Turbo charge your learning abilities

Watching double speed video recordings, tutorials and video promotional can save you hours of your valuable time, leaving you free to do the things that you enjoy most in life! In fact, I estimate that the following technique saves me at least three hours a week, a day and a half per month, and almost 3 weeks in viewing time per year!

Now you’re probably wondering what I mean by watching double speed video, and video recordings, so let me explain.  If you’re SERIOUS about generating an ONGOING income from Internet Marketing you should commit yourself to watching as many promotional from other reputable Internet marketers and IM gurus as possible.

Not only are they likely to share many useful and INSTANTLY BANKABLE tips and techniques which you can use to promote your business, but you will also learn how to sell and promote yourself on video which is fast becoming an ESSENTIAL requirement of the modern Internet marketer. The BIG problem is that there are more videos being produced than EVER before.

There are many answers to this challenge, and the first one is to become highly SELECTIVE, and particular about who’s videos you are going to watch.

PLEASE REMEMBER: You can learn something from EVERYONE, even if it is HOW NOT to do something …and for this reason it won’t take you long to discover who is worth listening to, and who is not.

When you have made your decision whose video you would like to experience, downloading it to your computer, so you can watch a double speed video playback at a time which suits you. In this way you are not dependent upon the unreliable speeds of streaming video, and Internet connection speeds.

To enable you to benefit from watching and playing double speed video recordings you will need a couple of pieces of FREE SOFTWARE. First of all, you will need a Firefox extension called ‘Download Helper‘ which you can downloaded from: http://www.downloadhelper.net/ it is really simple to use and will allow you to capture almost all types of video.

You will also need a little bit of SMART SOFTWARE called: ‘VLC Media Player‘ which can also be downloaded totally free of charge from: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Once downloaded and installed you will be able to use ‘Download Helper’ to capture the video recordings which interest you most, and then the VLC player’ to playback double speed video recordings, or even HIGHER speeds than this if you wish.

The way I tend to use this TIME SAVING tool is to start playing my video at two or even three times usual speed, watching the recording and screen text at the same time. As soon as I see or hear something which I feel is important, or anything that catches my interest, I immediately slow down the recording to normal speed, or times 1.5 speed, or even go over it again. As I review the video I write down a synopsis of the more important points for future use implementation into my own business.

Watching double speed video recordings allows me to experience AT LEAST twice as much material as normal, and to speed through the less important parts of the recording even faster if I so desire.

I have to give credit to this ACCELERATED LEARNING technique to my friend and business partner Paul Elliott who introduced me to it about a year ago. It is one of those techniques that will give you a small additional advantage over those would-be Internet marketers who will really STRUGLE to make it happen through lack of time and knowledge, so please use it and benefit.

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So, what is your thought on this? Let me know!

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  1. Malakh Zebulun June 16, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    That’s a great way to watching a video – never thought about it like that. Let my internal senses alert me to the fact there is something I need to pay attention to so I can slow it down. I think I will be too concerned about missing something though!

  2. Kevin, given the amount of video footage that is available on the topic of IM, this is a very useful tool to help cut through the waffle and get the important stuff.

  3. Kevin, this is a very useful tool, will definitely use it to make sure we get to the important stuff.

  4. Technology can be great when it is working well but just occasionally it doesn’t go as planned! You may want to read the article the link leads to because this wasn’t such a good day!http://www.kevinmartyn.com/blog-posts/life-skills/stay-focused/

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