Don’t try to be a pioneer!

Find a niche of your own is the message that most (so-called) gurus offer to those who are new to Internet marketing. Full of enthusiasm, the hopeful newcomer sits down and starts to write a list of all the things that they have considered doing, those things which attract them.

Armed with their freshly generated list they begin searching to find a niche of their own, one WITHOUT competition to get in their way.

You have got to be JOKING!

You may have been able to do that five years ago, but not any more. Nearly EVERY niche you can think of has already some level of competition in them, competition who arrived WAY before you, and in some cases CONSIDERABLE volumes of competition.

But don’t PANIC or become FRUSTRATED

This is not a BAD or NEGATIVE thing because competition is GENERALLY a positive and VERY welcome element in Internet marketing.

The last thing you want to become is a pioneer, because in the same way that the pioneers of the American west nearly always ended up with arrows in the back and dyed young, being a Internet pioneer is a HIGH RISK business, and should not be something for beginners to the business to consider.

So when ever possible, it is always far WISER to let someone else carve out the trail before you, and then you can just follow on in their wake and simply IMPROVE on what they are doing.

This may not sound very fair, but we’re not talking about being fair! …we are talking about being SMART and generating ONGOING profits.

It’s really just BASIC common sense…

Internet marketing success starts with finding a niche so that you can move on to the next step. Searching to find a niche of your own may sound an easy step to take, but most individuals make exceptionally HARD WORK of it, and find it to be FULL of frustrations.

Just this morning as I was coaching with our mentoring group on our regular weekly Q&A training session, two of them was suffering with this EXACT problem when it came to find a niche of their own.

This common frustration is often the first WALL which most students who are new to Internet marketing hit! And for many it is a wall which stops them dead in their tracks, and kills their aspirations!

It’s ALWAYS follows the SAME pattern…

First, when they start searching to find a niche and EVERYTHING is just far too big and overwhelming and they do not know where to start, this can be quite a problem in itself.

Then, usually quite quickly after their initial challenge, they become EVEN MORE frustrated by the fact that the areas in which they were searching and interested already have lots of competition, and that so many people are  simply giving away FREE MATERIAL.

Everyone has the same challenge, and this is your BIG ADVANTAGE!

You have just discovered how easy it is to become discouraged and give up completely. And guess what? 99% of would-be Internet marketers do just that, give up!

Probably not all immediately, some will STRUGGLE on in despondency and not knowing what to do next suffer in silence. This is why a skilled mentor to guide and help you through this difficult period is an essential element in shortcutting your success.

So what should you do to AVOID disappointment?

As your search to find a niche is such an important part of the Internet marketing process, I suggest that you take your time. I believe in deadlines, but sometimes it just takes as long as it takes. Gathering information and putting ideas together is a CREATIVE PROCESS which can’t be hurried if your objective is a QUALITY result!

As you know, PATIENCE is a virtue!

When I am considering a new major project I try to work well ahead of myself, and generally give the project SERIOUS consideration for a number of months before I make a final decision on whether or not this is the project from me. I will decide upon what information I need to know and make that my number one task to find it out. This can often be quite hard work, but at the same time it is very engaging and fulfilling.

Start by thinking OUTSIDE the BOX, and your present thought process.

Get into the head of your IDEAL PROSPECT, if you don’t know who they are your first job is to identify them and be VERY specific about who they are. Remember the marketing basics, people only buy things for just two MAIN reasons;

  • As a SOLUTION to a problem
  • To make them FEEL good!

Plus, they will nearly always make their buying decision based upon EMOTION, and then JUSTIFY their purchase later!

So ask yourself the following questions and write them down:

  • What is it that they want?
  • What is it that they are trying to achieve?
  • What is it they are likely to buy?
  • Etc, and the questions go on so please feel free to add to this short list….

They probably are thinking in a completely different way to you, and you will have to try and adopt this way of thinking to find answers to these questions.

It is ESSENTIAL that you get into the MIND SET of your prospect…

How can you find ways to INTERACT with your target market and get them to answer questions that could result in you developing products and services which they will purchase? If you can achieve this you are almost certainly on the fast road to success.

If this sounds like HARD WORK, you would be correct it is!

No one said it was going to be EASY! …you need to be prepared to put in just as many hours as you can spare in the initial stages of your project and until it takes off, but it is fun work and EXCEPTIONALLY rewarding when you get it right!

When you find a market which looks right, feels right, and in which you think you can compete, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How can you IMPROVE it?
  • How can you do it DIFFERENTLY?
  • How can you make it more FUN for prospectus and clients?
  • How can you STAND OUT in this marketplace?
  • How can you become the ONLY serious solution?
  • How can you make a DIFFERENCE?
  • How can you????? …just keep on asking these questions!

These are the type of questions which I can guarantee you that SUCCESSFUL INTERNET MARKETERS generally ask themselves before seriously considering  entering into a new market place.

Finally, and to conclude this short article, when you have to find a niche of your own, please remember that there is ALWAYS a way, and many hundreds if not thousands of niche is which you could dominate if you only have the foresight and determination to do so.

Most people do not have this tenacity and determination, and this is your ADVANTAGE!

Find a niche…

I'm eager to hear your comments...

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2 Responses to “Don’t try to be a pioneer!”

  1. Astra Spider Hawk 18. Jun, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    Great advice Kevin – I especially like the bit about taking one’s time with fully creating the next project – this is good to remember – in the past I have tended to jump into things and I do find now it is good to let things simmer and incubate!

    Peace and Joy,
    Astra Spider Hawk

  2. Karen Goddard 19. Jun, 2010 at 8:03 am

    Some great questions to ask yourself ..even if you have picked a niche, these questions make you think of other ways that you can help your customers & improve your service

    Keep them coming Kevin

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