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Drop Shipping

 What follows is a VERY underutilised method of making money…

“If having unique products and opportunities is important to you? Then DROP SHIPPING
will be right up your street!”

…you will find no shortage of companies happy to help you create ongoing profits!


What follows is a very simple process which anyone with virtually ZERO SKILL can set up and get running and the main advantage is that it gives you access to selling UNIQUE PRODUCTS which makes you very hard to compete with.

Drop ship or drop shipping is the term used to describe the process of another company allowing you to sell their products and services as their representative, and once they have been paid for will dispatch the product or fulfill your order and terms of agreement. To re-frame, this process you are simply the middleman or wholesaler without the premises to stock the product.

What makes drop shipping different from being an affiliate is you are responsible for the selling and the sales material gives you discretion over the finished sale price rather than this being fixed by affiliate vendor. What you are really after are WHOLESALE rather than retail prices as this offers you the opportunity to start your sales process at a far higher price if you wish, and then offer discounts and coupons which is a great way of selling product from the Internet.

This is one of those opportunities which work better in times of recession than at any other times as there are very few companies which will say NO to generating additional sales. They are happy to explore any new ethical possibilities which will generate an income and cash flow, and just so long as you represent them professionally they will be happy for you to make an ongoing profit as you do so.

Now this is a very big subject with many possibilities, so to keep it simple and specific you could sell and promote such product and services from your website or via your e-mail list, or even via joint ventures etc.

No shipping, nothing to stock…

Now remember that the drop ship company will take care of all of the product development, stocking and fulfillment of orders which you find for them. That is a huge amount of work which they are doing for you leaving you completely free to concentrate on your side of this deal which is to sell and promote as much product as possible.

The drop ship process…

  • Once you have found a company, product or service you would like to promote approach the company and make them an offer
  • They may ask for details of how you are going to sell their wares which is quite understandable because the last thing they want are problems as the process moves forward
  • Generally however, what they want to avoid is you selling to the same market place which they are already reaching as this would simply cut into their profits and be completely self-defeating
  • However, if you reach a different and for them a NEW MARKET PLACE there should be no problems
  • Establish the rules of the game right up front as you will be approaching multiple companies it will be worth you drawing up a template document of terms and agreement which may need refining, and that you will both want a signed copy of
  • See if they will share their product or service photographs or illustrations to use in your sales material, this generally won’t be a problem as it will help you sell their product and generate them higher profits
  • Also see if you can get their sales letter and other related material. Now I guarantee you that 99 time out of 100 you will find this PAINFULLY simple to improve upon because the sales material of most companies is very underwhelming
  • Take a different approach to developing your sales material; generally do EXACTLY the opposite to what they do! By doing this they can never complain that you have copied their sales material although when you develop sales material that works they will quickly imitate and reproduce it
  • When you make a sale simply forward the shipping details on to the company directly
  • If it’s a new company you are dealing with they may insist that you make up front payment before they will dispatch product, or they may invoice you directly for it
  • This is one of the reasons I encourage you to begin working with local companies because you may want to take the order and payment directly to them so they become familiar with you until you have developed trust
  • The difference between the two selling prices is your well-earned profit
  • I said that it was simple!

Positives Benefits…

  • No products to develop or stock to maintain
  • You can alter your selling price to suit as either part or all of a deal
  • As you are dealing with many companies you can combine products to make packages and attractive deals bundles, so creativity will go a long way to making you successful
  • Drop shipping will provide you with UNLIMITED earning potential
  • You may be able to make additional sales of the copyrighted selling material your create if they produce results

Negatives challenges…

  • The process can be a little convoluted until you develop a working relationship!

Action Plan

  • Start by looking at the business or companies which are in your local town or city
  • Make a list of the products or services which you would be happy selling
  • Don’t be too fussy at this point as this step is about educating yourself to possibilities and potential
  • Design a strategy for approaching companies which may be a mixture of e-mail, letter, video or even a short presentation
  • Approach companies and improve your process as you progress
  • Develop compelling sales COPYRIGHTED material for your products and services
Don’t pay attention to Internet-based companies, or anyone claiming to provide drop shipping services because these will be the deals everyone else is offering and they won’t offer you any advantage. Follow this simple process and you will find it very easy to arrange your own deals.