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Founder of Practical Profit Solutions Kevin has been generating Internet related income for nearly 17 years and made his fist online sale within 20 minutes of going live. He is the original ‘LifeStyle Entrepreneur’ and works from his beach-side home in the West Country of the UK!

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June 5, 2010 · 2 comments

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For  some its a PERFECT lifestyle…

Does the idea of sacking your boss and giving up your day job to stay at home in favor of starting your own Internet related business stand attractive to you?

… If so, you’re NOT ALONE!

Who WOULDN’T want to:

  • Generate QUADRUPLE their present income or much more
  • Have tons of FREE TIME to spend doing exactly what they enjoy doing most in life
  • Leave the RAT RACE behind them forever
  • Have NO ONE to tell them what to do, and no one to answer to accept themselves

Take a moment to imagine yourself enjoying the following scenario and the benefits anyone who is successful can look forward to:

  • Getting out of bed at a time that suits you, and ONLY working the hours that you wish
  • NO MORE needless commuting or traffic jams for you, from now on you only have a leisurely 10 pace stroll to reach your computer
  • Working for just a few hours each day at something you REALLY ENJOY and find rewarding and engaging
  • Taking regular EXOTIC HOLIDAYS, and being able to manage your new profitable business from your laptop at the end of a relaxing day.
  • No more money worries
Does this sound an IDYLLIC lifestyle that you would like to lead? …of course it does! It’s a really is a FANTASTIC way to lead your life, and there are lots of individuals who I personally know that lead their life in just this way.


Let me give you the truth about internet marketing for beginners, straight and unblemished!

The ability to lead a DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED lifestyle sculpted to your particular requirements, and leaving the RAT RACE behind you forever is within your grasp, it’s there for the taking …but ONLY if you’re prepared to do what it takes to make this dream a reality.

But before you can start enjoying this lifestyle for yourself there is some SERIOUS work to be done! Some hours to be put in, some lessons to be learned.

Have you ever heard it said that when you work for yourself you only have to work half a day? Is actually VERY TRUE, and which 12 hours that you choose to work is completely up to you.

You see, it has everything to do with you and your attitude, and MORE IMPORTANTLY your belief system.

If you have a STRONG personal belief system and believe you will be a success, then you are ALREADY 90% of the way to achieving it. If you have a strong and POSITIVE ATTITUDE and possess the tenacity to succeed, and are not afraid of a little hard work I look forward to seeing you at the top shortly.

SUCCESS IS STACKED IN YOUR FAVOR if you are prepared to do what it takes.

Remember that a journey however long, starts with the very first step, and the decision to take that step which will be fundamental in going forward. Below are a few of the benefits Internet marketing and Internet wealth related projects offer beginners to the Internet.




Internet marketing for beginners - BENEFIT ONE

ANYONE can become HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL at Internet marketing.

Nowadays the playing field is level and EVERYONE has the same opportunity and possibilities including you, whatever your starting point in life. I don’t need to know about your background or level of education because I would like to repeat ANYONE can become a success if they have the DESIRE and HUNGER to do so. There is no other area where you can become so profitable and successful regardless of your age, sex, creed or background.

Internet marketing for beginners - BENEFIT TWO

If you’re reading this article online, you probably have MOST of the equipment and software that you need to get started already. If not, it is EXCEPTIONALLY INEXPENSIVE and you only need the basic software and equipment to get started, up and running and making a profit. You can always buy state-of-the-art computer toys and software as your business starts to warrant it and pay for them.

Internet marketing for beginners - BENEFIT THREE

Internet marketing is extremely cost-effective and cheap to get started. Compare what it would cost you to start a more traditional business and you will see exactly what I’m speaking about.

Internet marketing for beginners - BENEFIT FOUR

If you have a computer and access to the Internet you can work from ANYWHERE in the world. I take regular holidays abroad and always take my laptop and a notepad and spend two or three hours EVERY DAY on my business. In truth, I could work away from home indefinitely and keep a six-figure income business running without too much effort.

Most of my work is done on a notepad. The idea generation and working out the projects as well as basic draft copy of new projects and blogs. This means I can generate the majority of my business using a notebook for the £1 shop!

Internet marketing for beginners - BENEFIT FIVE

You can get started working on your new business VERY part-time. I have students who have managed to generate HUGE MOMENTUM in their lunch breaks and an another hour in the evening after they have finished work. The trick is to start with something small and manageable, get that working and then grow and progress to larger projects as you gain confidence.

Internet marketing for beginners - BENEFIT SIX

you don’t even have to have a website to make an ONGOING profit from the Internet! There are many different ways of generating an income from the Internet such as eBay and becoming an affiliate, these are just two ideas you may wish to consider. There are many others which are also exceptionally profitable if they are conducted correctly.

So these are just a few of the benefits..

What’s next, and how should you get started.

Well if you are really serious about this journey and making an ongoing income from the Internet and Internet related products and services then I would like to suggest that you examine more closely the ‘Fast Track‘ PPS mentoring program, click here to discover more…

Internet marketing for beginners

I Recommend!

You invest a little time investigating the ‘Fast Track’ to wealth membership program because the methods are tried, tested and proven to work and will provide you with a WIDE VARIETY of methods of establishing your own stream, or MULTIPLE STREAMS of ONGOING income.Click here to discover more...

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Anne Iarchy June 16, 2010 at 1:35 pm

I am just getting started online and definitely looking toward to learning what’s possible. Thanks for the new insight into it all

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