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Website hosting

As part of your membership package you will be provided with as many UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH website hosting packages as you need for your own use. As you would expect I apply three simple rules which are fair to us both, these being:

  • Never host adult or pornographic material
  • Never spam (To find out more about spam click here)
  • Take part in anything which you are conscious is illegal

Failure to abide to this simple agreement will result in your website being permanently switched off!

Website Housekeeping…

For security reasons and as a part of your hosting agreement you will be expected to keep any software (Blogs and themes etc.) as well as plugins current and up-to-date, most of which is done automatically and only requires your authorisation and the click of a mouse for them to be updated!

The reason for this is that hacking on the Internet is rife and intruders usually gain access to a website through outdated software which they have had time to reverse engineer and this is one of the reasons why software companies such as Word Press update their software so regularly, simply because it makes it more difficult for would-be hackers to gain access. Updating such software is simply good housekeeping and protects your investment because infected website generally need to be wiped out and started again possibly loosing you a valuable profit stream which you spent lots of time establishing.

‘Fast Track’ membership…

The text material, audio and videos in the membership areas as well as the mentoring material is for the EXCLUSIVE use of our ‘Fast Track’ members to help them develop their own MULTIPLE Internet related profit streams. For this reason you must never share this material with anyone else or let them use your password. If fact, the system uses some powerful security software that monitors access and if it suspects that your password has been shared it will lock you out until the situation can be resolved.

Your membership to the ‘Fast Track’ program will last for a year and after 12 months you will have the option to keep your membership open and enjoy the ongoing benefits from new or updated material for a token sum.


As the Internet is still so young and advancing on a daily basis you will soon discover that the tips, methods and techniques you will find in this membership area are updated as necessary. Most alterations will be minor adjustments although there will be some which are far larger. For that reason I reserve the right to change and upgrade this material at any time for the benefit of my ‘Fast Track’ to wealth membership.

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