Written goals are essential!
Have you have ever wondered what distinguishes the achievers from the non-achievers in life?
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The No BS facts
Goal Achievement


“The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them… ”
Denis Watley

Now you have 3 choices:

You can listen, download or read this valuable material on goal achievement!

You can’t hit a target you can’t see…

The goal is basically an objective, something which we are trying to achieve in our lives. Now you may be saying that you already have goals and the question I would ask in response would be then why haven’t you already achieved them?

Sorry, I am not trying to be flippant or argumentative with you. It’s just that what most people call goals are in fact dreams without substance! They are the things they dream about achieving and possessing at some point in the future; although I seriously doubt the fact that most people with such dreams believe that they will ever achieve them. Believe them or not, until you convert them from a dream and into an achievable goal it is unlikely you will come even close to succeeding in reaching them.

A goal is a powerful entity!

Goals and dreams are what separate achievers from the non-achievers in life.

Where a dream is a desire which remains within your mind, a serious goal or objective is written down upon paper in fine detail and becomes something else. Committing your objective to paper makes a VERY POWERFUL statement and intention to your subconscious mind and success system.

Not only that, but written goals become your route map to success. The more detail and emotion you can build into your written goals the more likely you are to achieve them. And to complete this process and Turbo charge your goals and objectives you should of course have a deadline of when you intend to achieve your goal by.

“We find no real satisfaction or happiness in life without obstacles to conquer and goals to achieve…”
Maxwell Maltz

Why are they so important?

Now that you understand the difference between goals and dreams you will find it easy to understand that without specific written goals to guide you and refer back to, you could be compared to a ship without a rudder which would find it very difficult to navigate to its objective. Once you have a well-defined goal and route map to refer to you have in fact got YOUR TARGET firmly with in your sights.

Well written goals not only become your route map for success but their own INSPIRATION FOR ACHIEVEMENT and will fuel your beliefs and desires and work in conjunction with your other mental toolkit and success tools.

“Before we get into the meat of this section and planning your goals and objectives for the future I would like to tell you that you will either be living the goals and dreams of your own, or you will be part of somebody else’s. If you have a job or receive a regular salary your already are! The reason that most people are part of somebody else’s dream is because they DON’T have any firm goals of their own, and I will highlight this fact as we progress.

Achievable goals are the first step to self-improvement.”

J. K. Rowling


The Harvard story…

Now the following story is one I’ve heard related many times, however I am not certain if it is true or just a nice story to reinforce the value of having written goals. However, I can fully believe that the supposed facts and figures used in this story are realistic for the simple reason that we know that just 3% to 5% of our population are either financially independent or wealthy.

Personally I would like to believe this experiment actually took place so let me relate it to you right now.

Apparently it involved a year group in business studies at Harvard University Massachusetts USA in the early Fifties. At the conclusion of their year they would gather together for a leaving party where they were all asked if they had goals. Of course everyone put their hand in the air to confirm that they all had goals in life.

They were then asked how many people had written goals and unsurprisingly just 3% of that group stated that they had their goals written down and that they review them regularly.

10 years past, and at a reunion of this same group of individuals the 3% of the group who had written goals had generated a combined wealth greater than the remaining 97% of this group! Is this a coincidence? No it is not! Ask any highly successful person who has achieved big things in their life if they have written goals and I can confidently tell you that they will confirm they have.

“Dreams, goals, ambitions – these are the stuff man uses for fuel…”
Ron Hubbard

Written goals really work…

This is not one of those tasks that you quickly do and get done as just soon as possible before advancing to the next task. Your goals need to be stated in fine detail and generate strong emotional feelings within you and when this happens they will start to fuel a burning desire which is our objective because burning desires are far easier to achieve than intangible dreams.

So the trick is to become passionate about setting goals and really enjoy the process. Think big and have fun with them because the more specific and detailed you can make your goals. The more feeling and emotion they provoke within you, the more likely you are to achieve them.

You may be able to fool others by saying you have written goals, but you can’t fool yourself and unless you’re totally committed to their achievement and your intentions are congruent with your objectives you will simply be wasting your time.


Make them juicy…

Small weak and undefined goals WILL NOT do it for you. They must be powerful objectives that get your heart beating. In fact, your goals should scare you a little and EXCITE YOU A LOT.

If Moses had specific written goals, then he probably wouldn’t have needed to have wandered in the wilderness for 40 years!

How to set achievable goals…

This is a very simple process which I am about to share and you can get started immediately. I suggest that you write them out initially on a computer word processor because as you will soon discover you will continually want to update them and improve them, and this process will begin almost immediately.

Step One:

Start with a list of all the things you would like to achieve in your life. When I say ALL of the things I SERIOUSLY mean ALL OF THEM, everything you have ever wanted to achieve. Your list could take you some time to write out and when you have finished it you may find yourself running back and adding other desires to the end of it which is fine, LIST EVERYTHING and take as much time as you need.

Now don’t be tempted to write down what you THINK you can achieve, because it is important to write WHAT you want. Another pitfall that many individuals fall into when writing out their list of goals is to think what they want, and then immediately think specifically HOW they are going to achieve it! The problem with thinking in this way is that if you don’t have the solution to how you will achieve your goal you often stop wanting it, which is wrong. Just remember a goal is something that you want to achieve or become, and you DO NOT have to have a solution of how you will achieve it at this point.

Once you have drawn up your bullet point list of desires we can move onto the next step, but before we do so I would like to tell you that nothing is written in tablets of stone, which means you can go back to your goals and update them at any time. Goal setting is a creative process and very often as we write our goals and desires, we trigger others which also need writing down and adding to your list. So feel free to return to your list and upgrade them at any time, this is why I suggest you schedule personal time into your diary on a daily basis which gives you an opportunity to update and review your goals.

Step Two:

Now comes the fun bit and I have to tell you this action is ONGOING!

If you manage to do this task in under a couple of hours you are simply not DOING IT CORRECTLY. Some individuals will take weeks to complete this task which is fine, because you can be working on other things at the same point.

Start expanding upon each of your goals and adding in the details. This is where you can get really creative and you include feelings colours and even smells and tastes if you wish to do so. Just remember to have lots of fun with it and make your goals as detailed as possible. There are no rights or wrongs at this point, or reason for embarrassment, because your goals are yours and not written or designed to share with other people unless you wish to do so.

Some of my goals are literally thousands of words in length! They read like a short book or well-padded reports. They go into fine detail about what I want to achieve and when I read them they make me feel really good and generate a warm and comforting feeling deep within me which is exactly the reason I am writing them. I can clearly see myself enjoying their achievement in my mind and this combined with the feelings that they generate is powerful medicine in the achievement of your goals.

Step Three:

Now you realise the reason behind writing your goals and objectives on a computer word processor, because now it’s time to cut and paste your goals into priority of importance. Place your very most important goal at the top of the page in place of prominence because it is the first one you should be working towards achieving.

Step Four:

Whatever else you do, please DO NOT miss this next bit out because it is so important.

Read your goals regularly, now I suggest if you are new to this process that you are totally commited to reading your goals every morning as soon as you get up. In fact, get up a little bit earlier to make time for doing so, and then read them through again at the end of the day before you go to bed and think and dream about them as much as possible.

Enjoy them see yourself associated with their achievement, feel how good achieving them makes you feel and the other emotions they may trigger within you. I also suggest that you carry a copy of your goals with you at all times and if you ever feel a little bit negative or lost that you read them through and let the emotion they generate cheer you up.