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The main reason for poor results, especially within Internet marketing is that many people fail to master the all important lesson of how to stay focused and bringing their project or task to completion and then make money from them.

Very often they do 80% of the grunt work and then lose momentum as the home stretch and finishing line comes into view which is a tragic shame because you have already done most of the work and failure to complete at this late stage is just a waste of your time and energy.

So why does this happen?

It’s very easy to get distracted and there are a number of reasons why but here are the main two!

Trying to do too much at the same time!

Due to the nature of the business of Internet marketing there is no shortage of sound financial opportunities waiting to be claimed as your own. In fact, when you know where to look most of us who count ourselves as Internet marketers are literally spoiled for choice. This reason most Internet marketers have a long list of projects which they are waiting to start and this is where the problem begins. It is VERY EASY to become a starter rather than a finisher!

Some individuals (and I am also guilty of this!) are simply looking forward to getting started on the next project on their list and when they feel they have done the majority of the work on their present project start thinking about the next one and before they know it they are fully focused on it and giving very little of their attention to finishing the previous one and making it pay.

Unfinished books never sell!

It is essential to become as good at finishing your projects as at starting them. Remember that this is a complete process and to get paid you MUST start shipping products or services and making sales or you will soon go broke.

Not having a route map!

This in my opinion is the BIGGEST reason why individuals fail to complete their projects. Often as your project arrives in the home stretch there are dozens if not hundreds of little jobs which need completing before it could start selling.

Until this point you may have been be working on the BIG chunks of the product but suddenly you have a growing ‘To Do’ list of smaller tasks and for a while it seems for every task which you complete you added three more to the bottom of it and list continues to grow.

This has happened to me many times…

Not unsurprisingly, at this point I become overwhelmed and a little lost and for a couple of days could not remember what it was that I was trying to achieve as I had forgotten the motivating factors that got me to this point.

A good plan will show you exactly how to stay focused…

It was at this point I referred back to my plans where I had started with a detailed description of why I was doing this project rather than another, and why I was doing it now! This recharged my batteries as I reconnected with the motivations which put me into top gear for this this specific project. I looked over the steps for completion and got back to work refreshed and of course got the project finished.

Without such a plan I truly believe that my project would have failed.

So for this reason I would urge you to get into the habit of starting your projects with strong and specific written outline of WHAT you are trying to achieve and why. Naturally after that you must break down your project into bite-size chunks or steps for it achievement. Put as much detail into this valuable document as possible because this is your route map for success.

Make developing the habit of FINISHING STRONGLY your prime objective

How to stay focused…

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