You are surrounded by ideas and financial opportunities just screaming out to be taken advantage of by the right person and the right person COULD BE you. Some opportunities are good and others bad, and some will fit you and the lifestyle you want to create like a MADE-TO-MEASURE glove and these are the one which you need to find and claim.

Most people fail to invest the NECESSARY TIME to develop a BIGGER UNDERSTANDING of the HUGE potential that every one of us can tap into if we wish. The individuals who will become the most successful in the shortest possible time are the ones who stay open minded to all possibilities and opportunities and explore EVERYTHING!

It won’t take you long to find lots of potential possibilities and opportunities which WON’T be for you, simply because they carry too much INHERENT RISK or too much FINANCE INVESTMENT just to get started.

Watch out for HIGHWAY BANDITS!

It may surprise you to hear that in the 21st century we still have highway men, but we do and they will be lying in wait for unsuspecting travellers just like you; the very people who are in search of an opportunity to improve their life or make them rich. Their most favored targets are the GREEDY and GULLIBLE as they are the easiest to fool and part from their money.

For this reason be VERY AWARE of anyone who tries to make you believe that their method of making money will be QUICK and EASY because they are appealing to your greed. Also stay well away from those who are so desperate to get at your wallet that they have to resort to showing you their BANK ACCOUNT or DOCUMENTS OF THEIR EARNINGS because they very rarely reveal the FULL FACTS of the situation, or could even be falsified.

Just remember that if it sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE then it probably is!

Become PROACTIVE in your search for a GOOD QUALITY opportunity and cut through the contradictory advise you will be offered and make your own mind up. Also be aware that you will get what you pay for and often the cheapest is just FALSE ECONOMY and a TOTAL WASTE of your money.


Walk through most shopping centres here in the UK and you will notice many shops closing down and it’s the same with all sizes of businesses also. So unless you have previous experience, establishing a traditional bricks and mortar business may be a little beyond you until you have gained some experience. The level of investment, ongoing overheads and risk are all BIG CONSIDERATIONS which will put MOST opportunities out of bounds.

As one door closes ANOTHER ONE OPENS!

This down turn in the economy creates some MASSIVE POTENTIAL you may want to tap into?

You see, like it or not, THE INTERNET IS HERE TO STAY!

Every year more and more money is spent across the internet and even my 86 year old father (with a little help) now does ALL of his shopping on the Internet, even his groceries. The benefits are obvious; it’s the same cost OR often CHEAPER and so much more convenient and saves him time and a small fortune in fuel and parking costs.

So, if a low investment proposition with little risk and HIGH RETURN sounds appealing? …what I am offering may be just what you are looking for.

For some individuals, working from the comfort of their own home and working the hours that suits them will be VERY APPEALING!

As I have already mentioned there MORE profit stream OPPORTUNITIES than there are stars in the night sky, more about this at the bottom of the page.

Taking Action!

It begins with the first step, and this is the REAL FUN part…

Once you have made your decision and found a vehicular to get you to where you want to be you are ready to begin making it happen.

This next step has everything to do with GAINING MOMENTUM because the beginning of the business and as you breathe life into it is always the most difficult bit of all. There seems so much to do and SO MANY new things to learn and master. However, if you stay with it, MASTER them you will and your business will begin to move and change from a dream into a living entity.

As your new profit stream picks up speed and builds momentum you will find maintaining its advancement much easier than the sheer EFFORT and HARD WORK it may have taken to reach this point. To reach the position where you are enjoying the beginnings of success and starting to lead the QUALITY LIFESTYLE you had dreamt of will require that you are constantly prepared to go that EXTRA MILE when it comes to sheer effort.

This is an exceptionally important time for you and your new profit stream and not yet the time to relax and take things easy because now you really need to get ahead of yourself. This next bit is all about good management and self-discipline so you stay in COMPLETE CONTROL and run your business; rather than your business running you, and you always being behind.

Please remember, a second class effort will ALWAYS be a first class mistake!

For that reason I would like to introduce you to a simple mantra which I suggest you memorise and convert into a habit which you use EVERY DAY of your life.

“Do too much too soon rather than too little too late!”

Does this sound like hard work?

Well it certainly is, but NOT as difficult as you may think, and here is the reason why.

VERY FEW individuals possess the correct MINDSET, stamina, or are fully prepared to go that extra mile and generally give up well short of success or making it happen.

This gives you an IMMEDIATE ADVANTAGE because the FURTHER you are prepared to go the less the competition you will encounter as past a certain point your competitors become much fewer and really thin out as they begin to trail behind you NEVER TO CATCH UP.

So why is that?

Remember I mentioned Mindset?

Well possessing the right Mindset is the MAIN ATTRIBUTE which separates those who achieve UNLIMITED SUCCESS in their life from those who don’t and NEVER WILL, and won’t EVER come close!

If you take nothing else from this video please don’t forget this one VITAL FACT: your Mindset will be 90% responsible for your success or failure at EVERYTHING you do.

Get your Mindset correctly focused and you can look forward to UNLIMITED SUCCESS!

You already are aware of the alternative!

For this reason the first module you will discover in the PPS ‘Fast Track’ to wealth membership is on Mindset which covers a HUGE diversity of methods for programing your mind for success.

Just remembers that we all come equipped with a powerful mental toolkit as standard issue. It’s just 95% of our population have no idea that it EVEN EXISTS or how to use it to THEIR BENEFIT, and if it’s not working for you it may be working against you!

If you want proof of just how well this mental tool kit work and the results it can deliver take a look at the 3% – 5% of our SELF-MADE OVERACHIEVERS in life. They are the ones making it happen and living their life on their terms!

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