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You can sell a service just as easily as a product over the internet.
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Do enjoy the idea of providing a service?


“Some services open your new business up to a worldwide market place, and if this sounds appealing to you and you enjoy providing a service and working with other companies this is going to 
fit you like a made-to-measure suit!”


Until this point we have been focusing almost all of our attention on products and affiliation of products. However, there are a growing number of businesses offering all kinds of services over the Internet today. Once again this is one of those profit modules where you have to think RIGHT OUTSIDE of the box and try and make your service adapt to become an online service because with the right Mindset most things are possible.

So why would you want to start an Internet-based service?

Three very good reasons which would spring to mind would be the cost of setting up such a business compared to traditional bricks and mortar type businesses. The ability to run it from the comfort of your own home and probably most important of all, access to a worldwide marketplace which is something the corner shop does not have.

Now the chances are that you may already have a saleable skill or a range of them which are ideally suited to the Internet? If not I have provided a few ideas below which you may want to consider developing and offering as a service. As your web related skills grow you may also develop a profitable service you want to share with others as well as adding variety to what you do.

Consultants are always in demand…

I have been selling my website consultancy services for a number of years and I am always in HIGH DEMAND and ask upwards of £1,000 per day for my time, sometimes MUCH MORE! I also have developed a small compliment of other skills which I can sell for similar fees. It’s always good to have additional skills you can turn to, so please give what follows consideration because in times of recession you may be glad you did so.

As always you are only going to be constricted by your imagination because if you stay open-minded and confidently believe in yourself you will finish this profit model with a whole list of potential ideas which you can develop if you so desire. For this reason please think of the following list of ideas as inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Consultancy – This is my favourite service and if you are good at idea and strategy development there will always be a demand for your services. My website marketing strategies and consultancy have taken me right across Europe and to the US, and I turn most of it down or pass it on to a friend.

Mobile websites – Right now this is a RED HOT development area due to the rapid growth of smart phones. Just this morning I looked at a new feature in my statistics software which told me that nearly 8% of all of my visitors to one of my sites were on smart phones! This figure is set to go up dramatically.

Web site development – Becoming skilled in constructing WP sites is not difficult although it can be very overwhelming to the beginner and for that reason this is a market where you can make a real killing because some people just can’t be bothered to learn and require others to put sites together for them.

Graphic Design – If you have Photoshop skills you will find this is another string you can add to your bow or arsenal of services you have for hire. Remember, only a low percentage of web users have graphical design skills, and hardly a week goes by when I am not asked where I had this or that graphic developed, so there is plenty of potential.

Video Sales Letters – Imagine developing a service which specialises in sales video development and the chances are that you will stay VERY busy. Now this is not a hard skill to master, but it is a steep learning curve and one only a very low percentage of individuals are prepared to work at and get right. It also would be a very easy sell because I can prove from my sales statistics that my video sales letters generally out-pull traditional sales pages by a two or 3 to 1 ratio.

Copy writing – If you have a talent for writing quality copy you will stay busy as your name gets around. The way to get started is to approach companies directly and have samples of your work selling your own products and services and this usually does the trick.

PR Consultant – I taught myself this skill and later wrote a best-selling book on the same subject. Writing news releases really is not difficult and there is a great living to be had by those prepared to develop the right skills. The

Positives Benefits…

  • You will find that there’s lots of cash on the table doing what you do best waiting to be claimed
  • Offering your skills for hire is a great way of getting started for yourself

Negatives challenges…

  • Avoid trading your time for money and putting an hourly price upon what you do or you will limit yourself

Action Plan

  • Take stock of ideas and skills which you already have that can be converted into services
  • What do you already know and how can you offer it as a service?
  • Consider learning skills which attract you or will help you in your Internet related income generation
  • Identify specifically who is your target market
  • Be clear what are their related problems and challenges and how your service will help them
  • Design a method of giving them up front no obligation benefit, perhaps a small free product or short report to get them onto your list
  • Develop a squeeze page and use this gift to build your e-mail list
  • Design a sequence of 7 – 10 additional benefit giving auto responder emails
  • Consider the development of a newsletter aimed at local businesses or your target market
  • Keep developing up front benefits to build your relationship with them
  • Don’t keep your new skills a secret