Website Marketing Secrets

There is no secret!

You’ve probably already guessed that the inspiration for writing this article came from recently watching “Kung Fu” Panda with my children, a fun film! You can find great ideas for material in the strangest of places.

Website marketing secrets are the currency which accounts for 90% or more of most so-called Internet marketing gurus income. Most people are intrigued by a WELL GUARDED secret, one which is perceived to have been kept private from the rest of the world, and will endow the person who discovers it with an UNFAIR advantage which will make them wealthy.

But guess what?

Most so-called website marketing secrets simply come down to plain COMMON SENSE and a little consistent hard work. So I am going to reveal below what some people will gladly package and sell as POWERFUL profit generating website marketing secrets.

They are your for NOTHING!

From this point forward, they wont be a secret to you anymore, but just because you are getting them for nothing DO NOT underestimate their power. If you implement the below website marketing secrets and actions you will find it difficult NOT to build a financially stable business and probably become EXCEPTIONALLY wealthy in the process. I have given you the more POWERFUL and OBVIOUS secrets in no particular order for you to start using and benefiting immediately.

Work SMART as well as hard…

Website marketing secrets TIP ONE – take the time to watch, study and identify the leaders and experts in the Internet marketing field. Not the self-proclaimed gurus of which there are thousands, but rather the ones who are REALLY doing it. Those with multiple impressive websites with high volumes of visitors. With a little study you will soon be able to identify the B*** S***ers from the real deal.

ALWAYS be open and honest…

Website marketing secrets TIP TWO – aim to be as sincere as possible. Try to make what you are selling (the deal) as transparent as possible because your potential prospects HATE nasty surprises and are becoming more and more SUSPICIOUS by the day. Remember that one happy customer MAY tell another and bring you additional business, but one UNHAPPY one will CERTAINLY tell hundreds of other people, and go on damaging your business and reputation for years to come.

Give UPFRONT and ONGOING value…

Website marketing secrets TIP THREE – the very best way to begin any relationship is by giving VALUE of some sort without obligation. Then keep just KEEP ON giving it until the point where they are ready to purchase and become your client. Not everyone will become your customer! But if you work in this way I GUARANTEE you that you will have more points of  purchase prospects than ANY of your competition!

Think and PLAN long term…

Website marketing secrets TIP FOUR – if you’re in Internet marketing to make a quick profit, let me tell you right up front that you are in the WRONG business. As you will hear me say over and over again, there is no such thing as a “GET RICH QUICK” scheme or free meal. However, and by contrast, if you plan for the long term, and build equity and exit strategy profit into your business you will be making a very SMART financial move.

Fulfil WANTS not NEEDS

Website marketing secrets TIP FIVE – now this is a VERY common mistake that many beginners make. Generally, people will only buy WHAT they WANT, and rarely WHAT they NEED! For example; most people need good health, but they are rarely prepared to do what it takes to achieve it. They will purchase on their emotions, and justify their purchase later. So do a little market research and find out whether you are trying to sell a need or a want!

Be CONSISTENT in your actions…

Website marketing secrets TIP SIX – I can’t stress this point more strongly. Consistency is an ESSENTIAL element, especially for success in Internet marketing. For instance, if you plan to write blog posts as a means of attracting new traffic, be consistent and write them regularly. One new blog post every other month is as likely to be about as useful as a CHOCOLATE TEAPOT in attracting new visitors.

However, and by contrast, if you wrote two or more new articles a week, and then also commented on someone else’s blog EVERY DAY, by the end of the year you would have created some SERIOUS content, and a TON of traffic generating back links which would go on attracting volumes of traffic for many years to come! This principle of being consistent applies to WHATEVER you decide to do in life.

Consistently IMPROVE and adapt…

Website marketing secrets TIP SEVEN – get things moving as quickly as you can. I would suggest that you hit the ground running so to speak, and then constantly adapt and improve your material as you progress. Even when you have it working well you should STILL keep on testing and improving because your % of response could just keep on growing.


Website marketing secrets TIP EIGHT – I am a fanatic at testing virtually EVERY aspect of my websites, blogs and marketing material. For instance, I may start with the headline and test one against another for results. If one of them performs significantly better than the other, then that one becomes my control piece. However, it could still be improved, so at this point I may test my control headline against another headline to see if it will outperform the first, this process NEVER stops. You can test EVERY element one at a time, and sometimes you will get SIGNIFICANT improvements.

Only deal in HIGH QUALITY products and services…

Website marketing secrets TIP NINE – why would you want to deal in anything else other than good quality products? Sometimes, lower quality products may return you higher percentages of profits. However, this is FALSE ECONOMY, because in the long run rubbish grade products will damage your reputation.

Remember that SPEED stuns…

Website marketing secrets TIP TEN – In the digital age of remote controls and instant gratification people want results NOW! So make it your objective to respond to prospects really fast and I promise you will impress them.

MEASURE everything…

Website marketing secrets TIP ELEVEN – One of my early mentor’s taught me something so important I would like to share it with you now. “Those people that keep records are usually the ones who also BREAK records!” Only by measuring and recording results will you accurately be able to improve upon them, keeping records can be quite time consuming, but this is time REALLY well invested.

ENGAGE and entertain your audience…

Website marketing secrets TIP TWELVE – if you can master the skills of capturing the  attention your of visitors and potential prospects in some way, you will also have mastered the skill of generating an ongoing income and higher profits. NEVER be afraid to be yourself and develop a voice and style of your own. ALWAYS ask  well thought out questions and solicit feedback and involvement from prospects.

Let your prospects learn about you as an individual…

Website marketing secrets TIP THIRTEEN – now not everybody agrees with me on this one, but I believe that your prospects in general like to see that you are human. They ENJOY seeing that you are like them, and that you also make mistakes and have problems in your life. This helps them to identify with you and build a relationship. For this reason, I like to tell them a little bit about myself, my family and the way I live. Usually, I get lots of comments and nice responses, and don’t think for a moment that it does any harm, but by contrast lots of good.

Implement the power of SOCIAL MEDIA

Website marketing secrets TIP FOURTEEN – social media and bookmarking is the new way to market and promote yourself and your business. There are hundreds of different and new social media platforms which you can consider using, and new ones are coming on the market every day. Too many to mention here, but right now I’d favour Face book and twitter.

Never try to PLEASE everyone…

Website marketing secrets TIP FIFTEEN – you will never please EVERYONE however hard you try. In fact, there will always be a percentage of the population who will disagree with you. But don’t worry, some will, and some won’t, but BEST OF ALL, someone is ALWAYS waiting, so concentrate your energies on them.

You can NEVER do enough marketing…

Website marketing secrets TIP SIXTEEN – there is an old saying I am very fond of quoting which goes like this: “When someone FAILS to market their business a TERRIBLE thing happens – NOTHING!” Take this warning VERY seriously, you should be spending 90% of your time on marketing your business whenever possible.

Don’t be afraid to ASK questions, and listen CAREFULLY to the feedback…

Website marketing secrets TIP SEVENTEEN – if you only give them the opportunity your prospects and potential prospects will be EXCEPTIONALLY HAPPY to tell you what they need and what they want. They will tell you how to improve your business so you can make MORE money from them and other like them, armed with this POWERFUL information you should be prepared to listen VERY carefully to their!

Constantly invest into YOURSELF, your ONGOING EDUCATION, and your future…

Website marketing secrets TIP EIGHTEEN – the world is CONSTANTLY changing and what you do to make your living right now is CONSTANTLY changing. The information I used to make a living five years ago is now redundant and would not make a penny today. The methods and techniques I am using to generate an income today, MAY NOT be working tomorrow. For this reason it is ESSENTIAL that you constantly UPGRADE your knowledge and stay at the very cutting edge of the Internet marketing profession!

Failure to do this will result in lower or even ZERO profits and you becoming a DINOSAUR, and we all know what happened to them.

Strive to get into the MINDSET and thinking of your target audience…

Website marketing secrets TIP NINETEEN – As you develop your business you will start to think like an entrepreneur, and unless you are dealing EXCLUSIVELY with other entrepreneurs you’re thinking is likely to be completely different from them. For this reason you want to SERIOUSLY CONSIDER what it is your target audience wants, try to put yourself in their position. What are their worries and concerns? If you can answer these questions accurately I promise you will be on a profitable winner!

Know EXACTELY who your target audience is…

Website marketing secrets TIP TWENTY – following on from the previous tip, you need to know ACCURATELY who your target market is! Spend time on this because it is exceptionally important. Take the time to write an accurate PEN PORTRAIT of your ideal customer and what it is they are thinking. What are their desires and aspirations? And how can you take them closer to achieving their goals? Do this, and you will develop a LOYAL fan base who will be happy to open their wallets for you on a regular basis.

Establish yourself as an EXPERT

Website marketing secrets TIP TWENTYONE – The best way to establish you yourself as an expert is to write a book or a report which gives you the opportunity to ESTABLISH your authority and knowledge. However, even a humble blog such as this which gathers comments from others will act as a social proof of this fact. Remember that others SEEK OUT the knowledge of an expert, so make becoming an expert in your field your primary objective.

ALWAYS do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it

Website marketing secrets TIP TWENTY TWO – So many people fail to do what they say they will do that this act alone will make you STAND OUT from the crowd. However, doing what you say you will do will also BUILD TRUST with others, it will build YOUR REPUTATION, and as you have probably heard? …reputation goes before you and travels quickly. It’s quite simple, THINK CAREFULLY before you promise anything, and then ALWAYS keep your promises.

Get yourself a MENTOR

Website marketing secrets TIP TWENTY THREE – Did you know that the most successful individuals and entrepreneurs in the Western world knew all have Mentor’s and coaches? It’s true they REALLY do, I have one and so does my business partner Paul Elliott! They learn to trust the expertise of others in certain areas because they know that a Mentor will help them to arrive at their goal and objective far faster than they could ever do it alone. On that note, and at the end of this article you should  check out the PPS (Practical Profit Solutions) Internet wealth mentoring programs which we have available, just click here to learn more…

Website marketing secrets…

If you think of anything I left out of this post, please feel free to put that on the comment.

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4 Responses to “Website Marketing Secrets”

  1. Karen Goddard 20. Jun, 2010 at 6:25 am

    Another great post Kevin -thanks
    Totally agree with tip 13 ..I think being human and showing the real you is so important, today more than ever, there are so many people out there trying to sell you stuff, I would always buy from someone I know a little about, who is a real person behind the product.

  2. Astra Spider Hawk 21. Jun, 2010 at 4:46 am

    Lovely and fabulous info Kevin, thanks!

  3. Irina Yunusova 04. Jul, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    I like the style of the article – it is pretty clear yet concise. Thanks for highlighting the points that I found very useful for me at the present moment – writing the posts on my blog regularly and also commenting on other people blogs. I agree on the ethical questions – it is very true for any type business – be it an offline or online one. You need to genuinely love what you do for your customers and forsee the benefits to share the enjoyment of the results with them. Thank you very much.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments Irina.

    I think that a passion for what you do is really essential element for success. or, as Vince Lombardi says: “If you aren’t fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm!”

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