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This is not an overnight product and generally evolves rather than designed.
Profit Models
The authority website

Don’t try designing it, evolve it…


“If you keep working at it and focusing forward and specifically upon giving value, one day you will look over your shoulder to discover you have become VERY SUCCESSFUL and at the very same time generated
an ENVIABLE lifestyle for yourself!”


…the exit or sale value of such websites can be phenomenal!


My hope is that you read this profit model only after you have read the model on niche website development. If not I would encourage you to stop now and read that first simply because that is 180 degree about turn on this model and the complete reverse to this profit model and reading that one first is likely to put this one into perspective for you.

This is a very short profit model and you will understand why once you have read it.

A good description of an authority website…

Authority websites can contain 100s or 1000s of pages as well as thousands of blog posts as well as a variety of other material such as videos and how to solutions. They are websites which can be used as a resource for a topic or theme and one that offers lots of value on a variety on niches within that theme.

Generally and due to its size and quality it organically (through the search engines) attracts lots of visitors.

This is a website which will provide you with ALL of the information you need on a specific subject or topic and because they continue to publish and offer value it is likely it will be a website which you will return to many times as well as recommending them to others as they offer value and authorities in this field of expertise.

Such websites could offer both products and services and will generate their income from multiple profit streams affiliation and joint ventures being just two of them.

Rome wasn’t built in a day…

In the very same way an authority website won’t happen or be built over night. In fact, and as I have already mentioned they more evolve than are designed and although you may start with good intentions and a fine definition plan they are likely to change out of all recognition as you progress and as your market will dictate their needs as you grow!

Building a blog into your website is a great idea as it gives you the opportunity to keep offering ongoing benefits and your audience and get the right of response via the comments which is a powerful social proof.

Example sites…

Now I am only going to offer you one site to look at to avoid confusion or overload and it’s mine. Although it’s not a particularly large site it’s steadily growing and offers many more solutions and gateway pages than may first be apparent. The reason I am using this as a template is that it also offers many solutions and squeeze pages and ways of joining my mail lists and getting directly onto my auto responder email sequence.

It work well, makes ongoing profits and does exactly what it was designed to do. You will find times when I play with it and redesign visual aspects although most of the changes are about the sales process and capturing genuine prospects names and addresses.

Practical Profit Solutions:

Now if you are reading this the chances are that you are already familiar with this website and it may well be the one which you first arrived at before becoming a fast track member.

Negatives challenges…

  • They take time to develop, but if you stick at it your small site will eventually grow into a big one
  • If they get hacked you have much more to lose so take precautions

Action Plan

  • Find a theme which you like
  • Develop a long term strategy for growth and attracting visitors
  • Develop methods for generating ongoing value
  • Start delivering
  • Add regular new articles and pages
  • Keep working and growing it and constantly search for ways of giving better value
  • A resource centre with lots of pages
  • Grows into something much bigger over time
  • Google likes sites with lots of relevant pages