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Of course as soon as your new website or blog is ready to be published to the world you will want to get it indexed by the main search engines so the world can find you, and the only search engine I bother about getting listing in is Google!

Make it easy for yourself simply because Google is the BIGGEST of them all and once you are listed here your website will start to turn up in the others search engines and directories also because I am sure they also make it easy for themselves by searching each other others indexes.

This is a QUICK and easy process to achieve a Google listing…

Now you will find no shortage of companies who for a fee will offer to publish your listing to hundreds if not THOUSANDS of search engines and directories. However, remember there is only really one that matters and that is Google so put your wallet away and save your money for a rainy day.

So here is the RAPID and EASY way of getting yourself indexed…

Simply leave a short and meaningful comment on a high Google PR rank blog page or website.

Now the first thing I am sure you are asking is what exactly is Google PR rank? …and PR stands for Page Rank! Now there is no need to get hung up about it as it is simply Google’s measure of the relevance of a page which it indexes. The way to discover the PR rank is by using Google’s own toolbar which will self-install on your browser and can be downloaded FREE of charge from:

Once it is installed, amongst other useful tools it provides you will see a little green bar in your new toolbar which will change as you navigate between different pages as you surf the net. The more green bar you can see the higher the Page Rank which goes between 0 – 10. Now the higher the PR rank the more regularly Google will re-index and visit that page and if there is a new comment with a link back to your website you will get indexed at the very same time. The term for this process is known as spidering.

Once you have your Google toolbar installed you will be able to confirm you are commenting on a high PR blog post.

Finding a blog to comment on…

Now there are many ways of doing this but the very easiest is to use a tool to do it for you. A free one which I can recommend is called ‘Comment Hut’ and a lite version of this program can be downloaded free of charge from:

They also have a short video showing you how to use it. What you are looking for is a PR 5 or PR6 blog because these will get indexed many times every day. Try to find one with a relevant theme to your own website which you are trying to get index because Google is all about relevance.


Once you have found a suitable post to comment upon read the blog post carefully and find a point which you can comment upon. If you can see the person who wrote the article first name use it in your reply. You only need to write a couple of sentences and try to give value in your reply. If you write a generic response such as ‘Nice Post’ it may not get published and on my blog would be immediately deleted, so it pays to do it correctly.

Fill in your details, name, email and a link back to your website and you are finished and should get indexed quite quickly.

Now the process I have just outlined may seem like a lot of work but as you progress you may want to follow the same process again to get other websites and pages published. The second time you go through this process you will have the whole thing completed from start to finish in just five minutes or so and for that reason learning this method is a VERY GOOD investment of your time.

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