a Day in the life of a SUCCESSFUL Internet marketer

Hello and thank you for joining me, my name is Kevin Martyn and for the past 15 years I have generated the majority of my income from the Internet, Internet marketing and Internet related products.

As my job has as much to do with lifestyle as generating income, the question I am most often asked is how do I spend my days, and what EXACTLY do I do to generate my income, the SPECIFIC actions which I take. So, as this question is asked of me so regularly I thought I would have a little bit of fun by letting you share a typical day with me.

I’m going to both tell and show you how I spend my average day step-by-step.

Let me tell you right up front that I live a CHARMED life and lifestyle, and that I live in a beautiful small village just a few yards from the beach in lovely Somerset here in the UK. I have HUGE PASSION for what I do and I simply leap out of bed in the morning to get started on my projects.

My wife tells everyone that I am a workaholic, and I probably am simply because I enjoy what I do and the challenge of the Internet SO MUCH that I find it very difficult to distinguish between work time and leisure time .

As the old saying goes:

“Find a man a job he loves and he’ll never work another day in his life!”

Strangely enough, this also works for women.

As I write this short article it is early June 2010.

My day usually starts around 5:30am to 6am, sometimes even earlier as I am a true morning person. I always wake up with a smile on my face and usually literally leap out of bed because I am so keen to get started. I always go straight to my small Home Office and if it’s not already powered up, which my computer on.

This is where I work and spend most of my time. It’s my control centre and you probably think it’s a bit UNDERWHELMING, and I would have to agree it is, but it’s all I need to run an exceptionally profitable business.

By the way, before you say ‘ what a funny shaped computer screen ‘ I prefer it this way around because I do a lot of writing which means I can see a full A4 page rather than constantly having to scroll down to review or correct what I have written.

I also quite often work outside in my garden, or on my conservatory, or sometimes I go to a cafe in the local town with my notebook or laptop and work there while indulging in one of my favourite pastimes which is people watching. I forgot to mention I am extremely curious nosy person and find ALMOST EVERYTHING interesting!


After a trip to the little boy’s room, I usually spend the first part of my day writing down my thoughts, and the ideas and solutions which have come to me during the night. Often, I will go to bed pondering challenges which I need to overcome, then in the morning my mind is FULL of solutions and delivers the results it has come up with. These I need to write down and record as quickly as possible because sometimes they don’t stay with me very long, and can quickly become overwritten with more powerful conscious thoughts.

I also like to spend the first part of my day setting my goals and objectives for what I need to achieve for the day, month and the rest of my life. In my humble opinion this is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the day, and perhaps my life. You have probably heard the old saying:

‘Proper Planning Prevents Particularly Poor Performance’

…and I believe that it’s true.

No one ever plans to fail, but most people fail to plan, and more importantly fail to achieve their personal objectives in life! VERY SAD, especially when the solution is so simple and close to hand.

This DAILY planning session usually lasts 10 to 20 minutes, and after this I prepare myself for the day by getting washed and changed.


Every weekday morning I spend until 8:30am reading and writing in no particular order, at the weekends I generally spend an hour or so longer at these favourite tasks because my family are still sleeping and catching up with their weeks activities.

Yes, I work seven days a week because it I enjoy what I do so much!

READING: I always spend AT LEAST 45 minutes reading. I read a variety of different materials, but most of it usually is related to self-development and improvement in some way, marketing my business or the Internet. I usually read AT LEAST one new book per week, sometimes two or even three and a variety of newsletters and blogs!

It always amazes me that people don’t read more when you consider the fact that you can gain a LIFETIME’S KNOWLEDGE from a book which you can usually read in just a few days.

Let’s face it:

‘The individual who can read that doesn’t is NO BETTER off than the individual who can’t read at all!’

WRITING: I love writing, and this is my opportunity to think out my thoughts on paper and then share them with other individuals like yourself, this article is a great example of this!

Anyone can do it, it just takes practice, you JUST START and then become HIGHLY CRITICAL of what you have written, and constantly try to improve it. I don’t worry about the odd spelling mistake or grammatical error because I am human, and like all humans I make mistakes. I usually write blog articles, or new material to help others develop themselves or their own businesses.

My aim is to write the MINIMUM of 1000 words every day, sometimes I do much more, but quality is far more important than quantity.


It’s now 8:30am and time for me to take over from my wife and do the school run.

Actually, our 12 year old daughter Lele goes to school on a school coach, but I have to take our 7 year old son Ethan to the local village school, so we either walk there together, or if the weather is not a so nice I drive him there.

The beach in front of our home

After this I generally enjoy a short but leisurely breakfast with my wife, and then if the weather is fine I take a nice walk along the beach in front of my house. Or if the weather is thought or inclement I spend 30 minutes or so on my cross trainer. Whichever, I find this time very productive as I think about the work and I have to do, and for that reason usually have a digital dictaphone close to hand so I can record the ideas which come to me.


Usually by 10am I am ready to start working again.

During this period I will do a number of tasks which will include:

  • Marketing and driving new traffic and prospects to my websites, products and services. Development work on new projects or websites.
  • If I have the time or need I may do some more writing
  • Recording of audios of videos.
  • General maintenance of the business, the tasks that need doing to keep the business rolling.
  • Meeting with my business partner Paul, we usually have a couple of meals together each week
  • Etc…


Reading and answering my e-mails!

E-mails can waste a MASSIVE amount of your day if you allow them to, so generally, I make e-mails and correspondence my last task of the day and in this way stay focused on what needs to be done to be productive.

At 2.00pm I have usually finished for the day!

YES SERIOUSLY, I’m free to do what I want and get involved with the family when they come home from school. My children are both heavily involved in music and Judo so they need to be taxied around their different events, and I just love being the driver.

Are your day is ALWAYS so short?

99% of the time, but occasionally my routine has to change to accommodate tasks that needs to be done such as when I am speaking away from home, running training days, or conducting tele-seminars or webinars.

POOR ME, this means I have to work a much longer day, and use my spare time to complete business tasks that need to be run at that time or have a deadline upon them. However, when this happens take additional time off in the following days.

We also take 6 – 8 weeks holiday abroad each year!

TOO MUCH too soon rather than TOO LITTLE too late!

I am very disciplined in staying on top of my work, and in this way I can usually get completed the same volume of work which would take most people two or three FULL DAYS to complete. I am VERY productive!

Well there it is, my TYPICAL working day.

Now please remember, what I have just shared with you has taken me many years to achieve. When I first started in this business I had to put in MANY more hours than I do today, ANY BUSINESS will make this demand of you.

The BIG QUESTION is, do you know what you have to do to get your online business up are running like a well oiled machine?

IM (Internet marketing) is an enormous business and subject, and it’s really easy to get bogged down and COMPLETELY lose focus. Certainly there are tons of books and information out there for you to learn from, but much of it is very contradictory and could well lead you down the dark pathway of procrastination, and that’s the last place you want to go.

You have a choice, you can do it all by yourself, or you can get someone to help you.

So what are your suggestions?

Well, I’m glad that you asked, and you properly won’t be surprised when I tell you that my business partner Paul Elliott and I run a mentoring program, in fact we run more than one. They are ALL exceptionally inexpensive when compared to the rewards you are likely to generate. They are all completely guaranteed, and will save you a fortune in lost time and revenue. So the SMART thing would be to check them out for yourself, click here to find out more…

A Day in the life of an Internet marketer

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