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The No BS facts
37 Success tips & Techniques

What follows are quick reinforcement tips more than anything else. With some of these tips and techniques I have already gone into far more detail in other areas of this tutorial, so these are quick reminder tips, the type you may want to visit regularly to remind yourself what you need to be doing to become an unlimited and ongoing success.

Find a market that you can reach!

Now this may sound blatantly obvious advice, but as you progress you will find that some markets are far more accessible and easy to reach than others. By contrast, other markets are EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to reach and you can spend a SMALL FORTUNE in attempting to do so with very little results. So my advice to you is to be well aware of this fact and always consider how difficult it will be for you to reach this market at the VERY START of your project. No one wants to invest loads of time and effort into the process and then find that marketing their product or service is going to be difficult, it is better to know about such potential problems in advance.

Start by DOMINATING your niche and offering the best value…

When you move into a new market place, try to dominate a sub niche of that market by giving the BEST VALUE possible, as this can give you a very firm foothold into this market place in preparation for when you are ready to grow. Or you may find that you are happy to just dominate that niche as it is proportionately far more profitable than being a BIG PLAYER in the same marketplace.

OUT-BENEFIT your competition…

It is really not that hard to out-benefit your competition because most will be profit focused rather than customer benefit focused. Remember this has nothing to do with price but the level of service and ongoing benefits the buying customer receives. One of the questions I ask myself on a daily basis is how can I bring more benefit to my customers? Strangely, the best way to discover what these benefits are is by asking your prospects or existing customers the same question. This will result in you getting honest feedback that when acted upon will put you light-years in front of your competition.

Being average leads to average results…

Following on from the previous heading you should aim to be the ONLY CHOICE when prospects think about your line of products and services. How do you ensure that you and your company are the only SERIOUS consideration in your marketplace? You may find yourself working at answering this problem for many years but by always aiming to be above average, and ALWAYS giving EXCELLENT SERVICE you are on the right track. Most people will only want to compete with the opposition so you should always aim to DOMINATE rather than compete.

Strive to become ABOVE average!

Build TRUST with your prospect…

The reason I encourage you to build mailing lists and methods of maintaining a dialogue with prospects is that it gives you the opportunity to build up a trusting relationship with them. Trust is a HUGE CHALLENGE when it comes round to purchasing your products and services. If your prospect wants what you have to offer but then fail to purchase there is a good possibility that they do not TRUST YOU ENOUGH! However, if you have had the opportunity to send them numerous e-mails which give them up-front no-obligation value so they get to know that you have integrity, trust is usually given WITHOUT QUESTION.

Give ongoing UP FRONT value…

The very best way to put your potential prospects into a buying mood and at the very same time build a mailing list is by giving them the opportunity to try or experience what you have to offer in advance. This may be a trial of your product or service, or time limited trial, just be creative. Or it could be that you have given them valuable advice that has helped them make a buying decision to whether what you have on offer will be the right product for them or not.

Or, you may give them other unrelated up front value which will jump start your relationship.

Keep giving them value whenever possible and present that value in different ways and formats because everyone has a different learning style and what I have noticed is if I develop some value in a different format, for instance an audio postcard; due to its novelty value it may attract many new purchasers.

So keep looking for creative ways to create ONGOING value to give your prospects on a regular basis and in this way there will always be a percentage ready to put their hand in their pocket and buy your products and services.

Don’t reach for their wallet too soon!

One of the biggest mistakes that I often see online marketers making is when they attempt to sell their products or services far too soon or giving their prospect too much pressure. Remember, they are ALWAYS just one click away from being GONE FOREVER, or unsubscribing from your list, and if this happens you have just lost a VALUABLE opportunity, so DON’T ALLOW this to happen. Now we are there to make money so let’s not loose sight of that fact, and if you are selling £5 and £10 products there will be no reason to sell at all as a simple online store will be fine.

However, if you are selling high ticket price products and services you will need to build a track record with your prospects and let them learn a little about you and the benefits you’re offering before you ask them to buy. They will need to feel comfortable with you and your way of working before they will make a buying decision. So once you have captured their e-mail details keep up the dialogue with them and be sure to use an e-mail auto responder sequence which has been SPECIALLY DESIGNED to answer all of the questions and doubts which they may have and bring them to a buying decision.

Why should your prospect do business with you?

Now this simply is the very most IMPORTANT QUESTION you could ever ask yourself and you should ask it REGULARLY. If you can’t immediately answer that question you probably won’t do so well in business. You must know what your USP (unique selling proposition) is and you may have many of them. If not, you will want to start building them immediately.

I deal with some very successful people who make enviable incomes from the Internet and I promise you this, EVERY SINGLE ONE of them can tell you exactly why prospects should do business with them, and why they give the best value. Not only is this confidence and certainty in their product or service but they have worked hard to get themselves to this position and they are not going to give up their lead easily.

Poor results generally come from lack of belief…

Following on from the previous section you must believe in your product or service, and if you don’t you must work on improving it until it reaches the point and is SO GOOD that you do. If you have any problems or doubts in the area of belief or have less than 100% belief in your ongoing success you will need to spend time working on your belief system. Or, you may need to find a mentor or coach to assist you work upon your levels of belief and confidence.

Every day, do two things you don’t like doing…

If you’re trying to build your levels of self-discipline there is no better way of doing so than to make yourself do one or two things EVERY SINGLE DAY that you don’t particularly like doing. For instance, when it rains or is cold outside I am not so keen on going out to walk, but walking is good for me, and by forcing myself to do so regardless of the weather outside I exercise myself and more importantly exercise my self-discipline.

There are lots of things that we don’t enjoy doing that much which are also good for us and take us forward and I have found that by pushing myself to do one or two of them each and every day my levels of self-discipline are so high that I could virtually do ANYTHING, and so can you if you are prepared to build your levels of discipline in the same way.

Aim to become a RESOURCE…

A number of the websites I possess have been referred to as a resource on other prominent websites. This is really great because those sites send ongoing traffic to me which is basically pre-sold on the quality of my website and my products and services before they arrive. Becoming a resource generally means that your website is one which can be relied upon and provides sound solutions, so I would suggest that you ask yourself what it is you have to do to become a resource in your marketplace?

Work in a way that puts you above your competition…

Most businesses, in fact 95% of them will be almost exactly the same as the competition. There is very little to distinguish between them, so for this fact alone you should work at finding ways that separate you from the rest of your marketplace. Generally these will be ways which make dealing with you more fun and ways which your prospects enjoy.

How do you find such ways? Well you start by thinking and making a list, experimenting, asking your prospects and testing, and little by little you will start to become more distinctive and build a strong company identity of your own, and perhaps even a BRAND which will set you apart.

Listen to your prospects and ask them questions!

No one ever asks enough questions! If you ask your prospects questions about what it is they want and what challenges and problems they are presently experiencing you may be pleasantly surprised with the answers they provide. You must ask these questions correctly and offer an incentive for their help and you will manage to solicit some very valuable information which will become your future products and services. But don’t forget to share the answers with them also, now these may be answers which you have slightly edited and spun to get them reaching for their wallet.

Only take CALCULATED risks…

One of my hobbies is playing poker, and even though I say it myself I am quite a good poker player! Generally I play in tournaments and will usually finish first, second or third place and this is not a coincidence. You see, I only gamble upon WELL CALCULATED risks. I have strict rules that I follow which means that I win consistently. The systems and slight advantages I operate are freely available to anyone who is prepared to read LOTS of books and has the discipline to implement what they learn. Yes, of course I get bad days, but generally by following this system I get an advantage over the majority of other players and that’s why I win so regularly.

And it’s the same with Internet marketing, my time is far too valuable to gamble with it and for that reason I only take VERY CALCULATED RISKS and some of them don’t pay off, but that was part of the calculation, while others pay off BIG TIME.

Try to focus on JUST ONE thing and finish it…

People often ask me how I managed to get so much done and as you will have already read in the section on time management I stay very focused and disciplined upon my outcome. By contrast, most people flit around like little butterflies from one plant to another starting multiple projects and very rarely finishing any of them.

Focus is a discipline, and if you are having trouble finishing or completing a project I suggest that you start doing some serious pruning and focus yourself on JUST ONE finished outcome. Give it some SERIOUS thought before you get started because the last thing you want to happen is to get halfway through and decide that you should be doing something else. You MUST FINISH it; get into the habit of finishing things that you start! This will ensure that you make far better choices about what you are going to do in the future, and at the very same time start to build a track record of you being a finisher of products and services.

Just remember that if you FAIL TO FINISH you cannot look forward to a PAYDAY or any profits, which is the WORST POSSIBLE outcome. For this reason I suggest that you totally commit yourself to JUST ONE project and finish it to the best of your ability before you can consider doing anything else.

Don’t WASTE ENERGY on moaning or complaining…

You won’t have to look very far to find that group of people in every profession who spend the majority of their energy and creativity on moaning and winging about all and sundry, and usually everything that they have no ability to change.

You have to work with the hand you have right now. Whatever your present circumstances you need to start working and moving forward rather than wishing you had a better hand to play because wishing will simply waste your time. Some people will have far worse circumstances in life than you have, but will still manage to OPTIMISE their success to the very maximum, while others who have far more in their life do very little with it.

You are responsible for your future! So, you have a choice, you can complain and whine about it, or you can get on with it and learn what you need to learn to make it happen for you.

No one EVER asks for help enough!

I’m not quite sure why this is, but no one is ever keen to ask others for their help. I find this strange because when someone asks me for my help I generally feel a little honoured that it is me rather than someone else that they have asked …and at the same time I also feel a little empowered. For that reason I am always quick to help if it is within my power to do so.

I think humans as a race are generally helpful, just so long as we are asked in a courteous and respectful manor which makes us feel good for doing so. So don’t be afraid to ask others for help and assistance because you may soon find you have a new network of helping friends if you do so.

The flipside of this equation is this, you must be prepared to give back and help others in return, in fact, it would be far better to start by helping others before you started asking others to help you. The reason for this is simple, remember that life is like a mirror and it reflects back to us what we give out to the world, and if we are helpful to others it is likely to attract other individuals who enjoy being helpful also.

Concentrate on what you can do, NOT what you cannot….

It is important that you NEVER let not knowing how to do something stop you from doing it, and for that reason always be prepared to learn and master a new skill. However, for saying all that you do not want to be in the position of ALWAYS PREPARING to be busy, so here’s a little technique which should prevent that.

Start by doing what you know you can already do first and foremost! Get started and get your ball rolling because when you have momentum it is so much easier to overcome challenges. If you consider carefully the projects which you can do and only take a little bit of mastering first, you will be gaining skill and experience as you progress, and then you can consider a project which is a little more complicated and adventurous next time.

It’s all about learning to walk before you can run. If you had no musical ability you wouldn’t buy a grand piano today and expect to be playing Beethoven tomorrow! This takes time and practice, and lots of little steps will keep you advancing in the right direction, and if you stay at it you will reach the point where you can do so. So please DON’T start by picking a project which requires you to learn and master many new skills to begin with. What you need are small completed projects behind you to give you confidence for the bigger things which lie ahead.

Stand out and be NOTICED!

So here is another question that you should be asking yourself on a VERY REGULAR basis.

What is it that you have to do to make you stand out and get noticed? At this point I am not going to give you any advice at all because it will all depend upon the marketplace that you have picked for yourself and what it is you are trying to sell. However, there are many ways of doing this, and standing out is a good thing because you will get noticed and hopefully remembered, and if you get noticed for the right reasons you will of course start making good profits.

More recently I read something which I found fascinating and would like to share with you. A survey which was conducted with many individuals who applied for a specific type of job highlighted the fact that they became THREE TIMES as likely to get selected for the job if they simply used the right type paper to submit their application and CV (Curriculum Vitae) upon.

Fascinated to see some of this paper for myself I ordered a ream of it for personal use and when it arrived I placed a sheet of it next to the paper I normally use and it became IMMEDIATELY OBVIOUS why using this paper was such a benefit. It was BRILLIANT WHITE and stood out from everything else around it. So the applicants that were successful in this test were NOT obviously better than ANYONE else so much as they stood out.

Interesting! Standing out is a good thing, how can you do so?

SELL YOURSELF on your success everyday…

You can never sell yourself on your own success too much! Seriously, every day you should be using affirmations are thinking positively about your success and spending a little time if possible spent in positive visualisation of your success.

You should see your future success as a foregone conclusion, and one that you are just now waiting for to turn up in your life. Remember that when you develop the habit of expecting the best you are usually going to get it, so start expecting. Keep your mind 100% positive first and foremost and then take every positive action to get yourself to where you want to be just as soon as possible.

Capture ideas IMMEDIATELY…

Have you ever had an idea that just popped in your mind which you thought was great and intend to act upon? Then, just as quickly it popped right back out of your mind again and then disappeared forever! ANNOYING ISN’T IT? Now you are becoming familiar with how the mind works remember to record immediately such ideas and thoughts which come into your mind because they may only be with you for a very short while.

The pencil and pad is great but can be difficult to use when you’re driving around so I suggest that you invest a small sum into purchasing a digital dictaphone for this purpose. They are very inexpensive, and just think, one good idea will have immediately repaid you for this very valuable tool which you can go on using for many years to come.

Doing it NOW is more important than doing it right…

When is the right time for doing anything? Well if you are NOT tied up or focused on anything else right now would be great! If you’ve just had a great inspirational idea and you are available to get on with it there and then would be a great starting point! Speed stuns, and if you are free to get started immediately and feel that your idea was really worth doing, then do it.

NOW is always the best time for being successful and making things happen for you. Why wait? There is no point in putting your success on hold for another moment so just get started and make things happen. However, PLEASE NOTE that I did say “if you are free” because if you are not and it’s a great idea you can develop it as one of your goals and perhaps that will be your VERY NEXT project.

NEVER wait for approval from others…

If you wait for the approval of others you could end up waiting a VERY LONG time and being very disappointed. The fact is this; it is unlikely that you need the approval of other people so much as their approval gives you confidence and feeds your ego.

There is a really great book which I suggest you read just as soon as possible by an author called Robert Wringer who has written many inspirational and great books. The book is entitled “Working through intimidation!” My reason for suggesting you read this is that you will learn about what Robert refers to as the leapfrog effect. If you wait for the approval of others you may end up waiting a very long time so just go straight to the top and assume the position that you are the best and the market leader, and then live up to that position.

You don’t need ANYONE ELSE to tell you that you can be successful or give you permission to do so, just do it.

Stop PREPARING to be busy…

There will always be something new which you need to do and learn and become proficient with, ALWAYS! However, it is also very easy to spend and waste HUGE AMOUNTS of time just preparing to get busy so you are in the position to start to make it happen, but then NEVER do so. I used to be one of these people and you can believe me when I tell you that I have the T-shirt and the surfboard so know what I am speaking about.

You need to focus on an outcome and stay focused upon it until you get it finished. Of course, in between, or even during projects you may need to invest a proportion of your time for assimilating and mastering new skills.

PLEASE NOTE: I said a proportion of your time, not all of it! Also, if it’s a new piece of software that you are learning make sure that you know what it is going to do for you before you start learning it and have a VERY SPECIFIC outcome or objective in mind. The reason I suggest this is I have WASTED MONTHS learning many new pieces of software which I have never ever used in the production of my products, services or income streams, WHAT A WASTE, and I don’t want you to needlessly waste a moment of your time.

Starting means you have the FIRM intention of finishing…

Before you start a new project take a moment to ensure that getting it finished is your main priority. Remember that unfinished products will not make you a penny in profits. So stay focused on getting your product to market and have the firm intention of getting them finished just as soon as possible.

Now I have started many products and soon discover I shouldn’t have been working upon them at all, and that I had made a big miscalculation or mistake. However, I still finish them because I understand just HOW IMPORTANT it is to become a finisher rather than a quitter, and that the biggest benefit will be that next time I will learn from this frustrating experience and make a far WISER choice in selection of projects.

Fake it until you make it…

The very best way to become successful in life is to start by acting as if you were ALREADY HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL! Study those who you admire and have gone before in their pursuit of success and get into their Mindset. How would they act, what would they be thinking and how would they present themselves?

Imagine that you are an actor and you have been given the part of a highly successful Internet millionaire, how would you imitate them to give a good performance. Start acting like this immediately and keep it up until you reach that position.

Set lots of smaller goals and enjoy many achievements…

Remember to always break your goals and objectives down into lots of smaller goals. There are many good reasons for doing this and one of the main ones is that you can measure your progress far more easily. If you have a task that you have to work at for weeks on end you may feel that you are not making progress which can be quite disheartening.

However, and by contrast, if you have lots of smaller goals you can sometimes achieve multiple completions in just one day which makes you feel very positive, and as if you are really moving forward which you are. It also makes measurement of your progress far easier.

Those who keep records also break records…

Following right on from the previous heading it is essential that you measure your progress. Only by knowing what you have achieved in the past will you be able to measure your future successes against it. When my VERY FIRST mentor told me to measure everything I honestly thought it was a total waste of time. However, as I have grown older and hopefully a little wiser I realise and see the full value of this wisdom which will now pass on to you.

Don’t let the NEWS get you down…

In fact, I would suggest that you don’t look at the news at all!

Most of the news and tabloid press is wildly inaccurate as they generally put a spin on most of their stories to make them more newsworthy. Not only that, have you noticed that most of the news is negative, they are not reporting good news but the bad news because bad news sells far more copies of the newspaper than good news would.

For this reason alone I would suggest that you stop watching the news completely and if you want to keep up with the world headlines you can do so by having a Google or Yahoo home page which will deliver you the headlight directly to your desktop. Don’t waste your time listening to and reading the rubbish in the newspapers, you are NOW BETTER than that.

It’s not a matter of can’t it’s usually won’t!

Be aware that when someone tells you they can’t do something it is an excuse for they won’t do something.

Build a track record…

What prospects really want to see is that you are going to be there if they have a problem after paying for your product or service. For this reason, you should solicit recommendations and testimonials at every opportunity. Often when I receive a testimonials I will include it at the bottom of my next e-mail and in this way my entire mailing list becomes aware that someone else has also recommended me or my services, and once they see this a couple of times they will start to trust you far more.

You don’t have to be original to be creative…

As I have already mentioned in other parts during this course I often see good ideas which other people have developed and are far too good to use just once. I very often take such ideas or principles give them a little twist and then implement them into something which I am working on. I play with them and adapt them and they become very much my own ideas although I am borrowing somebody else’s principle.

Clear your desk…

On the theme of staying focused and avoid distractions I suggest that you make sure your working area is neat and tidy at all times. There is a very old joke that says that an untidy desk is the sign of a sick mind, and it’s just that, a very old joke. However, at the same time a neat and tidy desk also indicates that you have a neat and tidy mind and you are concentrating on perhaps just one outcome.

By contrast, a desk or workplace piled high with tasks which are waiting to be done or given attention are really quite distracting. In the past I had a very untidy desk and knew well how badly it distracted me with a pile of unfinished tasks and overdue actions awaiting my attention. By clearing my desk my mind became very much more focused upon what I was trying to achieve. No one needs distractions when they are trying to be productive so tidy up your desk up at the end of every day.

Watch carefully the top players in your market place…

When you start considering ideas and potential projects it’s a great idea to start watching and spying on those people who are already in that marketplace and generating a profit. There are lots of ways of doing this and many tools which will inform you when a specific website has been updated, but my favourite by a long way are Google alerts.

What you really want to know is what is it that they are doing differently, and is it working for them? Generally the questions you will have to ask yourself are how you can do it differently and how you can do it better?

Use the media to promote yourself…

Now if you’re prepared to put in the effort there is a fantastic way of gaining huge amounts of free traffic which very few people in this marketplace tap into. It’s called media coverage and basically what you are trying to do is get a story into the newspapers and then for that story to get picked up by other newspapers and reprinted. Now I am not going to tell you that this is easy to do, but neither is it that difficult if you stay focused and are determined to be successful at it.

If you are successful the results can be absolutely amazing, and to put things into perspective for you I generated a red-hot list of e-mails of 28,400 subscribers in just four days! I have developed other lists in excess of 12,000 subscribers in similar periods so you can see that when you get it right you can have a really big payday.

Always follow up…

As I have already mentioned if there is one really big criticism I have of most businesses is that they fail to follow up. Sure, they may follow up once or even twice, but they don’t follow up consistently which is sad because as you now know it can often take multiple contacts with your prospects before they become purchase receptive.

Or, until this point they may not have been ready for the product or service that you offer but your e-mail arrived at just the right time and as a result you have now made a new customer. Build your e-mail lists and keep them warm because I know from experience that some of my best customers were on my list for two or three years before they purchased anything.

Be everywhere!

You need to develop as many different marketing techniques as you possible, start small and grow with experience and aim to get your message out EVERYWHERE. When your prospects start to see you in multiple places they presume you are far bigger than what you really are. This is the beauty of Internet marketing as it gives the perception of being a large company if you work at it and make sure you are seen in all of the right places.

Just do it…

You have a choice, you can believe and act as if you’re going to live forever, or you can put your back into it and work at it as if your life depended on it, and if you do this one day in the not too distant future you will look over your shoulder to discover that you have become successful

Please remember that lower quality products which come to market ALWAYS outperform perfect ones which are never ready. Hit the ground running and improve and refine as you advance.