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Profit Models
Profit Models Introduction

Are you up to the task?

“You are about to discover a GOLDMINE of rich tried, tested and proven methods and techniques for generating multiple streams of
ONGOING internet profit!”

…you can take a horse to water but you can’t make them drink!

If generating an online income is your objective what follows are some of the top methods and techniques you will find anywhere for doing so. There are others I am sure, but these are the best that I know of and 10 x more than you will ever need to establish an enviable lifestyle and ongoing income.

Without exception there will be something to suit everyone who possesses the determination to succeed and generate their own ongoing profit streams. Begin by taking your time and looking through these profit models carefully to discover what you find most interesting. The first step is for you to understand exactly how they work and then how YOU can make a profit from them. Although some go into more detail these are basic outlines of the profit model.

You may find more in depth methods of the ‘how to techniques’ in the core skills section. Investigate further the items which attract you most and catch your attention. Immediately start taking and keeping notes and asking yourself what else you need to know? Much of financial Internet related success comes from being curious and spending time looking and independently investigating and most importantly of all, asking yourself questions and discovering ways of doing it better


For every winner in life you will find 99 others who are not or will even become close.

It’s the same in every aspect of life and particularly so of would be Internet entrepreneurs. These are the ones who think they know everything although they didn’t ever make a penny out of the process. After all, if it didn’t work for them why should it work for you or anyone else either?

There are more of them in this business than most simply because “Internet Marketing” is just so easy to get started in. This large and growing group are made up of greedy, gullible and impatient people who DO NOT possess the determination and consistency of effort to make it happen for them. By contrast these are people looking for instant gratification and instantaneous results.

Let’s face it, armed with this attitude they fall firmly in the group of life’s ‘NO HOPERS’. Generally they flit from technique to technique looking for the magic button, the one which will make them fabulously wealthy overnight with a minimum of work or effort on their part. When they don’t find it they blame everyone but themselves and are the VERY loudest when it comes to telling you what won’t work.

You will find them EVERYWHERE but especially de-motivating those who have the ambition to become successful. Why this is I am not completely certain, but I am sure that it has a lot has to do with you showing them up as a failures if you experience success where they didn’t. My advice is to stay away from such mentally destructive individuals or you will find your enthusiasm and aspirations evaporating faster than water in a sun drenched desert. Don’t spend any time or energy listening to them. The only thing which they can teach you is how NOT to do something.

The good news is that for every 99 who are going nowhere there is always that 1% who do make it big, REALLY BIG, and a further 5% that generate an enviable lifestyle for themselves and this could be you! Whatever the niche that so many have failed in, you will ALWAYS find a minority in it making money. What makes these who can and do different from those that can’t and never will? The answer is simple and one anyone can reproduce. These are the individuals who are not afraid of hard work and are prepared to do what it takes to make it happen. Like all of us they will makes mistakes, but by contrast they will embrace and learn from them and get up and have another go. This may happen 100 times until they reach the point where they begin to experience more successes than failures.

It has nothing to do with their level of intelligence, but EVERYTHING to do with their positive Mindset and consistent positive actions. So please remember, even if you only see just one success in a thousand failures, you have your proof that it works and a template to follow to make it happen. …and then you with patience and hard work can become a financial success also.

“The only one who can stop you is YOU, so make the decision to get out of your own way today!”


  • Go through ALL of the profit modules carefully AT LEAST once
  • Make notes as you progress and investigate further wherever possible
  • Decide upon JUST one of the profit modules which you like most and feel suits you best and make plans to clear the desk top to begin working upon that first
  • Please don’t make it difficult for yourself by trying to work in more than one area at a time or flit from idea to idea as this will get you nowhere
  • Stick with it and make it happen
  • If you need additional help book some 1-to-1 mentoring and I will be there to help

Or, go through the first module entitled the ‘No BS facts for success’ which deals with the most important aspect of all which is your Mindset