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Discover how to establish an ONGOING Internet related stream of Income


‘Internet Profit Secrets’ – a One-Day Seminar event being held near you…

Why should I consider attending the ‘Internet Profit Secrets’workshop?

Its unlike ANYTHING you have attended or considered attending before, direct, realistic, profitable, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and instantly usable Internet income related guidance and information which YOU WILL use…

  • No B*** S*** theories, just tried tested and proven INCOME generating strategies and techniques
  • You will gain 23 years of combined practical Internet experience in JUST ONE information packed day!
  • You will leave with all the information necessary for you to start generating your own 6 figure income stream and establish it within the following 6 – 24 months.

This HIGHLY successful one day workshops shows delegates the EXACT step-by-step process which two seasoned experts follow on a daily basis for making an ongoing 6 figure income from the Internet – from the comfort of their own homes while leading an ENVIABLE lifestyles.

If this PROBABILITY has captured your interest?

If you are feed up with:

  • Having too much month left at the end of your money
  • Being part of someone else’s dream rather than living your own
  • A daily grind or commute too and from your place of work
  • Or feel that life is leading you nowhere

But by contrast you REALLY desire:

  • The opportunity to generate an UNLIMITED income
  • To be your own person and boss and only answerable to yourself
  • The opportunity to work the hours of YOUR choice
  • Work from the comfort of your own home or ANYWHERE you desire
  • To become HIGHLY passionate and ENTHUSIASTIC for your work
  • Having loads of FREE personal time to spend with your family
  • To lead an enviable QUALITY of lifestyle

Then quite simply YOU owe to to yourself to attend this enlightening workshop as you have EVERYTHING to gain and as you will soon discover ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to loose.


  • This event is SERIOUSLY NOT for pussies, dreamers or get rich quick delusions!
  • If you think that establishing an ONGOING 6 figure Internet related income demands anything less than HARD WORK and DEDICATION to get going you are simply fooling yourself.
  • By contrast if you are prepared to follow the principles, techniques and pathways which we will arm you with at this event, after a FEW MONTHS, like MANY of our other past delegates you WILL BEGIN to see your foundational effort yielding promise and financial results.


  • This IS NOT another multi-speaker event where the presenters ONLY objective is to sell you their LATEST product or service. We WILL spend a short section showing you how you can tap into our resource if you wish to, and then leave it up to you without pressure or obligation.
  • This is a totally STAND ALONE event and workshop where you will receive HUGE value and gain an MASSIVE understanding of what you could achieve if you decided to apply yourself to establishing your own stream, or MULTIPLE streams of Internet related income.
  • You will leave with VOLUMES of practical and INSTANTLY usable information to enable you to get started immediately, and if you wished we would be available to provide ongoing support, motivation and guidance.

See what past delegate of this and other similar events we have ran had to say about the quality of presentation and what they learned!

Kevin’s Workshop was one of the most extraordinary wealth creation events I have ever been on.

Amazing value for money. Kevin’s commitment to our following through, taking action and producing results is commendable.

I highly recommend his workshops.

Mark Anastasia –

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The ‘Internet Profit Secrets’ event…

Irrespective of location, our event registration opens at 8.30am, the day starts PROMPTLY at 9.00am and finishes at approximately 5.00pm although if there are a lot of delegate’s questions we ALWAYS stay latter to answer them ALL!

Throughout the day we have regular refreshment and comfort breaks as well as a lunch recess. Generally there will be some of our past delegates attending the event who will be pleased to chat and share their experiences and successes with you.

We also provide you with a digital format workbook for the event.

Upcoming events…

At this time we have 2 ‘Internet Profit Secret’ events booked for the remainder of 2010

Saturday 2nd of October – London Heathrow

Saturday 16th of October – Bristol area

So what is the INVESTMENT to attend this event?

To make your decision whether to attend this event a REALLY simple one we have decided to give you an amazing offer, you can attend this ENLIGHTENING one-day event for just £99

But WAIT £99!

Below is a VERY special TIME LIMITED offer which you will only be made ONCE and then never see again.

For that reason ONLY CLICK on the following link if you are ABSOLUTELY certain you want to attend and are ready to book your place on this event.

“I am ready to RESERVE my seat NOW!

FULL MONEY BACK guarantee!

Lets keep this guarantee REALLY simple. If for WHATEVER reason you feel that this event ISN’T for you simply and discreetly inform us and you will have your FULL INVESTMENT refunded without question and we will part as friends and be grateful that you have given the workshop a try.

Can I be FAIRER than that? If so, please let me know…

What to do next…

‘Below are the questions related to the event which we are most asked…

QUESTION: Who will BENEFIT MOST from this event?

Respective of age or personal circumstances anyone who has a STRONG DESIRE to better their income and lifestyle and has the PERSISTENCE to learn something new which will go on paying them for the rest of their life.

Even if you a COMPLETE beginner with absolutely ZERO knowledge or Internet related skill this will still be for you as the necessary skills can quickly be assimilated, just accept that it MAY take you a little longer to get started than someone who is already HIGHLY computer literate.

QUESTION: Will you be running OTHER ‘Internet Profit Secret’ events?

Yes, we run approximately 10 such events UK each year. London, Bristol or Birmingham are our MAIN locations for these POPULAR and practical one-day events so no one living in the UK ever has too far to travel to attend.

QUESTION: How MANY delegates attend your events?

To keep them friendly and intimate, and so that EVERY delegate has the opportunity to ask just as many questions as they desire we keep the size of audience STRICTLY LIMITED to a MAXIMUM of just 30 delegates. For this reason we USUALLY sell out quickly…

QUESTION: How much TIME is required to establish an ONGOING stream of Internet related income?

I have seen a few individuals generate ENVIABLE profits inside their first month and ONE inside her VERY FIRST week, however these INDIVIDUALS are the EXCEPTION rather than the rule!

It really comes down to YOU and just how FOCUSED, DRIVEN and HUNGRY you really are. Most individuals who develop the correct mindset GENERALLY start to become profitable at approximately month five or six and grow from that point.

Please remember that you can start VERY part time and grow at a seed which suits you because become profitable and successful are not a race.

“I am ready to RESERVE my seat NOW!

I STILL HAVE questions I would like to ask…

No problem, if you are considering attending please feel free to ask as many questions as you wish relating to this event via our contact page. If yours is a complicated question leave your UK land line telephone number and someone will come back to you quite quickly.

I would like to finish this page by reminding you of the definition of insanity. “To keep on doing the same old thing but EXPECT a different result!”

Taking action is ALWAYS the key!

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Kind regards

Kevin Martyn

P.S. You arrived at this page for a reason which may be DISSATISFACTION in the way your life is heading. If this is so, please read this page again because I have put a lot of effort into making it transparent and highlighting that as we offer you a FULL money back guarantee you have ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose, but EVERYTHING to gain…

“I am ready to RESERVE my seat NOW!

About Kevin Martyn

Kevin Martyn has often been described as the true LIFESTYLE entrepreneur as very few people are as happy and enjoy their daily work as much as Kevin! Over his 30 year career he has successfully built and run a variety of different businesses. When it comes to the Internet he has VAST knowledge, and believes that for every problem or challenge he can find a NUMBER of solutions, and that there is always a way forward! He is a founder director of 'Practical Profit Solutions', he is a mentor, speaker, and author. Kevin has MASSIVE passion for what he does and helping others to succeed.

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