Recommencing Facebook marketing

Yesterday I restarted promoting PPS through my face book accounts and fan pages.

I put a lot of preparation into setting up a new fan page at: and so I want to leverage it to the very maximum.

However, a lot of the strategies I have been studying lately either didn’t seem to work or simply were not practical which highlights the fact that many of the techniques which are sold and promoted as money makers and total BS! I started slowly and got two likes for my page which is a start although I will be looking for upward of 50 a week as a minimum as we move forward so today I will be trying out some new techniques.


If you want to build a following posting regularly is really ESSENTIAL!

I have learned if you publish a great status update but its your first for several months it will not get as much attentions as if it was just part of your regular publishing program. For this reason, if you are taking FACEBOOK MARKETING seriously at the very minimum be prepared to publish to your wall a couple of times per week.

Make it juicy!

Here is the banner I have been promoting this morning and it got a new fan and their email within the first couple of minutes of being published so I am going to watch carefully to see if this sis beginners luck or not.

Facebook have recently put ‘SHARE’ links on status updates so as you will notice I have encouraged readers to just that so I can take FULL advantage of the viral nature of Facebook.

I am testing this type of banner type advertisement right now but it would be interesting to obtain your feedback and thoughts on it either below this article of directly back on the FB page, you can find it at:


For some reason my ‘Kevin Martyn’ account is not letting me share my status and with my fan pages so I have to reproduce publishing them in each fan page which is a pain! I am not too sure what to do about it or if there is ANYTHING which I can do about this as when I have reported a problem to FB in the past I have never received a reply.

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