Phenomenal Potential!
I really don’t know why I am sharing this model because I know I could make it work for myself.
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If you like the build it once sell it unlimited times model this could be for you…

“Here is a market place with MASSIVE potential and UNLIMITED opportunity which could earn you
a small fortune! EVERY MONTH”


…get behind this market place and have it ALL to yourself!


Now I have never done what follows in this profit model personally! However, this is an idea which I have played with for a number of years and has always appealed to me because I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that I could make it work, and so could anyone for that matter as there are just so many possibilities open to you.

To say you would be spoiled for choice would be a MASSIVE UNDERSTATEMENT to say the very least because this project has more opportunities than you could shake a stick at, but why you would want to shake a stick at them in the first place I am not quite sure.

So what exactly is it?

The idea is simple, making quick and simple highly usable ’How to use’ or ‘How to construct’ videos for other people’s products. Below are a couple of potential models you may wish to consider however, this market is much bigger than this and you will only be limited by your imagination

Scenario One:

Have you ever purchased flat pack furniture from IKEA or office stores?

If so, you, like 99% of the rest of the population you probably agree that the instructions have been written by MARTIANS or someone with a poor sense of humour having a bit of a joke! They are extremely misleading, very frustrating and quite simply difficult to follow and you often have lots of bits left over when you’ve finished putting everything together which can be quite worrying.

Even simple designs can take ages to work out and put together!

Just imagine for a moment how much easier and more fun these would be to construct if you had a short step-by-step video to follow which showed you exactly how to do it. These could be provided very inexpensively on CD, or even better, they could be streamed directly from the Internet using a password to protect your information and videos from unauthorised access.

Such videos or more comprehensive construction plans would make the purchase of flat pack furniture far more desirable and generate the manufacturer higher profits. So with this in mind do you think that manufacturers would be prepared to pay a small fee for someone who makes such high quality tutorials for them? I certainly think this would be an extremely VIABLE PROPOSITION if you approach them correctly. Especially if it enabled them to sell more products I am sure they would be prepared to pay 10p – 20p per copy.

Now this may not sound like much of a deal until you realise that they sell thousands of these products each and every month which go on selling for years and years to come. Not only that, but they have hundreds if not thousands of product lines which would also benefit from such videos or tutorials.

Can you see the potential?

For these enterprises to commission a video development company to script and create a video on their behalf and then employ an actor or presenter to front it would run into several thousand pounds per product at the VERY LEAST, perhaps far more! So how do you think they would react to someone approaching them with a high quality copyrighted video on that subject that is already fully developed? They would probably say this is exactly what we needed WITHOUT the prohibitive production costs. They may even think you have fallen off a Christmas tree turning up with a HIGH QUALITY video which they could include as part of their package without the fuss of producing it themselves.

Remember to think outside the box because there are lots of different possibilities and products that this technique’s would work with.

Scenario Two:

In this next Scenario please imagine that you are buying a piece of software and you had the choice of two different links from which you could purchase. Tell me which of these would you prefer to buy from?

Site A: Buy this product here…

Site B: Get it here and immediately receive 12 complimentary step-by-step video tips on specifically how you can make money from this product in the next 10 days and establish a new profit stream! …you can’t get this information ANYWHERE else!

Now remember that it’s not costing the prospect a penny more to go with you and they get a whole load of additional benefits included. The products own videos or instructions may show you how to uses their product from a developers point of view. However very few product developers create such videos from a user’s perspective, or show you how to make money from them by going into the full practicalities of their product.

Whatever the software or product, with a little creativity you could create unique benefit driven videos and tutorials which would make the purchaser choose you almost EVERY TIME! Of course the purchase link you provide would be an affiliate links and once they have purchased using it you give them access to your complementary product or tutorial. So you see that using this route you don’t even have to approach the product developer to make a deal with them.

Why not turn it into an opportunity…

The way in which I would make this work would be to approach those who have existing lists and can influence volumes of potential prospects, and then do a JV (Joint Venture) with them by splitting the product commissions. It stands to reason if you started to develop higher sales than others in the marketplace the affiliate vendor would very likely negotiate more favourable terms with you and so both you and your JV partner will benefit from the arrangement.

Potential JV partners could be a first level affiliate and generate a full commission on their own, but they would soon work out that the offer with your complimentary product will result in them making more profit and their list gaining more value so it becomes no contest.

Additional potential…

Using this method would give you the opportunity to build large mailing lists which you could offer other related products to at a later date. Individuals who buy a specific piece of software will have a high probability of showing interest in other related software products.

Positives Benefits…

  • This looks so much fun that I am considering doing it myself at some point in the future
  • Unlimited opportunity and virtually no competitors
  • MASSIVE profit potential
  • Ongoing ACCUMULATIVE earnings

Negatives Challenges…

  • It’s totally speculative but so are most projects where you have the potential to generate BIG profits
  • You will have to master a few new complimentary skills as you progress

Action Plan

  • Begin by looking for products and areas of products where you could generate a profit
  • If you are considering software products you will have to look at and explore their full potential
  • Make one demo video which you can use to sell your skills to potential prospects
  • Work on them one by one to discover the one with the greatest potential
  • Break potential projects down into smaller steps
  • Make it happen