A great way of making a living!
If you enjoy writing and interacting with other blogging may just be for you.
Profit Models

It’s hard to believe that you can generate a FANTASTIC income from a pursuit that is such fun and offer SO MANY positive benefits…

“If you want to develop a RELAXEDand LAID-BACK LIFESTYLE that you can do from  ANYWHERE in the world,
then Blogging may just be for you!”

…it also will lead you to  MUCH BIGGER opportunities!

What exactly is a blog?

Here is the wiki definition:

A blog is a website on which an individual or group of users record opinions and information on a regular basis.

If you enjoy writing, maintaining a blog will probably be right up your street. For me blogging is what I will probably be doing MUCH MORE of in the future as it’s a really interesting way of generating an ongoing income from the comfort of my own home or wherever I am in the world.

How does blogging differ from other websites?

Generally a blog, or the author of that blog builds up interest and captures an audience who are entertained and informed through their blog posts and articles which they have right of reply to via the comments facility. This can build a strong community of like-minded thinkers and followers. A blog may discuss many problems and solutions upon a specific or a broad theme and can have hundreds, thousands or even HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of followers and subscribers.

Now I could go on talking about blogs and blogging for many pages and probably could even write a short book on the subject. However, I think at this point it is a good idea for you to fully understand what I’m talking about by experiencing a few blogs for yourself.

You’ll find no shortage of them and the best way to search them out is by using Google. Simply type in the keyword or keyword phrase which is of most interest to you, then as you can see from the illustration if you click on the More link a drop-down box will open where you can select that the search is made upon blogs.

The results which it returns will be the top blogs listed in Google for your keyword. So go and visit a few blogs to get a good feel for what we are discussing in this profit module.

You are soon going to realise that there are no hard and fast rules about running a blog as many follow completely different strategies; it’s your game so you can play how you wish. However, if you’re smart you will be guided by your audience and what they want and a blog is the ideal place to specifically find this out.


So how can you make profit from a blog?

There are many profit streams which you can maximise upon from starting and maintaining a quality blog, so let’s go through the main ones right now.

Selling your own product or service…

Now there is no better way of positioning yourself as an authority or expert on your specific subject than by maintaining a blog. It will really get your name around as an expert and some people choose this method to sell their own products or services as it has many advantages over a simple authority sales site. Visitors generally don’t feel they are being sold to; so much as they have the opportunity to buy in if they so wish.


Product reviews…

As an authority in your chosen subject you will obviously be interested in products and services which are developed as a solution to problems and challenges which your readers and subscribers may be experiencing. Often, developers will come to you and even pay you to do a review upon their products and services and you of course if they reach approval standard you will have a convenient affiliate link to that product in case anyone wishes to purchase it.

Product or service launches…

Being at the cutting-edge of your industry you are likely to be one of the first to know about new products or services which are about to be launched. If so, you may become part of a product launch which can be HIGHLY PROFITABLE.

Both of these above two methods will probably be used as ongoing profit generating techniques and are perfectly acceptable on the blog because everyone understands if you are offering quality information that takes time to produce that this is your job and that you must have a way of generating an income just to continue.


Many blogs will display banner ads of products and services which  relate to their niche. High traffic blogs may charge $250 or more per month for a 125 x 125 pixel banner advertisement which links directly back to the advertiser’s website. Or, you may decide to get paid by the number of impressions you provide (how many times their adverts is displayed).

For larger display ads the prices obviously are very MUCH HIGHER, as are certain advertising positions upon your website! I know from a few of my own blogs that some advertisers will book with you for a FULL YEAR IN ADVANCE if you offer a decent discount which means your blog could soon be generating a handsome income from advertising revenue alone.

However, you could also place your own affiliate banner ads upon your website and generate an income stream from this also. How many adverts you display on your website is up to you so you need to test to see what works best. However, there are many software solutions out there which will allow you to rotate ads. For instance, your advert may only get displayed to every fifth visitor etc. In this way you may have many more advertisers buying space upon your blog than is immediately obvious.



Another very profitable method of monetising your blog is by adding AdSense adverts to your sidebar or articles.

AdSense ads come in all shapes and sizes and the one you see displayed on this page is one of the largest display boxes which has been designed to be located in your sidebar.

Placing AdSense upon your site is really very easy because all you need to do is copy and paste the code which Google provides you with. Place it where you want it to appear and Google will do the rest to make it profitable.

As you probably already know Google’s big thing is RELEVANCE! For that reason you will find that your adverts become more specific to your niche and visitors as you progress. First of all Google will search your page to try to determine exactly what it is that your visitors are looking for.

Then when it thinks it has this sorted out it will start serving up relevant adverts, if they get clicked upon you’ll both be making money and you will knows it has the equation PARTLY RIGHT, although it will be constantly testing and improving. However, if no one clicks upon the adverts, Google will keep on changing and altering them until they do get it right.

AdSense is a PPC (pay per click) form of advertising, which means every time someone clicks upon one of these links they are transported to the advertiser’s page, and they pay for this service. Some clicks may just be worth a few pennies each, whereas other HIGH VALUE keywords could be worth many dollars per click.

 A few years ago I believe the top bid for the keyword MORTGAGE was $27 per click. Now Google gives you a percentage of the profit your adverts generate. Although no one is ABSOLUTELY certain of the EXACT percentage it is estimated to be approximately 50% of the gross cost per click. Some people specialise in developing AdSense websites and I personally know someone who makes in excess of £15,000 per month just from their AdSense campaigns alone.


 Now the last method of monetising your blog I want to deal with in this section are donations.

Now you’re probably thinking that asking for donations for writing a blog is a bit cheeky? However, I really don’t think it is if you are providing HIGH QUALITY INFORMATION for visitors and subscribers.

It may surprise you to discover that you can make a VERY HEALTHY income from DONATIONS ALONE.

As you can see from the illustration there are many ways to ask for a donation and one which seems to be very popular is the request to ‘BUY ME A COFFEE!’

There are a number of blogs which I follow who use this same profit streams on their own blog and every time I feel I’m receiving value from them I’m happy to make a few dollars donation. Whether they use it on Coffee or as a part of their income is up to them.



The POSITIVES BENEFITS of running a blog…

One of the great benefits of starting a blog is that it is VERY LOW COST, or even NO COST to get established, and then once you’re up and running you have next to ZERO overheads.

Certainly there are a few software tools which will help you to be more productive in attracting visitors. Then as you advance you may want to invest into a more expensive or attractive blog theme; and all of these are relatively inexpensive and once you have them there is nothing more to purchase. However, there are also thousands of free blog themes which you can choose from, then once you are established and making a profit you can decide to upgrade if you wish.


How many blogs do you want?

Once you have established your new blog you may decide that as you have a surplus of spare time that you want to establish a second or even third blog, in fact, there are no restrictions on HOW MANY blogs you establish. Writing a blog article may take you from 10 minutes to a couple of hours depending on its length and how much research time is required; so as you can see even if you write a new post EVERY DAY it still leaves you with TONS OF FREE TIME.


A blog develops momentum…

One of the most important actions you can develop in your life is momentum; those who have momentum in their lives generally GET THINGS DONE. Getting things rolling and taking that first step is always the HARDEST PART; then once you have movement it is much easier to maintain it and move EVEN FASTER if you wish.

There is a very old saying which states: if you want to get something done ask a busy person! The logic behind this saying implies that people who have momentum make things happen, which of course is true.


Writing a blog keeps you motivated…

From experience I can tell you that it’s very difficult to write blog articles without staying HIGHLY MOTIVATED for all that you have happening in your life at that time. Writing is a creative process which brings out the best in you and the desire to be the VERY BEST that you can be.


High level thinking generates other ideas…

As you think out your next blog post you are going to find other ideas for other projects and other posts popping in to your mind so ALWAYS capitalise upon these by immediately recording them for future use. In the same way as an individual who starts training to run marathons gains fitness stamina and benefits in all areas of their life, the HIGH-LEVEL THINKING which is required in writing regular blog posts will also deliver benefits to many areas of your life.


It hones your writing skills…

Now if you don’t think that you are a very good writer I promise you will be when you have been writing a blog for a while. Writing is really not that difficult if you have a passion to do so and the main ingredient which you are missing right now is PRACTICE and EXPERIENCE. Writer’s block is just a myth and an excuse not to put pen to paper. The way to write well is to start by writing, even if you write badly to start off with, and then improve as you progress.

Put in the time and I promise you that your writing will start to improve. Forget about comparing yourself or your work to that of other writers who are already established and have been writing for years. Just concentrate on giving value and developing your own UNIQUE style and it will begin to develop.


Positions you as an expert…

When you start writing on a specific subject you are in fact positioning yourself as an authority. Most people will start to perceive you as an expert in that field or marketplace and the best thing about this is it will open other opportunities for you to leverage as you progress.


Increases you level of general knowledge…

I very often have to write on subjects or areas of my specialised subject with which I am not familiar. So what to do? The obvious thing is to start researching, reading and studying everything I can find in this niche, and in the process I expand my knowledge dramatically, and you will also. The fact is that you can become an expert at ALMOST ANY subject if you are prepared to read upon it for an hour a day.


A blog will BOOST your traffic…

Even if you already have an existing website, adding a blog to it is likely to MASSIVELY INCREASE the present volume and quality of your traffic. The more you write and publish articles, the more traffic it will generate for you, especially if you take SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) SERIOUSLY to compliment and leveraged the articles which you write.


Generates an income…

Undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits of blogging is you can generate a VERY GENEROUS monthly income from doing so, especially when you add up all of the associated benefits and different income streams it will eventually generate for you.


Builds your name and reputation…

After a while you may be asked to write guest blogs for other bloggers which is not only an honour but will drive tons of traffic to your own personal blog. This is because you have been recognised as an authority on your subject matter and someone who is developing a good name for quality content.


A great way of building a community…

Depending upon your subject matter you could build a HUGE LIST of subscribers and followers which opens up other possibilities such as highly profitable joint ventures that will come along from time to time as well as starting a newsletter that opens up even more advertising possibilities.


Connects you with potential customers and prospects…

Simply because a blog is a two-way conversation there is no better way of connecting yourself with potential HIGHLY QUALIFIED PROSPECTS. You will also be building a value-based relationship which is likely to lead to all kinds of profitable possibilities as well as eventual sales.


It will connect you with the people who count…

Your blog will become your calling card and very much speak for you and for this reason it will connect you with people who really can make a difference in your business.


Keeps you LIGHT YEARS ahead of your competition…

If you have been looking for a method of getting a competitive advantage in your marketplace then look no further. The development of a QUALITY BLOG will put you head and shoulders above your competition and give you the opportunity to reach a far broader marketplace.


It may build you PR and media connections…

Have you ever wondered where journalists get their material from? Well it may surprise you to learn that when they are after a story they very often start with typing in relevant keywords into Google! If the search leads to your blog and they find it valuable they may use it as a reference in their article or even better, they may contact you with a view to doing an interview.

You simply can’t put a value on the FREE PUBLICITY that such media coverage will bring you!


It often leads to other and bigger things…

Although I don’t want to speculate or be too specific, but rather reiterate the fact that once you have been running a blog for a while things WILL START HAPPENING, it is very likely to lead onto other bigger things and opportunities just so long as you are open to them as they appear.


There is no need to give up your day job…

A really Big Bonus of blogging is that you can start on a very part-time basis perhaps just writing one or two articles a week in the initial stages. Then when it starts to develop an ongoing income for you reconsider your position and up your volume of articles to acquire more visitors and subscribers.


Allows you to live your life on your terms…

Running a quality blog will allow you to live your life VERY MUCH on your own terms. Once you have established it and have it generating an income you will be free from the restraints of commuting and being part of somebody else’s dream rather than living your own.

For most entrepreneurially minded individuals this will be the BIGGEST benefit of all. Can you imagine that starting tomorrow you can get up at a time which suits you and work the hours that accommodates your family and new lifestyle, and never again be limited by the level of income you can generate.


Work from anywhere…

For me the beauty of blogging is it allows me to work VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE.

Much of my work is done on a writing pad where I think and plan out my ideas and work out the bullet list of the points I am going to raise in my next article. Many of these ideas are thought-out as I’m walking along on my daily stroll as I dictate them into my Dictaphone for later use. Not only that, a few times a week I spend time relaxing at my club in the sauna or spa because this is a great place for idea generation. To record new ideas as they come to me I carry a little notebook and pencil in a water-proof bag along with my gym kit.

In the summer one of my very favourite pastimes is PEOPLE WATCHING, and as I live in a popular seaside resort you can often find me in one of the local cafes armed with my digital Dictaphone and notepad enjoying a cappuccino and watching the world go by.


A great stay at home way of generating an income…

Simply because of the rising costs of travel and the HUGE AMOUNT of time that it wastes, more and more people desire the opportunity to work from home. The good news is that establishing a quality blog will allow you to do just this. Many stop-at-home moms have really financially leveraged this opportunity and now have established blogs on a wide range of different subjects, and you could do the same.


Negative challenges of blogging!

I really hope I haven’t made this sound too easy because it’s not, although it is NOT DIFFICULT either!

Like most things in life if you want to be successful you have to start with the right attitude and be persistent by constantly FINE TUNING your project until you start getting desired results. This section wouldn’t be complete without telling you about the negatives of blogging.


There are no magic buttons…

What I mean by this is there are NO SHORTCUTS to establishing a quality blog. It’s a level playing field and you have the same opportunity as everyone else including the BIG BOYS, if you’re prepared to do what it takes?


No instant gratification…

I couldn’t say how long it will take YOU to get your new blog established and financially viable from a standing start because a lot will depend upon your personality.

Some people establish new income streams within weeks of starting and others take longer. However, one thing which I can tell you, or remind you of is MOMENTUM because when you first start is the VERY TIME when you have to put MOST of your effort in.

Remember, getting your ball rolling is the hardest part as your learning curve may be steep at the beginning and until you master the process where there seems so much initial setting up work to get done. However, like all things it will become MUCH easier as you progress.


Takes effort and focus…

Next to momentum CONSISTENCY and ONGOING EFFORT are the two big attributes you will need to develop. When you start to build an audience and enjoying a little success it’s just the beginning and the VERY TIME where you will have to do DOUBLE your efforts to keep your subscribers and get them talking to you. However, if you stay with it you will soon master this process and then everything becomes so much easier.


It can be time consuming IF YOU LET IT BE SO

As you start to master the skills of becoming a blogger you will begin to dramatically cut down on the time it takes you to write a new article. As you gain experience and develop your writing skills you will start working way ahead of yourself and probably have a number of articles almost ready for publication or in bullet form format awaiting completion.

You will create new HIGH QUALITY articles so much quicker than you have in the past, and like me be amazed that you are generating an income from something which is SO MUCH FUN.


A few blogging rules!

These are not ALL of the rules, but they are most of the IMPORTANT ones which will make the difference between developing a mediocre or an excellent blog which is successful. Forgive me if I repeat myself as I will simply be reiterating the importance of that particular action.


You MUST enjoy writing…

Have you ever noticed that as you read you can very often get into the authors head and feel their attitude as they wrote what you’re reading? For this reason if you are not enjoying writing I promise you that it will show and quickly be picked up upon. You need to be REALLY ENTHUSIASTIC about your blog and the value which it offers and take pride in it, and I promise this will show.

Remember ANYONE can develop good writing skills and the way to do this is maybe to first establish a personal blog where you develop and hone your skills before beginning a blog which is financially motivated.


Be opinionated and outspoken…

You need to become challenging and not afraid to say what you mean and think even if it does offend a few of your readers. Remember that they do have the right of reply through comments, however, you have the right to decide whether their comments will be published or not. You need to aim to become self-opinionated and provoke conversation because every time someone leaves you comments it is a form of social proof that someone is enjoying your blog.


Pick a topic you have a passion for… 

When you start to look for a potential topic or niche to begin your blog you need to ask yourself if you will still have the same passion and enthusiasm for this topic in one year from now, or after you have written 500 articles on this subject because this is the time when you will start to reap the fruits of your labour and you need to be as fresh and as enthusiastic as the day that you started.


Test and measure the level of interest…

I have always followed the three rules of marketing which are test, test and TEST some more. It would be very disappointing to start your new niche blog and give it your enthusiasm and energy for 12 months only to find that there is not a market for this topic. There are many ways of testing but one of the easiest is to run a series of Google Ad word adverts promoting your new blog topic, the one you are thinking of starting and seeing what interests this generates.

Link your advert to someone else’s blog or website on the same subject as all you are interested in is HOW MANY clicks you got over a two or three day period, and if that quantity makes developing this niche financially viable.

Look for other blogs in this marketplace and examine what they’re doing and see how you could do it differently or BETTER. Remember you don’t have to be original and it is far easier to move into an existing niche and simply OUT VALUE everyone else, than it is to move into a new niche as a pioneer. Being the first is fun, but RARELY puts as much income into your bank account as those who use the ‘Identify and Improve’ strategy which I have just mentioned.


Consistency is the key!

Our aim is to get Google visiting us really regularly perhaps two or three times A DAY, and to list our new articles as fast as possible. The simple rule of thumb is the more regularly you publish new material the more regularly Google will begin to visit and as a result possibly favour your site.

Here is a GUARANTEED METHOD for getting the Google spiders to visit you every single day, and perhaps even multiple times per day. Write and publish a new article EVERY DAY for 50 days without missing a day. This tells Google you are a very SERIOUS BLOGGER and they may give you higher Serps relevance for that reason.


Stamina is essential…

It takes enthusiasm and passion to keep writing on the same subject and one of the big challenges as you progress will be to find new topics within your niche. For this reason I suggest that you commit time before you begin your blog to write a list of potential blog topics which you can later develop.

You can make this list just as LONG as you wish but, I would suggest not less than 50 ideas and if you’re really enthusiastic also write the article titles.


Get into your readers head…

Successful bloggers tend to ask their readers lots of questions so they can find out what it is they REALLY WANT, and to discover if they are writing the correct material for this marketplace. Getting into your readers head and discovering the way they think IS ESSENTIAL and something which you may spend a lot of your time doing.


Encourage participation in the conversation…

One of the best ways to encourage visitors to leave comments is by asking them questions. These will not only provide you with VALUABLE ANSWERS, but more importantly they give you the opportunity to interact with your readers and build your relationship and for this reason when someone asks a question you MUST ALWAYS respond as QUICKLY as you can.


What are their problems and challenges?

What we really want to know is what is stopping them achieving their dreams and desires in life? Although you may be able to guess at their main challenges it’s a great idea to ask them directly because no one ever asks enough and there is ALWAYS something more to learn.


Be controversial and provoke the opinion of others…

If you start to study other bloggers you will soon identify some of the tricks and methods used to get their visitors to respond and leave comments. Once you have mastered this it’s simple to keep fine tuning your techniques until you reach the point where you have a highly interactive blog.


Your most wanted outcome

Now you may have MANY wanted outcomes on your blog such as people clicking on your affiliate links or buying you a Coffee and I have to agree generating an income is nice. However, far more important is the ability to be able to re-contact with your visitors as when you wish, and to do this you will need to get them to subscribe to your OWN mailing list.

Some people at this point become very confused because they already know that people can subscribe to your RSS feeds (really simple syndication feed) and feed burner (which allows subscribers to get all of your new articles and have them delivered directly to their inbox by e-mail) but this is different.

Your own mail list is essential as you have TOTAL CONTROL over time and frequency of the emails you send. The best method to get your visitors to subscribe to your list is by included some sort of ADDED VALUE for your special subscribers. What I mean by this is that subscribers to my e-mail list will get SOMETHING EXTRA which gives value that I don’t publish on the blog.


How long should blog post be?

The simple answer to this question is that your articles should be as long as they need to be to give value and keep your readers coming back for more. Now this doesn’t mean that you need to write articles which are 5,000 words or more long! However, you should develop a percentage of what are known as evergreen (always popular) articles which may be very much longer than usual. I suggest that you break such longer articles down into a series of much shorter ones which are linked to each other.

Sometimes your article may be discussing a point or blog comment which needed some clarification and for that reason is very much shorter than others. As a rule of thumb I rarely write articles either under 300 words or more than 1500 words in length. We need to be aware that some people JUST DON’T have the time available to them to read long and involved article posts, so I’m sure you will agree that little and often is a great strategy to follow.


Getting visitors…

What I would like to do next is to give you some of the main points to developing a quality blog. Now this may seem quite a long list and a lot to remember and learn, but I promise you once you have been through these techniques a few times you will quickly develop many of these actions into automated habits and they will no longer be a problem to you.


Write GREAT content…

You will hear it said regularly that CONTENT IS KING and its true there is no substitute for writing good quality articles. Now if you’re just starting out on your first blog just give it YOUR BEST SHOT and learn from experience (because we ALL have to begin somewhere), and as I have already mentioned your writing skills WILL IMPROVE as you progress, so stay with it and watch the magic happen.

Use carefully selected keywords…

You need to search for quality keywords to write your blog post upon. Now you only want ONE KEYWORD, or keyword phrase per article because we want to develop a highly focused and specific article which will get ranked well in the Google SERP’s. The type of keyword you are looking for are ones with high searches volumes, but low amounts of competitors so get used to analysing keywords and finding the best ones to optimise your new article for.

It is best to start writing articles on the easier keywords first, and then as you progress and gain experience progress to the more difficult ones. In other words start from the bottom and work your way up…

For instance: If I wanted to optimise my site for the keyword ‘Shoes’ I may find that keyword a bit too ambitious and broad to go after initially, but my research reveals that there are also good volumes of traffic to be had for ‘Party Shoes’ and ‘Red Party Shoes’ so the keyword I would optimise for first would be ‘Red Party Shoes’ because it has my main keyword ‘Shoes’ in it and if I later wanted to create an article on ‘Party Shoes’ it also contains this keyword phrase also.

Do you get the idea?

Write good ARTICLE headlines…

Once you have got your visitor to your article the headline is likely to be the first thing which they read so you need to make it appealing and make it juicy otherwise visitors may not decide to read any further. I would suggest that you write at least 10 headlines for every new article that you write and certainly before you start writing the body copy as a good headline is likely to dictate the flavour of your article.

Often the spare headlines which you have written make great subhead-lines and build the strength of your article. Always remember to include your keyword, or keyword phrase IN YOUR TITLE.


Write ENTICING titles and descriptions…

Now this is the point where it can become a little bit confusing so let’s take this slowly. What we’re going to deal with at this point is the SEO title and description which you see listed in the Google Serps.




Above is an example of the listings of a blog which I follow.

Now the dark blue words in BOLD in the title are in fact the keywords and these must be included in both your title and description and on this occasion the author has written a very appealing title and leveraged his name at the same time.

The text in black is actually the description and is a good example of a good description and I will show you how to create these just a moment. What I want to highlight is the way that the title and description work well together and accurately describe what this website is about.

Writing titles and descriptions that work well together and are appealing is an essential skill to master so I suggest that you make a study of them on Google and become aware of what you find appealing about them, or what puts you off. By doing this you will quickly master the art of writing quality listings for the Serps.

How to do this?

Now depending upon which WordPress theme you have installed you may well have an included SEO facility.

If not, you can install a plug-in called ‘All in One SEO pack’ which can be seen in the illustration.

As you can see creating a good quality title and description is simple.

Just type your title text directly into the title box provided and then do the same with the description and don’t overrun the number of characters which you are allowed otherwise your description may be cut off midsentence.

If you want to change alter or improve your tile or description you can do so and Google will change it in your SERP’s the very next time the spiders visit you.

SEO your pages correctly…

Now it really ISN’T DIFFICULT to correctly optimise your articles and there are two ways of doing it. If you like hard work you can do it manually which can consume a considerable amount of time. Or, if like me, you prefer to do things THE EASY WAY? Then use an optimisation plug-in and right now I am using one called SEOpressor which you can learn more about at: http://www.seopressor.com

I’m not going to tell you how to use this plug-in because it is simple and obvious and may also be superseded by an even better WP SEO plug-in in the future. However, if you plan to write lots of articles you will find this plug-in a VERY VALUABLE investment.

Use your tags wisely…

As you write your article you will notice a box to the right of the page where you can type in your article tags. Now only include tags (descriptions) which accurately describe your article and don’t deviate or exaggerate. Google will scan your page for relevance and if it feels the tags are not accurate is likely to give you a lower ranking in the SERP’s for this page.


Ping EVERY post…

By pinging your articles you are actually telling the blogging world and the search engines that you have some new material ready and waiting to be visited. There are a variety of pinging tools which you can use and one I have used successfully in the past is called ‘Ping O Matic’ and can be found at: http://pingomatic.com/

However, for convenience there are also many WP plug-ins which once set-up will ping every new article that you write. To give you an example of just how effective pinging can be, a year or so ago I had just published a new article and sent a ping and then took a break to make myself a coffee and when I returned discovered my article was already listed in Google, WOW that was fast!

Tell friends and family…

In the initial stages I suggest that you also leverage your circle of friends and family by asking them to not only tell ALL OF THEIR FRIENDS, but to also write a short comment on every post that you make. Don’t underestimate the value of your immediate network because they can be extremely helpful and valuable in getting your SEO ball rolling for you.

Use social media…

If you don’t leverage social media you are missing a HUGE OPPORTUNITY because it is simply so powerful and everything gets indexed so quickly as well as providing you with those MUCH NEEDED high PR back links. To accurately describe SOCIAL MEDIA would be quite a task, but the short definition would be; personal pages which others can interact with, comment upon and share with their network.

To avoid confusing you I am only going to discuss a few of the tools which I have found to work well and which get good results. The first of these is Facebook and you may already have your own Facebook page.


However what I am discussing here is having your own Facebook BUSINESS PAGE, if you don’t yet have one don’t worry because it is TOTALLY FREE and quick to set up.

Your Facebook business pages works in the same way as your own personal page except it is dedicated to your business, or specific business which you have created this page upon. There are many ways of building a HUGE AUDIENCE within Facebook which should be discussed elsewhere. All I am interested in at this point is the back link a listing will provide for you. More importantly, how your friends can share your link with their friends and network and generate a HUGE AMOUNT of back links in a very short time.


If you are not familiar with this FREE SERVICE, Twitter is a micro blog which allows you to give little updates on what is happening in your life just so long as your updates are not more than 140 characters in length. Once again Twitter gives others the opportunity to share your link by re-tweeting it on their own Twitter account and as a result get you a ton of back links.

Now there are two simple ways of doing this:

The first is to use share buttons directly on your article page and your theme may well come equipped with this facility. However if it doesn’t once again you can install a WP plug-ins which will do this job for you.

They may place a couple of icons on every post and page which look like this and are instantly recognisable to Facebook and Twitter users. By clicking on either of them the reader can make a comment on their own Facebook or Twitter account about the article you have just written.

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the power of these two little buttons because they can generate a massive amount of traffic for you if they are used correctly. By the way what I should have mentioned is you don’t have to use either one or the other of these methods because you can use both simultaneously.

The second method is by posting links to your new article on social media sites and there are many facilities which will do this for you. At the time of writing my favourite is called Posterous and can be found at: https://posterous.com/

Now the thing which I love about this simple tool is that I can notify it by email and once it receives my e-mail it is immediately posted out to approximately 15 other social media sites including Twitter and Facebook which is a huge timesaver.

Have an obvious RSS feed…

Most people will be familiar with this orange icon and will have seen it or a one similar upon most blogs. It is the graphic used to highlight the blogs RSS feed. RSS is the abbreviation for (really simple syndication) and is a method of accessing new blog articles without visiting the website.

You can lead them directly into an article reader if you wish, or into your e-mail inbox, or Google or Yahoo page and they will immediately update every time a new article is posted. If you’re wondering where your blog feed is just try typing the word ‘FEED’ after your URL and you will find it there. For example: http://practicalprofitsolutions.co.uk/feed/

Google’s Feed burner…

Here is another of Google’s EXCELLENT tools which makes publishing your RSS feed far simpler and also gives visitors to your blog the opportunity to receive notification of all new articles posted upon your blog to be sent to them via e-mail.

I use feed burner on virtually all of my blogs because it is very stable and reliable and I don’t know of any other facility which will send notification of your new articles by e-mail. It also gives you many accurate statistics about how many people who receive your e-mails visit the article etc.


Back links

One of the things you are going to need lots of to make your articles and website popular is back links. Now I don’t want to spend too much time dealing with back links here but would prefer to give you two methods which will provide you with both back links, and QUALIFIED VISITORS to your website if you use them.

Guest blogging…

You don’t have to wait until someone approaches you and asks you to write a unique article for their blog because it may take some time for that to happen. Instead become proactive and approach relevant and related websites and blogs and offer to write a unique article for them.

Now this will be a very hit and miss affair and the way I like to look at using this strategy is this; some will, some won’t, and best of all someone is ALWAYS WAITING so move on and deal with them instead. The fact is this, the better you get known the more others will say yes to a guest blog.

Reciprocal blogging…

This simply means that you offer to write a unique article for them to publish on their site, and in return you will post one of their articles on your blog. Now you should have a lot more success using this tactic as it means you both get to publish an article on the others website or blog. Before you make this offer however you will need to carefully check out the quality of the articles which they write and come to an agreement to the exact criteria of this arrangement, how many words, how many links etc.

I know a few bloggers who use reciprocal blogging and guest blogging articles as their main source of driving qualified traffic to their website and getting back links. So I already know if you are persistent that this is a high quality strategy which gets good results.

Blog commenting…

There is no better way of getting comments upon your blog than by commenting on someone else’s article first. For this reason I make it part of my day to comment on at least 10 fresh blog posts EACH AND EVERY DAY. This not only results in me achieving 10 back links to my latest article, but also drives qualified traffic to my latest article. It also very often results in the author of the blog on which I commented returning the compliment by writing a reciprocal compliment on the article which I linked to.

Never under estimate the power of blog commenting because some people, and I am one of them, tend to read the comments as well as the article. A small percentage of those who comment write HIGHLY VALUABLE material and those who take the time to do this tend to get their links followed.

To find those all-important back links I use another free tool called ‘Comment Hut’, and you can down load your FREE copy from: http://www.commenthut.com

The trick is to comment on blogs with a high Google PR value because as you will remember these are likely to get indexed quickly. If I can find RELEVANT PR value 5 and 6 blogs I will certainly leave comments upon them, however many will be PR value 3 and below which is also okay because a mixture of PR values looks more natural to Google.


Stay with it and never give up…

Remember that winners never quit, and quitters never win. This is SO true especially in the blogging community as establishing a quality blog is not going to happen in a couple of days, and consistency is the name of the game. Anyone can create their own quality blog with multiple highly profitable profit streams if they only have the desire to do so and the stamina to see it through.

As I have already mentioned maintaining a quality blog is a fun thing to do and can lead to you leading a high quality lifestyle, so please consider this profit method carefully.


Action Plan

Start studying the best - there is no better way of learning than by example and there are no shortage of really great examples out there so I suggest you subscribe to a few of the blogs which catch your attention and link to their RSS feed so you can stay up to date with the way in which they work and operate.

Watch and learn - pay attention to the methods and techniques that these top bloggers use to engage their audience, build their lists and generate an ongoing income. Below I have given a varied shortlist of blogs which I feel are of HIGH QUALITY and from which you can learn.


  • http://www.spinsucks.com
  • http://simplemom.net
  • http://mattbites.com


Comment every day - taking the time to write a few high-quality comments on a daily basis is an EXCELLENT HABIT to develop as it will dramatically improve your skill of writing short and concise comments and earn you tons of back links and potential prospects at the very same time.

Try to work in advance…

A great strategy - I always aim to do; too much too soon, rather than; too little too late! Simple obvious advice, but a common sense strategy that very few people ever take notice of.

Make a list of keywords - constantly research relevant keywords rather than only looking when you are ready to write a new article and you are under most pressure.

Potential blog articles - following on from the above advice aim to build a list of future blog articles which you are going to write. By doing this well in advance you will never suffer from procrastination or wondering what you should do next. The next step would be to write the headlines, title and description and you will be 90% finished.