Mentoring Upgrade

Mentored members make FASTER progress!

If you are having difficulty doing it alone this will DEFINITELY be for you…

Considering upgrading to become a mentoring level member IS A VERY WISE action and will accelerate your learning and understanding considerably as well as helping you overcome any technical problems and challenges that you may experience upon your journey to establishing your next Internet related income stream.

Not only will you learn from me personally, but you will also learn a great deal from tuning in to the problems and challenges which other members may be experiencing which is just as valuable as being mentored directly. I have found that often when one member has a challenge in a certain area that the knowledge and help which is provided for them is then used and assimilated by a large proportion of our membership. Group learning and involvement in this way is LOTS OF FUN as you will be mixing with like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey to yourself.

This is how it works…

As a mentoring level member, whenever you have a problem or question which needs answering you can visit and post it in our Private Members Forum. Now your question may get an immediate answer, or receive feedback from other members who have experienced the same problem or challenge as yourself. Or, it may be saved to be dealt with on a one-to-one basis in our regular live and interactive Q &A (question and answer) sessions as sometimes it is much easier and quicker to SHOW or TELL SOMEONE how to do it, rather than writing about it.

Our Q&A sessions generally run for between 90 minutes and three hours and you can log directly into them via the Internet, Skype or telephone. Generally at every session there will be a number of questions which the presenter (usually me) will need to deal with and just so long as your question or problem is posted early enough, I may create a short presentation on the subject for the following Q&A to help you. This usually sparks off lots of other questions from the membership which ALWAYS MAKE for a very interesting and valuable session.

Live seminars!

As a mentoring member you will also be entitled to attend any BONUS TRAINING sessions which I hold for your development. These could be public seminars where tickets may sell for up to £500 a seat to those who are not mentoring members, but by contrast you gain access for the hard cost price only which is usually JUST A FRACTION or very small percentage (5% – 10%) of the public ticket price.

I would like to put on a minimum of two of these events each year, although there could be MANY MORE. They will be used for internet and marketing training and perhaps even a hot seat coaching session where I may help YOU or other member to establish and think out a new profitable idea for the whole group to benefit from.

So here are the MAIN benefits of becoming a mentorship member:

  • Member’s forum (unlimited access)
  • Live Q&A sessions (6 to 12 hours per month)
  • Q&A recordings (I always attempt to record the sessions for you to benefit from at a time which suits you best).
  • Live seminars, I’m committed to do a minimum of two of these every year, although you could be invited to as many as six every year.

So what is the investment cost to start enjoying these benefits today?

I have two pricing structures and the first offers you the very best benefit.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are a fast track MONTHLY MEMBER you will have to upgrade your membership to ELITE level before becoming upgrading to mentoring member! Send me an email to get your ball rolling on this one – support page…


One year access to all of the above benefits £500

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It’s not worth joining for less than a THREE MONTH period and for that reason my terms are three months payment upfront, as well as a rolling monthly payment which you are free to cancel at any time and let your membership lapse.

Upfront payment; £210 and then £70 per month ongoing payment…

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Private 1-2-1 mentoring!


I mentor a VERY LIMITED number of fast track students on a one-to-one basis (maximum of five) at any particular time. Private mentoring means it’s just you and I via a Skype connection and I am TOTALLY THERE for you and will help you to establish your Internet related products or services as well as helping you with your marketing and to drive TARGETED traffic.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is ONLY for forward looking students who are ABSOLUTELY COMMITTED to the achievement of ONGOING success and establishing financial independence because there is no better way of making rapid advancement than by having a mentor there to help you and keep you on course!

Every month you receive a MINIMUM of four hours 1 to 1 time and attention, at a time which suits you. Obviously, as this is such a finite commodity it is reflected in the price although it is heavily discounted for my fast-track members. I expect anyone who embarks upon this process to stay with me for a MINIMUM of SIX MONTHS and you will be expected to pay on an UPFRONT monthly basis.

Investment: £1,000 per month

If you want to be considered for one-to-one mentorship please send me an e-mail confirming this fact and if I have availability at this time I will send you an invoice by e-mail. Click here if you wish to be considered…