Profit Models


“If getting set up and running quickly is important to you what follows may be
the starting point for you!”

Have you ever fancied running your own fashion agency, real estate or auctions site? Well now you can and, in fact you could set up shop using any of the following themed websites:

  1. Coupons

  2. Classified ads

  3. Agency

  4. Instant Shop

  5. Directory

  6. Private Auction

  7. Real estate

  8. Job Resume

  9. Employer Advertisement

  10. Comparison of products or services

You can set up a FULLY FUNCTIONING professional looking business website in just a couple of hours or so. This is more about a set of software tools than anything else which allow you the opportunity to set up a business fast and at the same time make you look professional.

Study these WP (Word Press) templates because I can show you people making money in every one of these theme areas, and MANY which have been adapted also. All you need is a merchant account and you are set up and ready to get started.

This is not going to be a long profit model because these will either inspire you and you will see the value of investing into them or you won’t!