When you are Feeling Overwhelmed


If you have just got started in Internet marketing I am not at all surprised. Right now you’re probably feeling that there is just so MUCH material that needs to be first LEARNED, and then MASTERED, and you would be right there is.
So please start your journey by remembering that Internet marketing is NOT a race!

Those individuals who put too much pressure upon themselves and have UNREALISTIC expectations of what can be achieved are ALWAYS the ones who are most likely to fail.

When you start feeling overwhelmed it’s USUALLY a sign that you have tried to do too much too soon. This is why a quality mentor and guide will shortcut your journey to ongoing profitability by LITERALLY years.

Another way to overcome this problem and feeling overwhelmed is start by breaking down the BIG PICTURE and exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Start with a CLEARLY DEFINED objective!

If you start out by writing this down, committing your aims to paper, and being crystal clear about your objective, then you can start breaking down your learning journey into bite-size and manageable chunks. It may be that your objective is to generate an additional Internet related income. If so, the first thing would be to decide on EXACTLY how much you would like to generate, and by when; STATE your DEADLINE.

This painfully simple action of committing your objectives to ink has a VERY powerful effect on your subconscious mind. It begins to make things much more tangible, as now you have something to work towards, and your subconscious mind just loves having a direction to work towards.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed it is probably because you now know WHAT you want to achieve, but you don’t know HOW you going to achieve it, not yet anyway.

Mixing up the WHAT you want, and HOW you are going to get it is one of the mistakes that most new Internet marketers make, so don’t worry because you are CERTAINLY not alone.

Belief is a POWERFUL ingredient…

So just for the moment, forget how you are going to generate this income, just BELIEVE that you can! BELIEVE it with all of your heart, and know that you can’t fail. Do this and you will have just made a QUANTUM LEAP forward, just stay focused on what you want, not what can get in the way, or how you’re going to do it.

Even a journey of 1,000 miles MUST start with the first step!

Now you have made your commitment it’s time to start your education. Again, start looking at the BIG PICTURE. What I mean by this is that there are hundreds if not thousands of different ways of generating an ongoing Internet related profits or income. All you have to do is start learning about them.

Some of these methods and techniques will fit you like a glove, while others will not be for you at all. However I can tell you right up front is that none of them come with a MAGIC POTION, and that they all take hard work and consistent effort to get them working, but if you have the desire and determination, you will make it work.

BEWARE: Man eating sharks come in many guises!

Now this is a very tender and dangerous time for you because it is likely that feeling overwhelmed will be a condition that this visit you on many occasions during your Internet marketing journey. And as a result you will become OVER ENTHUSIASTIC and impatient, and of course want to get started on working on something immediately, it’s only human nature.

Then, in a state of impatience it is HIGHLY possible that you will start listening to the first ‘Get Rich Quick’ merchant who comes your way, or finds you on the Internet.

These unethical merchants are EXPERTS at parting those who are new to Internet marketing from their wallet. Some of them can really give you an EXCELLENT pitch and sound AMAZINGLY CONVINCING. Click here to learn more…this is another great reason for you to consider adopting a mentor and guide to help you through this vulnerable time.

Keep a notebook and write it all down…

There is no reason to go into too much detail until the time when you are in FULL possession of all the facts. After all, the last thing you want to do is start working in one area, only to discover that a few months later another SUPERIOR method which would have suited you and your lifestyle so much better than the first. Remember those wise words? …’It’s not a race’!

More HASTE, less SPEED

For this reason, and before you start out in any particular direction, you should make your MAIN OBJECTIVE to discover as many methods and techniques of generating Internet related income as possible. Only when you have done this, and you feel that you have a GOOD understanding, should you start looking at, or considering any particular method or technique in more detail.

Follow this simple technique and you should avoid feeling overwhelmed. Just make sure that you are in full possession of the facts before moving on to the next step. Practical Profit Solutions provide you with many articles and resources which will move you forward, so take the time to go through the ones which are more relevant to you.

As I have mentioned a couple of times already in this article, if you are SERIOUS about being profitable and successful, having a mentor is an excellent way of getting started on your Internet journey, and they will save you a fortune and a ton of time. In fact, without accurate ongoing support, help and guidance, most individuals find it hard to get out of the starting blocks at all. When you have someone to refer to and ask questions EVERYTHING becomes so much easier and more fun. So please take the time to investigate how we can help you. Click here to discover more about the Internet mentoring packages which we have available…

Feeling overwhelmed

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  1. Amanda Louw June 27, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    Kevin, very true words. As we are only at the start of our Internet Marketing adventure we feel a lot of different emotions at different times. Sometimes we think what have we got ourselves into and other days we have got the world at our feet. It helps a lot to have Paul and Kevin as our mentors!!

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